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  1. 1928 This an NOS Northeast distributor cap number 17300, that my reference fits an eight cylinder 1928 Graham Paige. $50.00 includes shipping in the good ol' USA. Contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth.net
  2. Dan Marx

    V-12 or dual ignition six? Distributor cap

    I cannot find a direct application or picture of this cap. It is a DR cap, and does not resemble the Autolite caps.
  3. Dan Marx

    another V-12 or Dual ignition cap?

    It is a Delco Remy cap. After some more cleaning I found the DR logo. So, no what does it fit? I don’t have a reference. Thanks
  4. Dan Marx

    V-12 or dual ignition six? Distributor cap

    $100 incl shipping in USA
  5. Dan Marx

    another V-12 or Dual ignition cap?

    No rotor available
  6. I suspect this could be an Autolite, but it has no markings (after market i'm sure). It is a deep cap that is 4.5 in diameter with 2 location pins, something I have found on delco remy caps. and thoughts, V-12 caddy or Nash dual ignition?
  7. Well as usual and not unknown to find a part that looks like one application, but could well fit another. Attached are pix of a cap that could be a V-12 Cadillac or a dual ignition something else. The cap has an overall dimension is approx 4.5 inches and 4.25 in diameter for the mounting rim. Has 2 pins for positioning. Has application for two coils and the plug wires crew in. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan Marx 803-549-2187
  8. Dan Marx

    Complete ‘53 Olds factory sir

    Good for a parts car, restoreable, well maybe. Dash is missing.
  9. So, found a rusted out 1953 Old with complete factory air. This is time capsule under the hood. Nothing has been removed. Still has the original washer bottle, air cleaner, autronic eye, and radiator. Located at Tim’s Auto Parts, Sumter, SC.
  10. Tim’s Auto Parts is located in Sumter, SC, approx 35 miles east of Columbia, SC. I just happened to fine a complete ‘53 Olds With A/C. There a few older cars, ‘57 Despto Hemingway FiteFlyte, old Packard, and some late 50’ Fords and Chevys. Mostly parts.
  11. Dan Marx

    Complete ‘53 Olds w A/C

    This car is located at Tim’s Auto Parts, Sumter, SC. Next to Shaw AFB
  12. Dan Marx

    Complete ‘53 Olds w A/C

    Even has the Autronic Eye controller.
  13. Not something you find every day in a parts yard. A 100% complete rusted out 1953 Olds with A/C. Under the hood is complete, never been scavenged. Condenser is still in the trunk.