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  1. John yes you have the one I’m looking for , as I have said in a previous post when you’re ready to sell her I’m your guy ! Do you have the plum interior ?
  2. If the Cadillac has a cloth interior that was special ordered from the factory that makes it very cool , I have a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado that was special ordered with cloth inserts in the seats , I chased that car for many years to buy it because of the interior .
  3. Thanks guys , the Adams does look like a good candidate, it has a soft start feature which is always handy .
  4. That is a cool 70s interior ! Almost as cool as the 75 Cadillac Monticello interior I am looking for .
  5. Looking to buy a new D A Polosher so I don’t have to pull the big wheel out every time , anybody have a favorite? Porter cable , meguires , griots ?
  6. Not sure how anyone can say all cars will be worth less next year . As with anything of value a year from now some will be worth less but some will be worth more .
  7. with cracking paint , overspray on the chrome trim and a piece of the floor cut out and a piece of metal laid over the top of it you’d be wise to let this one get away .
  8. Anyone know of anyone making a frame stencil for A O Smith frames for 50s and 60s cars ?
  9. They have listed It at 15k now , read the part about a lot of interest at 10k so they are raising the price , lol , another sign to stay away from them https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/d/milpitas-1969-cadillac-eldorado/7122939032.html
  10. Two reasons , first I like the wisteria better than the plum and Secondly I find it hard to believe a dealer would sell a car as nice as it appears for 10k , I have asked if it was original paint or a respray and if there is any bubbling under the vinyl top so wait omg to hear back .
  11. John I love that color if you ever decide to sell it let me know !
  12. Anybody that thinks it’s just the flu should have to go work in a hospital for a day !
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