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  1. They have listed It at 15k now , read the part about a lot of interest at 10k so they are raising the price , lol , another sign to stay away from them
  2. Two reasons , first I like the wisteria better than the plum and Secondly I find it hard to believe a dealer would sell a car as nice as it appears for 10k , I have asked if it was original paint or a respray and if there is any bubbling under the vinyl top so wait omg to hear back .
  3. John I love that color if you ever decide to sell it let me know !
  4. Anybody that thinks it’s just the flu should have to go work in a hospital for a day !
  5. bill lifting Cadillacs from the 50s so 9000 is the absolute minimum I would go on a hoist . Thanks
  6. Looking to buy a couple of 4 post lifts for storage and light service use , any recommendations from actual users ? Looking at the bend pack 9000 lb Thanks
  7. Aren’t new and used car dealerships now closed in Michigan by the governor except for service ?
  8. Looking for a really nice 1976-77 Cutlass Supreme with T Tops .
  9. Unfortunately there is no part number on it
  10. Anyone recognize what model speedometer this bezel came from ? Believed to be mId 50s Dodge or Chrysler ?
  11. I figured more people would be familiar with dodge window mechanisms , not many have seen inside the door of a dual ghia I’m sure .
  12. A large grouping of parts came from 56-57 dodge d 500 s
  13. Thanks for the tips guys . I’ve always done original restorations but this car is a 1957 Dual Ghia and from what I understand the window mechanisms were very finicky from the start so many are replaced with aftermarket mechanisms .
  14. Jack thanks but I’m not sure if those will fit this application .
  15. Does anyone know of any 1956 D500 models used a chrome steering column ? Thanks