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  1. Disappointing news just received the email. with 56 continuous years of attending, I believe I will go any way, take a selfie and have 57 years in a row at HERSHEY during Hershey week. Neve give up !!!
  2. Boat bottom keels mounted on sides of bottom, r for stability on sharp turns
  3. ? Ford with home made body, not a mercury after market body, I think
  4. I plan to be there, always looking positively. This will be my 57th year in a row, and I plan to enjoy it !!!
  5. that is a picture of the Hudson. the Essex is a little smaller.
  6. smaller body, wire wheels w/ large hub over brake drum, and large hub cap. Nash or Stude a guess
  7. My wife bought her Pontiac Tempest from Barnett Pontiac in Dearborn Michigan in 1965. small world
  8. was there, took a friend who had never been, he bought cyl heads , cherry picker load equalizer, and a bunch of other stuff. Filled my F150. I bought a 25 cent brass coupling, but had a grand time looking and talking to many people. Very large show in 4 attached buildings, must have been 4 or 500 vendors.
  9. with the flood in the Blue field, there was an army half track pulling a big truck with water up to the bed of the semi trailer Those were the days !! ! Every year since 1963 !!