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  1. Looks like they were run without the stainless plates under them. Very common. Mine was the same way. May the force be with you on this.
  2. There were some comments on repairs from a company called CarbKing. It requires ultrasonic cleaning (I guess). I was to the point of just putting on a new edlebrock. I have been in contact with Tom Mooney who is the tech rep for the Riviera Club. He has spent a lot off time with me (way more than anyone else would have done) in working my carb issues. It seems that this issue is common for the Carter AFB,s that sit around on a shelf or out in the weather. I would try soaking the bases in PB blaster or a product called Kroil. I used Kroil a few years ago to remove stuck pistons in a Model A engine. Works really well. Good luck.
  3. I recently purchased a Carter AFB for my 64 Wildcat. It is a core carb. However after receiving it I found the secondary butterfly is frozen rock solid. I have soaked it for 48 hrs and still will not budge. (in carb cleaner and also pb blaster) I think also that shaft is bent. anyone have a good solution to free it up. Also all the scres on all butterflys broke when trying to get it apart.
  4. Purchased this rebuilt 4331s and it is not the correct one for my 425. This is for the Buick 300/340. It was rebuilt professionally. It is set up with an electric choke. Just want to gt my money back so I can get the correct carb. Price is 250 + frt (around $20 or so).
  5. Looking for a Carter AFB rebuildable core for my 64 Wildcat 425. Have found a carb. Add no longer
  6. check with Best Offer Counts. Pretty sure James probably has one
  7. I guess we are never to old to learn something new. I should have paid better attention. I have a 64 Wildcat but it has 66 heads on it. (complete with the Calif smog ports). I purchased a Carter AFB not thinking anything about it. I have someone here on the forum I am negoitiating to do a manifold swap. I have never been a real fan of the Quadrajet.
  8. Thanks to all for the replies. Have talked to my Carb guy and he has a Quadrajet he will exchange for me. Again many thanks. Everyone is a great help
  9. I forgot my engine is a 66. Has the quadrajet intake. Csn you send me you price and frt. 97760
  10. Loren: Is it for the Carter or the Rochester?? I have to make phone call first to the Carb guy and will see what he has to say also. Dennis
  11. I am to the point I really dislike ebay. I have filtered down on the search to 1964 fuel and delivery system and not one shows up. There is so much on ebay that I would never dream of putting on my car. I really don't relish the thought of going through over 25k listed items and only 100 parts fit. Or parts listed as fitting a ford but made for my buick. UGH. That's my rant for the day
  12. Looking for an intake manifold for my 425 nailhead. I have a Rochester intake (66), but have a freshly rebuilt Carter. I can return the Carter for a Rochester, but would prefer to use the Carter. Must be reasonably priced or I will just get the Rochester.
  13. Have found new core support bushings. Found them at Classic Buicks in Dallas, Oregon. Marc went out of his way to research the original part #'s and get me the correct. Kudos to Marc. We need more suppliers like them to help us out for the hard to find items
  14. I thought mine is a tank for the power brake storage. It was mounted on the left fenderwell. It just seems out of place. I looked at the diagram for the brakes and it does not show anything.
  15. I don't know about the straight 8 but when I was doing my 425 nailhead I found out that if the freeze plugs in the head and the engine were not installed then you will not get any oil up to the lifters or rockers. (Not the cooling freeze plugs). I missed putting 3 of them in and it just doesn't work without them