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  1. Does anyone know what the dual Ghia lot 213 sold for at Monterey this past Friday ? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys , looking for someone that recasts them show quality with the color in the plastic and not painted .
  3. Mark , was everybody happy ? Was the Work show quality ? Thanks
  4. Has anyone used Koch’s steering wheel recasting services or anyone else ?
  5. Looking for a real nice 1976-1977 Cutlass Supreme , must have T Tops ! Thanks
  6. All i want for Christmas is a Cadillac V 16 roadster to restore !
  7. Anybody recommend a good metal finisher / welder in the Detroit area ? Thanks
  8. Pete let me know if they are 54 ! Thanks
  9. Looking for a pair of side emblems for a 1954 Buick Skylark, thanks
  10. Ed is the one you posted available ?
  11. That would be a makntence sticker , a lube tag was a plastic tag cadillac used on the drivers door jamb just under the striker
  12. Let me clarify , the vin number is stamped into the frame rail on the drivers side , it’s very easy to find by leaning over the fender into the engine compartment and cleaning the top rail ! secind cadillac used a plastic tag that was screwed on with 2 screws just under the door stricken in the drivers door jamb . It was not metal it was plastic and it had the vin number also and a place to write the mileage during service . If you have some other type of tag post a photo and I can tell you if it’s from the factory or somebody added it on
  13. Yes the plastic tag in the door jamb is the lube tag , it has the vin number on it and blank space where you would write the mileage on it when you had the oil changed and lubed .