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  1. Dennis Jones

    Sun City Cruisers Car show

    This video link is our annual Sun City Cruiser's car show. Sun City at Apple Valley, California. (My car is the 1933 Chevy 5 window coupe)
  2. Dennis Jones

    Need front engine mount for 33 Chevy Master 5 Window Coupe

    Thanks everyone. This is the first I've heard of Steel Rubber. I just sent an email to Steel Rubber. Waiting to hear back from them. Hoping I don't need to send them a core.
  3. I need a front engine mount for a 1933 Chevrolet Master 5 Window Coupe. Here are a couple of pictures of what I'm looking for. Thanks, Dennis
  4. Dennis Jones

    Is the frame crossmember too high on a 1933 Chevy Master?

    Thanks Dave.
  5. This has been weighing on my mind for about a year now. My car is a 33 Chevy Master Coupe. Last year I removed the transmission to replace the throwout bearing and pilot bearing. When I removed the transmission I thought it was strange that I had to pry it away from the bell housing. Upon reinstalling the transmission I found I had to unbolt the engine mounts from the sides of the block and lift the back of the engine up in order to install the transmission main shaft into the pilot bearing because the transmission would not lift high enough for the back mount to clear the frame crossmember. It was very hard to install the bolts in the rear transmission mounts and reinstall the engine mounts bolts. It is like the frame crossmember for the rear transmission mount is too high. When I look in the engine compartment at the starter motor the starter actuation lever is almost touching the floorboard. It seems to me it should have more clearance. Has anyone else run into trouble with the frame crossmember (rear transmission mount) possibly being too high?
  6. Dennis Jones

    1931' Chevy 5 Passenger Coupe

    As I said before, you are a true craftsman. I love the restoration you did on that 31.
  7. Dennis Jones

    Carter W-1 (259S or 269S)

    Marv - - I am looking for preferably a 259S Carter W-1, but I understand that I can use a 269S Carter W-1. So depending on the price and condition as long as it is one of those two I will certainly look into it. Thanks for responding Marv. Dennis Jones
  8. Dennis Jones

    Carter W-1 (259S or 269S)

    I'm looking for a Carter W-1 carburetor. Either a 259S or a 269S for a 1933 Chevy Master Coupe. Thanks, Dennis Jones
  9. Dennis Jones

    Dennis Jones

    This is a short video of our 1933 Chevy Master 5 Window Coupe.
  10. It has taken a while because I've been a little busy with other stuff. But here are some pictures of my mostly finished 1933 Chevy Air Cleaner that I purchased through the internet (thanks to the AACA Forum website and Dave Henderson). I still need to attach the decal that I got from The Filling Station. But I will wait a few days before putting it on to let the paint cure for a while. I used heat resistant enamel primer and paint. And Chore Boy copper pads. My thanks to everyone who gave the advise on this project. I am totally satisfied with how it turned out.
  11. Dennis Jones

    1933 Chevrolet Starter Solenoid

    Thanks for posting this Vila. It's good information. By the way, the new format for VCCA chat forum allows easy pictures postings now.
  12. Dennis Jones

    Wanted - 1933 Chevrolet Master Air Cleaner Assembly

    Dave Henderson, The air cleaner arrived today. Thanks so much for packaging it so well. Dennis Jones
  13. Dennis Jones

    Dennis Jones

    I took our 1933 Chevy Master for a drive today and ended up at the clubhouse. It was a beautiful winter day in Southern California.
  14. Dennis Jones

    San Diego, CA Good Guys Del Mar 2018

    I'm hoping I'll be able to attend. It all depends on whether we will need to make a trip to Texas for some family health issues. What day or days do you plan on being there? Dennis Jones
  15. Dennis Jones

    1931' Chevy 5 Passenger Coupe

    Such beautiful work. What a true craftsman.