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  1. Not sure of the exact application. The only references I can find is for "Chevrolet". This is a Carter W-1 that was just rebuilt by All American Carburetor and they "re manufacturer" the carbs. This car was in excellent condition prior to rebuild. Contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth.net, or 803-549-2187. $225 plus USPS shipping..
  2. For sale is a freshly remanufactured W-1 carb. Work was done by All American Carburetors. This carb was in excellent condition prior to the rebuild. I am not sure what the exact application is for this carb. $225 plus $15.00 shipping. Contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth.net. Show quality.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113817728732 Lot of various door latch springs. Don't have a reference so selling as a lot. approx 80, by my count. thanks
  4. This door latch came with my '42 ford Ambulance. However, it didn't fit any of the doors!!!! Anyone have an idea of the application? Thanks
  5. Need a left door latch for a ‘42 Ford Panel Delivery or COE. Needed for a ‘42 Ford Ambulance thanks Dan dlmarx at bellsouth.net
  6. I need a drivers side door latch assembly, complete, ‘42 Ford Panel Delivery. Will take interior and exterior handles also. dlmarx at bellsouth.net thanks Dan Marx
  7. OPEL NOS head gasket set for the 1.7, 1.9 liter engine, part number 21-23663-24/0. $50.00, includes shipping in the USA.
  8. This head is for the first years of the eight cylinder, 1924-25? Part number 53002. Contact Dan at(803) 549-218 seven. $150
  9. This a complete W-1 updraft carb that I believe fits a Hupmobile in the mid 1920’s. All the butterflies work, and the float is free. See pix. $100 plus shipping. Contact Dan at(803) 549-218 seven. thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply and looking up the piston info. Yes these piston measurements are exactly what you stated. So, these fit an EQ Special 6, that may go back to 1919. No part number or casting number. Thanks Dan
  11. These are Z31 300ZX quarter panels that are NOS. These fit ‘84-‘88. Also available are two inner fender wells. $300 east. Located in South Carolina. Contact Dan at(803) 549-2187 thanks
  12. I am not familiar with T parts. Is the an original pump or an after market add on? thanks Dan
  13. I thought that might be the issue. Great conversation piece at a swap meet. How about marine applications?
  14. The replies have indicated these may not be Light Six pistons, any one have an application for this piston set? As measured they are 4 ring pistons, 3.5 in diameter; brass bushings, 1.0 in ID. Thanks Dan