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  1. Very nice looking car! I personally can not ID later models to answer your question, But the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club certainly can. https://www.hetclub.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&catid=12&id=5017&Itemid=1367 Very beat wishes Hans
  2. Posted on HET Club Very nice complete looking vehicle.
  3. NEAT,.................so far away..............!
  4. Please double check your repair did not obstruct internal passage.
  5. Yes, a Doodlebug Scooter. Is this what yoy have? https://nationalmcmuseum.org/2016/09/02/1948-doodlebug-super-model-e/
  6. memory does not always serve: a copy of the Quad was made by George DeAngelis This was put on display at the museum. https://www.thehenryford.org/explore/blog/remembering-george-deangelis
  7. Is your "Doodlebug" an actual vehicle? I have seen numerous doodle bugs made from T's, A's, Dodges, Essex's, various unidentifiable cars and trucks, even a bus. Mostly cut down to make farm tractors, tow truck's, pickup's and sightseeing jitneys. Can you provide more info, or pictures of yours?
  8. 3 years ago Daughter, Son-in-Love, Grand Sons and also Perry (grand dog ) moved to West Chester Pa. Saw sign from Turnpike and visited Classic Motor Mall, about 1 hour East of Hershey. Now every trip from Michigan to Hershey and West Chester I visit this very interesting place. There is no entry fee, they even open it up on Wednesday evenings. This place is now on my personal list of "must visits", every trip This year 2019 will be my 56th year at Hershey.
  9. I discovered MY problem...............My screen tilted back for greater contrast...... Moving the screen I noticed very faint, very small words..............in the BLACK header.............. Perhaps others will notice it more quickly than I , but maybe the design will be changed to be seen more easily....... I hope this helps future viewers see your items...................
  10. Thank you for alternate, but same result, just a single page, nothing to click on just an advertising page for the business. not sure what I may be doing incorrectly. ? 30 Dodge, you must have gotten same result, so looked for other avenue.......?
  11. Went there, just a front paged, no list, no index.................... Just a single page Hope I did not get a virus!
  12. Absolutely lovely young lady. What car? I do not see a car!
  13. Oldsmobile. but not sure of placement or the year
  14. I have derusted then coated (painted) the insides with model airplane dope. Even sealed some rust pits in oil pan, not rusted through. In addition I have sealed holes in crank case oil filter screens. some repairs are from the 1970's.
  15. Durant 1922-25, A22, 23, 24, 25: all used Distributor IG4018A CAP # 55 Coil # 84 perhaps you can find a distributor with gear with this info.
  16. Hollanders info: // Starter S462 and S533 use same drive gear. #46217 Stude 1924 for cars , EM, Lt 6, if W 25-26 Std 6. //////
  17. Water pump info: Star C,F,4 Cyl,. 1922-26 ......Shaft WS133 .......Impeller WI-44.......Pack nut B165....Bushing B593.. ///////////////// Shaft: WS133 Star C,F.......1922-26.......5/8 Large DIA.......4 13/16 Lng... Continental W4, W6 .......5/8 Large DIA.......4 13/16 Lng... /////////// Impeller: WI-44 Star C, F, M,.........................1922-28 Continental H6, H8, W4, W5, 6Y Durant M2, M4, 40..............1928-29 /////////////////// Pack nut: Star C, F, M, R and lots of others
  18. I have a Crestliner Jetstreak, 1957 but do not trailer w/ 6 volt car.
  19. Hans1

    LED FTW!

    Thank you all, for the info Logical presentation
  20. Not a '25 that I am somewhat familiar with. Very narrow ring around body of cap. I suspect '27 & 28 because of large raised ring above screw on thread area. That is very much like the '27 & '28 Essex design. Others more knowledgeable on Hudson will help us to be more accurate.
  21. Please provide a side view, I have used a mirror behind, at an angle to give top and side view. I think 1925 had a raised ridge visible on the side.
  22. Interesting things: In Hollanders GJ4014 is for a 1924-25 Flint 6-40 Armature is GJ2161 and cut out for generator GJ4014 is CB4009 Any other verifying info you may have to be sure what is sleeping in your garage? a 1922 to 25 Durant gen is : GH1036 First Star listed is 1925 What are numbers motor, distributor, starter other????
  23. One way to save time taking individual pictures is : Get a 2 foot by 3 foot white board, divide it into 9 squares like a tic tack toe board, Number the boxes 1 to 9. in top left box put a piece of paper and label it A. After each photo of the parts change the letter, later add numbers after the letter for more pictures. put `one part in each box and photo the entire board. then post pictures, we can help you identify If we have need of more individual pictures we can ID it by the code. Or make an offer if appropriate.
  24. well when they were doing the books data was most likely on areas that had a demand. Crankshafts and camshafts may have had less demand, more demand for entire engines. Any way if you have a camshaft you can measure and compare Lengths of cam bearings and dia of them to yours. I find the same comparison of parts for my engines over several years. They do not show interchange but they do fit. Of course a crank may have a shorter or longer throw, but can still fit and work. although a significant change. The info is given to help you in obtaining parts from comparable engines, I trust the likely hood of a usable part works for you.
  25. for Chrysler powertrain, I have noticed many parts are passed down from Chrysler to Desoto to Dodge to Plymouth over the years, so it pays to look both ways in years of parts. I used to have a Chrysler interchange book that started in 20's and went to about 1956 models. I was amazed then to see the pass down of almost all engine parts. below id info I have now, and I Suspect you will find cam shafts to fit your car //////////// Hollander info : Chyr engine "66" 1930 & 31 interchange connecting rod "66" # 303795 1930 $ 31 cyl head 1929 & 1930 Chry 29-30 "66" see note: below i See 103, 110 & 112 for info / /