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  1. I like the Germans using a 1948-50 Bonus Build Ford flatbed as a troop carrier during WW-2 in Hogans Hero's in at least one episode. Most of the big TV car crash roll overs the gas tank is missing. Can't remember the name but it was a Boston Blackie movie and a very sleek custom 2 seater roadster goes over a cliff and turns into a 30s sedan as it tumbles down the cliff.
  2. For those that didn't like the mods to the old VW, I saw this one at a show today.
  3. If anyone wants to see what trouble we got into at this years Crosley Nationals, here is a link to several hundred photos of the week long festivities. http://crosleyautoclub.com/21Nationals/2021_CAC_Meet.html
  4. Good idea, I have donated a lot of things to them over the years and bought a few things.
  5. Yea my plan is to replace the ones on my storage end as they fail but since I don't use them much compared to the shop end I think I'm good waiting. I do like the lower profile of the LED fixtures though so I may speed up the conversion. I will have the same problem I have with flood lights I have replaced all my outside floods and all but 8 (low use) of the 20 inside ceiling floods. What does one do with good used incandescent lamps or used fluorescent fixtures?
  6. My shop is roughly 28'X50' with half shop and half storage. I converted the shop end to LED when I stated converting the garage at our current place into a shop. I put ten 4' single strip LEDs around the outer parameter and 5 double 4' strips up, 4 down the middle and one over the bench. It is like daylight. I took down four 4' double fluorescence that were installed, I moved 3 to the storage end to supplement the 4 that was already there. I also added 2 screw in sockets bulbs on the storage end that currently has a really bright twisty fluorescence from my old shop and a rely bright screw in LED. This two are wired with the shop lights and 90% of the time that is all the light I need in that end. I went with what Lowe's was selling at the time and before I finished the project price dropped in half when they decided to change what they carried and closed out the old stock, so I added a bunch more lights then instead of waiting for later.
  7. I did some digging and found a picture of the Chevy stake bed. I don't know anything about Chevy trucks so you can tell me what you think it is.
  8. A friend had either a 43 or 45 Chevy stake bed truck. Was always a source of conversation but he had the history back to the first owner. Not sure what happen to the truck after he died.
  9. Looks like a 1948-50. Production started in November 1947 so it may have been title when it was sold not the model year.
  10. Long list of cars since I was a car nut at a very young age but three that stand out, off the top of my head. Neigbor (close family friend) across the alley was very fussy about his cars and had his garage plumbed with hot and cold water with a drain in the floor and washed his 1959 Ford every time he got home. It was as nice as the day he bought it when he traded it in. Another neighbor and a 1949 Crosley Sedan he drove to work, which I added to my stable of Crosleys for a short time till my Mother though owning 6 cars when I was only 18 and getting ready to go off to college. Was down to two when I left. I later sold him my 62 Metropolitan to him for a go to work car when I upgraded to a 66 Mustang. Another memorable one was a 1959 Buick owned my a volunteer fireman, between the other two neighbors. His was memorable because he didn't think there was anything wrong with letting his son and I ride along when the siren went off. I remember looking over the seat and seeing the speedometer nudging 100mph on one call.
  11. If I eliminated left hand turns in NE TN it might take me an hour or more longer to go some places.
  12. I see a box in the background so you may already have tried this but when I have small parts to paint I use an appropriate size box on it's side as a miniature paint room. Sometimes I sit the parts on something like you are doing, other times I push a wire through the box to hold the part.
  13. Is a late model Honda in an MGB really any different than a small block Chevy in 32 Ford.
  14. Not defending, because I have been thinking of dropping HCC also, but the August issue stated on the cover it was featuring British cars in that issue. I personally don't like them featuring a specific make (or country other than USA) in an issue, using most pages on that topic. I like variety of makes to choose from. Most of their feature issues are a quick read for me because they are seldom featuring anything I'm interested in. I have been a subscriber since SIA issue #1 so it is a tough to see how far they have fallen. I had great hopes with HCC, for several years it was really a great magazine now it gets read when the rest of the pile has been depleted, I often have a coupe of issues in the pile.
  15. Went many times over the years. I agree, a great show. Amazing what owners do to move some of these trucks to the show. Always enjoyed seeing a vintage 60s to 70s tractor trailer rig pull in with something older on the back.
  16. Micro/Mini Car World Meet tomorrow June 18th and Saturday.
  17. Here is a summary of the scheduled events http://crosleyautoclub.com/#Meet Thanks for the post Dale, been meaning to do it and keep forgetting.
  18. I use the tongue jack in the front. I can usually get close on the back jacks then jack the front up a little to get the back on the jack stands.
  19. After ripping off a pair of back trailer jacks when I forgot to retract them, I switch to small jack stands. Already left one pair of homemade ones behind one place. Now I hook a bungie to them and hook it up on the side somewhere to remind me to pull them out. I have a couple of pieces of plywood to put under them if the hight isn't right but normally not needed.
  20. Saw this on the Jalopy Journal and thought it would fit nicely here.
  21. Maybe it is the heat I have only used it on one car. I put it in ran in up to temperature shut off and let it sit in the car for a few days, ran till warm again and drained. A few days later I poured off about 80% of the liquid clear. I would have though it would not have settle but that is what their website said so I let it sit and it did.
  22. You don't have to dump EvapoRust when it turns black. Drain into a pail and let sit for a day or two, all the black stuff settles to the bottom. Just carefully pour the clear off and reuse, adding in new to top off.
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