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  1. Like father like son..... Deer hunting season is coming up...
  2. Wonder if you need a motorcycle license to drive this.
  3. Trying a new approach this year. I bought a very high power sonic pest repellent box, plugs in. I tried smaller/cheaper versions of these years ago with limited success. This one got good reviews and has 3 levels of power settings, the highest is suppose to be annoying to humans but old ears have a few advantages, so I have it set on high. I still have all my normal traps out so we will see, I usually catch a dozen or so every year. It has been on high for a couple of months now and the traps have been empty so far.
  4. I know I should have done this last week but our local BBQ restaurant mentioned on their FB page they had a special beer for a limited time. So tonight for supper I order their Redneck Nachos and a beer for carry out. Both were very good.
  5. I gave my Dad a small box of Hershey mud one year for Christmas when he missed a really muddy year. I looked all over for it when we cleaned out his shop and didn't find it.
  6. Do not remember when Chocolate Field got paved but this shot in 1999 was our booth on grass.
  7. A shot my Dad took in 1966. I was in my first year of college so didn't go. Went a couple of times in the mid 60s. I remember the first time we went with a family friend that spent Winters restoring brass. We pulled into his spot and put a sign on the back of his car saying he would be open at noon. We then took off walking, he wanted to do a quick walk through the whole flea market to catch any bargains. We came back by noon he set up a card table and displayed his brass on the table and in the trunk. Between what was already sold, just being delivered, and the crowd of people waiting for him
  8. Here are a few shots from 2017 that I thought were interesting enough to take.
  9. Be sure to check for rust while you have it on the lift.
  10. I can't say I miss the mud but didn't let it stop me. I bought a new pair of high boots a couple of years before most of Hershey was paved and still haven't worn them out like the pair they replaced, probably dry rotted. I do miss the grass, easier to walk on and it could be pouring down and our feet would stay dry under our canopy, now the water runs through and everything has to be off the ground. Of course the year of lake Hershey the grass didn't even help the water flowing. We were lucky not to be in one of river flowing through the Blue field. Down the row from us a fellow ha
  11. Last year. Oops, looked further this was 2018. The following picture was 2019.
  12. Better lock up that cheap car you bought so no one steals it.
  13. Whatever kind of trap you like, if the mice are dragging them around, double face tape them to a piece of cardboard so they can't get their feet on the floor to push. I do this with my sticky traps, I just double over a piece of 2" tape to make a loop and stick them down, since I usually don't have double face tape handy.
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