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  1. Looking for original 1959 Eldorado lower trim pieces , must be original pieces s nice shape not reproductions and not beat up .
  2. People say the collector car market is fading away ? Lol . Sure couldn’t tell by the money being spent last night ! Might not be everyone’s type of cars but it was an exciting night with some beautiful cars .
  3. John most of those spay dyes are actually spray paints , not really dyes . I’m looking to see if it can be done in a hot pressurized vat like they dye new cloth . Trying to find something that will last for years and not wear off . Thanks
  4. Anybody know of a company that can re dye NOS cloth that has discolored on the roll ?
  5. Looking for a nice 1959-60 gm convertible windshield header trim piece , the long one that runs on top of the windshield header , looking for a nice piece needing a polish , no banged up damaged pieces
  6. Anyone have a source for seat springs used in gm cars of the 50s , they were individual coil springs that were covered in cloth bags and sewn together , looking for a replacement source ,
  7. Have some spare 1953 Eldorado parts , message with needs .
  8. Looks like it was parted out long ago !
  9. Anybody have a new set of 58-59 T3 headlights available ? If so message me , thanks
  10. Have a couple of sets of hubcaps I need restored , any recommendations for hubcap restoration .
  11. They usually go from 750 to 1500 depending on condition
  12. If you’re going to Hershey and come across a 1959 Cadillac upholstery album I’ll gladly pay a finders fee , thanks