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  1. Thanks for the reply and looking up the piston info. Yes these piston measurements are exactly what you stated. So, these fit an EQ Special 6, that may go back to 1919. No part number or casting number. Thanks Dan
  2. These are Z31 300ZX quarter panels that are NOS. These fit ‘84-‘88. Also available are two inner fender wells. $300 east. Located in South Carolina. Contact Dan at(803) 549-2187 thanks
  3. I am not familiar with T parts. Is the an original pump or an after market add on? thanks Dan
  4. I thought that might be the issue. Great conversation piece at a swap meet. How about marine applications?
  5. The replies have indicated these may not be Light Six pistons, any one have an application for this piston set? As measured they are 4 ring pistons, 3.5 in diameter; brass bushings, 1.0 in ID. Thanks Dan
  6. What motors used the Delco Remy 2 Spark 6 Cylinder application? My only reference, Hoosick Engineering, shows possibly the Auburn '32-33 and American LaFrance 1936. Another reference shows the same cap pix with 20 different applications. See attached pix. Thanks Dan Marx
  7. Pistons are 3.5 inch diameter, with brass bushings 1.0 in diameter. No numbers on the box. Thanks call Dan 803-549-2187
  8. OK, here's what I have; 4 ring piston, 3.5 in diameter; brass bushings, 1.0 in diameter. Light Six 1922-23? Thanks Dan
  9. Complete set of NOS Studebaker Light Six pistons, standard bore. Been on the shelf for many years, only one box survived. Box is marked Studebaker Erskine. $200 plus postage. Contact Dan a 803-549-two-one-eight-seven. Thanks
  10. This is a standard set of Light Six pistons, with bushings, that have been on the shelf for many years. Only one original box has survived, $200 plus postage. Contact Dan at 803-549-two one eight seven.
  11. 1928 This an NOS Northeast distributor cap number 17300, that my reference fits an eight cylinder 1928 Graham Paige. $50.00 includes shipping in the good ol' USA. Contact Dan at dlmarx@bellsouth.net
  12. I cannot find a direct application or picture of this cap. It is a DR cap, and does not resemble the Autolite caps.