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  1. dlcoop

    2 AMP SFE Fuses? 55 Special

    Try Rock Auto also. I purchased light bulbs for my cornering lts (64) that no parts house had a listing for. Bought all new bulbs (lost count of how many) and spent less than 20 bucks. Dennis
  2. dlcoop

    Very Nice Interior Rear View Mirror - Early 60s

    I just held mine up to your last picture. I am afraid it will not fit mine. Dennis
  3. dlcoop

    Very Nice Interior Rear View Mirror - Early 60s

    It sure looks the same as mine, but the part # is different. I will see if I can find an interchange source to see if it fits. Thanks much Dennis
  4. dlcoop

    Very Nice Interior Rear View Mirror - Early 60s

    can you send me the part # on the inside of the stalk. I have a 64 wildcat and it looks the same . My part # is 114880811 (from what I can read )
  5. dlcoop

    bucket seats

    Talked to Clarks this a.m. Their answer is pretty much what all suppliers say. If it not on our list we do not know what else it may fit. So again asking for anyone who can confirm that if I use the seat foam from a 64 impala ss that it should work.
  6. dlcoop

    bucket seats

    Many thanks for the help everyone.
  7. dlcoop

    bucket seats

    I have asked this before but cannot find my original post. I have a 64 wildcat with bucket seats. If I remember right the seat foam for all 62-64 gm are the same. Nothing is listed for the Buicks. I thought of using the seat foam from a 64 Impala SS. The only difference I know of is the way the seat mounts to the floor. Also, is mine a "C" body or an "A" body. (too old to remember)
  8. dlcoop


    Was wondering if anyone knows if there is someone that makes the cardboard panels for the SPORT headliners. I have a 64 wildcat that spent its entire life in So Cal. Nothing left of the headliner. Would prefer not to install a standard vinyl lheadliner.
  9. dlcoop

    1964 Wildcat roof emblems-SOLD

    Forgot to add, if the emblems are respectable please include those.
  10. dlcoop

    1964 Wildcat roof emblems-SOLD

    It was me. Am still looking. Let me know your price please. Thanks Dennis
  11. dlcoop

    64 wildcat radio

    Thanks Much. If anyone is looking for one, I know where an NOS AM radio is. Complete with new faceplate and speaker. For the Special and probably Skylark also.
  12. dlcoop

    64 wildcat radio

    I have access to a brand new Buick AM Radio for a 64 Special.. Am wondering if it will fit in my Wildcat. It comes with a new front speaker and knobs. Still in the factory box and never been installed. I think the price is reasonable but want to make sure it will fit. Also looking for the Wildcat Rings and emblems. Mounted on the side of the roof. (I let a pair slip by a few months back)
  13. dlcoop

    Parts yard

    The wildcat emblems for my 64. Mount on the roof sides.
  14. dlcoop

    Parts yard

    I do not know if this is allowed here, but here goes. This is a rant on a wrecking yard. I had the misfortune of dealing with a place called Billions & Trillions in Oklahoma. After calling and ordering a hard to find part, I waited for 2 weeks for delivery. When I called about my order I was informed that the studs broke off upon removal and that they were sent in for repair. Was told it would take about 2 weeks. I called today to check and now was informed that they were never sent in for repair. I was also informed that my money was refunded 3 weeks ago. (that is O.K. by me) My rant is there was never a return call to inform me. I am just wondering if they are in business to sell parts what ever happened to customer service. The person was very rude and obnoxious. Makes me wonder how they even stay in business. Now I will have to spend more time researching for the part I need. I found the part from someone else, but was priced way out of affordability. That's my rant and I'm sticking to it
  15. dlcoop

    bucket seTS

    I asked this question before, but cannot find the results. I have a 64 wildcat sport coupe with buckets. I am looking for complete interior kit. I think the seats from a Riviera are the same, but a different pattern. Also think all 62-64 GM buckets are the same. (different base mounting). I am just doing a driver and don't care so much about the pattern. Any help (again) is appreciated.