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  1. I have a 64 Wildcat. My rims look like the Riviera rims except with a wildcat center cap. They are not black on the painted area. Mine are a gray color. A pic would really help. I cannot find a stamp anywhere on my spare.
  2. Have a heater control valve from a 63. For cars with a/c. Bracket on the bottom of the valve will have to be reattached. Includes fender bracket. It is used but does move . Not like new but still moves. Clean and lube should do fine.. Asking 125 including frt.
  3. dlcoop

    63 antenna

    item has been sold
  4. One trim ring sold. One left. $75 including shipping
  5. If you get lucky please let me now. I also could use a set. Dennis
  6. Have a floor shifter from a 63 wildcat. May fit the 62. Not the 64. Also have the floor linkage rubber boot in good condition. Items are on e-bay but if interested let me know. Asking $50.00 for both pieces plus frt. One small hole in the boot where it mounts to the floor.
  7. Here is my dilemma. I have a 64 wildcat. Have decided to fprk out the cash for the interior from SMS in Canby, Or. Have since purchased a 63 Wildcat for parts. The seats in the 63 are the same except for the chrome trim that goes around the top. The 63 is 3 pieces. My 64 is 2 pieces. (just up and down the sides). The chrome on the seats to the 63 are real close to perfect. If polished out they could pass for show quality . They are O.E.M. and not repops. Should I stay with original 64 (one piece needs repair). I think I can good a very good price for the ones from the 63. If anyone needs parts for a 63 wildcat sport coupe let me know. All exterior trim is present and very minimal scratching. Interior is black but nothing left except the dash. steering wheel is good (2 cracks on the center bar) but some idiot welded it on . Have to cut it off. Sorry got a little carried away
  8. Have a manual antenna for a 63-64 full size. Not show quality but very good condition. Gasket is very good also. Asking $50. plus frt. Mast is not broken.
  9. Pair of 63-64 Wildcat emblem chrome trim rings. Chrome is very good. Not show but very good. All tabs for mounting are there. $200 including shipping to USA.
  10. dlcoop

    63 wildcat

    Have the in my shop now. Have included 7 pics of the car. All sheetmetal seems to be in very good condition. No rust (except surface is visable. It has the fatory tach (do not know if it works) console etc. Has the rings for the wildcat emblems on roof. Not show quality but not pitted. Front bumper is very good. (driver quality. Grill and headlight bezels (has one extra) are very good. Only one piece of fender trim missing on rt front fender. have 2 sets of the portholes for the fenders also. If you have any requests let me know and I will look for you.
  11. dlcoop

    63 wildcat

    Will try to get the car here early next week. Will check for you on the lense. The interior is black. Not much help for you there. I have had to order door panels from SMS . Big $$$$. Dennis.
  12. Have purchased a 63 Wildcat 2 dr hdtp. It is available for parts. I am using the seats for my car. The car has factory air. Manual windows. Most parts are exterior. Bumpers are driver quality and straight. Hood, doors, deck lid are all good. Exterior trim is driver quality. The round trim pieces for the wildcat emblem are there. I will try to get them off in one piece. If you have a specific requirement let me know and I will check. I will not have the car at my home until next week . I will load pics when I get it home. Also there is no power train.
  13. Looks like they were run without the stainless plates under them. Very common. Mine was the same way. May the force be with you on this.
  14. There were some comments on repairs from a company called CarbKing. It requires ultrasonic cleaning (I guess). I was to the point of just putting on a new edlebrock. I have been in contact with Tom Mooney who is the tech rep for the Riviera Club. He has spent a lot off time with me (way more than anyone else would have done) in working my carb issues. It seems that this issue is common for the Carter AFB,s that sit around on a shelf or out in the weather. I would try soaking the bases in PB blaster or a product called Kroil. I used Kroil a few years ago to remove stuck pistons in a Model A engine. Works really well. Good luck.