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  1. The X from the Guyton collection went to a guy in his very early 50’s from my guess. I had a drink with him, and he has a few interesting cars. In the Pierce Arrow Society we have a bunch of younger members, including several ladies who have their own Pierce. The Franklin Club has some younger people also. Exposure to a classic Car will often make new converts to the type.......but for years prices were an issue for younger people. Today you can buy a nice sedan for the same money as a 69 Chevy ragtop, so I think over the next few years I think we will see more younger people.
  2. Curt, I was referring to AJ saying he was willing to buy the Olds 442...............I have been trying to restrict his collection to interesting pre war stuff..............so I can borrow them when I am in town.......as he tends to buy interesting things. I was aware that the Auburn 6 was not a CCCA listed car.............but they are very nice cars, and offer a great value into a running car for the ACD events and club.👍
  3. If your problem really is vapor lock, the best solution is to run a return line from the carb back to the tank. You can run an electric fuel pump at the factory pressure, and you will never have a problem again. You must be careful to install the line in a safe way in the event of an accident. The return line needs to be smaller than the main line. The fuel will circulate and eliminate the problem. We can only buy E10 in many states, and if you want to really drive the car, you need to make it run right on the modern fuels available.
  4. Also, if you want to sell a trailer you need to list the width between the wheel wells, as well as the height and width of the door opening . The GVW of the trailer , and if it has brakes on one axle or two. A little bit of effort and the description will result in a positive outcome.
  5. Did they make Non CCCA cars? Never knew that!
  6. Somewhere I have a photo of a V-16 Cadillac towing a Model J race car. Taken at Watkins Glen in the early 50’s.
  7. If that is the case, they won’t have many advertisements from my experience!
  8. Nomenclature for these thing can be hard to nail down. Professional cars, Invalid Cars, Hearse, City Bus, Stage, Jitney, Coach.......and probably a hundred more.
  9. We paid 1200 for that size last year, it was the same for the last six years. This year will be the first time ever for us that we won’t be vending. Too many years, too many hernias, and we are just getting too old. We will still bring stuff if people request it. Looking forward to visiting with lots of people.
  10. Great car..........very rare. Parts are beyond impossible. If you buy it and need anything give me a call.🤫
  11. To quote a famous movie line......... “The beast be hungry tonight!” My best best guess is the man upstairs is trying to send you message...........I have interpreted it here for you......... “Matt you need to only own pre war cars for personal or family transportation.” .......Hope this helps! Sorry, just couldn’t resist. Feel better soon! Best, Ed
  12. I forbid you to buy any post war cars........say it again and I will call your wife!
  13. I remember picking through cars at Bill’s yard in the summer of 1972. Hot and dusty, with lots of bees! The reason I remember it clearly is my father was driving his three day old Cadillac Fleetwood, and my mother yelling at him for driving it into the yard and dumping old dirty parts in the trunk.........I still have the parts!
  14. They are not Limousines as the others have commented. They are commercial products. The correct term would be commercial wagon or bus, and a few may call them depot cars. Commonly used by large hotels and camp like institutions to transport people from the train to the hotel/resort. Pierce Arrow made a bunch of them, including ones for the national park system. The ones in the photo are quite early, neat photo, thanks for posting.
  15. I beg to differ......I was the high offer for a while, but they wanted more than I thought it was worth. I believe I was correct, as the car was put up for auction an it didn’t make a bid that was half of what they had in it. I have no idea what it finally sold for, but it probably as close to my number. PS- I do know a few people who take my advice on cars when it comes to buying and selling.
  16. Don was an old school engineer............back when that meant most engineers were a bit gruff, and sometimes they were hard to read. Once as a young man, he was giving me the business with his particular way............and I said to him.......”did I pass the test.” Where upon he smiled and started laughing. Like many others in the hobby he was colorful and interesting. He was always fair to deal with, and I enjoyed out time chatting in the phone, and our diner visits every time I was in Detroit. I met him back in the mid to late seventies, and was doing business with him while I was still in college. I will miss him............Ed
  17. When our antique cars were just cars........... Mine still are.......we drive them into the ground then restore them again. Who wants a trailer queen? I have driven many CCCA Classic Cars in the snow.......as long as there is no salt on the roads.
  18. Received a sad call this afternoon, my long time friend and fellow car collector Don Sommers of American Arrow parts and reproductions has passed away. Just two weeks ago I had an hour long telephone conversation with him. He was kind and generous to a very young boy back in the '70s learning cars. Over the years we did a few car deals and quite a bit of business in mascots, wheels, and other parts. I will miss my old friend. Rest In Peace. Ed
  19. I have been an active member here for 17 years, I thought price was required......maybe it changed in the past.......anyway, I was wrong. Car looks very nice, and price is very reasonable. Thus, adding photos and price will probably generate him some interest. Good luck with with the sale.
  20. Forum rules state that price must be in the ad. Photos are a big help when selling a car.
  21. We use 4140 and grind them. Most of the time we upgrade to modern bearings in the spindles so it isn’t necessary to harden them. Sometimes we use Smith & Wesson to do our heat treating. Since most of what we do is rare and obscure we do each car on a case by case basis.
  22. Pete, your quite correct, these particular Pierce cars are absolutely fantastic, and actually very few people understand that they are one of the best cars ever made regardless of year of manufacture. One of my early car mentors made this comment to me, sitting in his garage surrounded by Model J’s, pre war Alfa’s, Simplex, Pierce 66, and a bunch of other legendary motor cars. When I asked him what is the one car to buy if you can only own one car his comment was a Series 31 or 51 Pierce Arrow. He then went on to explain his reasoning. From a man who has owned more than 500 pre war cars, I think he was correct in his determination. PS- he was very clear that the smaller series car was just as good as the larger...........and to buy the best I could find, and not let anyone talk me out of the smaller car. He thought from a driving perspective they were equal........and years later having driven both extensively I agree.