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  1. The letter from Pebble arrived Wednesday, we made the cut. Now we just have to finish the restoration on time........."
  2. 13 & 0 is much better. Interesting tool, never seen or heard of one.......that’s why threads like this are always good reads......I think I would stay the course, and a ten inch box is a good sign that side isn’t going to be too difficult for the last two. I think I rather spend three times the hours heating and working them out slowly than drilling them out. Keep up the good work.
  3. So close to Hershey.........I would like to attend some time.......Ed
  4. Yes, along with a bunch of special linkage and top...........very difficult to find. Our car had an incorrect unit on it and I was able to get the correct body and make the thing correct.......as I so often preach.
  5. David’s not just lucky....... he’s got wonderful good looks and charming personality to go along with everything else! Gonna to sell me that other motor cheap now ? 🤪
  6. Not what I need, but the good news is that is the larger unit, fits big Packard 12’s and Pierce Arrow hot rods. Your price is right in the ballpark of what most people ask for them, the smaller units are not worth as much as the large ones. Ed
  7. On the side of the body opposite the part number is a Venturi size..... 1 x/x size, this will identify the correct application. Please post a photo, I’m happy to purchase a correct carb for my application. Thanks, Ed
  8. Recently I was at a gas station and someone was filling up their big classic and left it to run while filling the tank. For some reason right at that moment the car pushed fuel past the float, although it had never done so before. About two gallons of fuel landed under the car, I managed to see it and got the car shut off and the gas pump off also. Problem is there were still a bunch of people walking past the car with a lit cigarette.........I was standing there with an extinguisher for ten minutes before we were able to push the car back and put speed dry down. I notice in a Florida that there are many more smokers than I see up north. Anyway, down here I am ten times more concerned about people tossing cigarettes in and around cars..........not too much of an issue on modern stuff, but many cars hot soak and dump fuel on the ground from updraft carbs.......the last thing you want is a puddle of gas under your parked car in a lot down here. My 14 Caddy had a factory pressurized fuel system, and was famous for dumping gas after you shut it off and didn’t bleed down the pressure. It turned into a habit every time I shut the car down to let the pressure out......even if I only stopped for five minutes. After many, many pools of fuel in the garage, on the driveway, and in parking lots I sold the car...........it seemed I was always smelling fuel in the garage and house whenever that car was at my home. I just didn’t want to deal with the chance of fire........Ed
  9. Just in the past ten years the standards have improved significantly, just as the restoration cost. Soon we may start seeing the “European” attitude of collector car restoration and collection standards......a ten to fifteen footer that runs and drives great. Weather one sees this as positive or negative is another story.......
  10. Nothing yet.............I expect to hear something soon. I would like to make my flight plans ASAP and I’m sure I will attend even if our car doesn’t make the cut. Like Hershey, it has become a permanent fixture on our yearly calendar. Keeping my fingers crossed! Ed
  11. It’s killing me but I can’t comment without causing problems..........Ed
  12. Nothing like an electric fuel pump on a gravity system to burn your car to the ground.......and occasionally the garage also. The cars were driven millions of miles with vacuum tanks and there were no issues back in the day. Yes, modern fuel can make a very small difference in the system functioning......maybe two or three percent. Fact is, the old way was the best way, and most of the time the modifications people make are due to ignorance, laziness, cost(many think it’s cheaper.....it’s not.) Why not just dump a crate motor and fuel injection in..........if your car doesn’t challenge you, are you really having fun? I recently spent quite a bit of time sorting a 100 point V-16 Cadillac, keeping it stock wasn’t easy, as I had to remove all the trash and great ideas people installed on the car. I put the car back to stock, and jumped in it and took it down Interstate 95 in Souther Florida..........no problems, no issues, no worries. The carbs will hold gas without shutting off the petcocks for about two weeks before one side seems to bleed down for some reason. Since we drive our cars just about every two or three weeks, I just make an effort to drive the 16 a bit more than the others........not a bad fix if you ask me. I have probably seen and know of two dozen cars that burned to the ground with pusher pumps on these early and crude systems. Don’t chance it. By the way, I carry FOUR two pound Halon extinguishers in the Caddy even though it’s stock.......they burned a lot back then without the extra help. Ed
  13. Gary.....surprised your not building the engine yourself.........after building most of the car from scratch, I figured you would knock the engine out on a long weekend! Great build, and its fun to see your updates. Hopefully in the near future we can run your Indy Car and AJ's Stutz Special around the track out in Monterey! Ed
  14. The 32 and later eights had fuel pumps...........its been thirty years since I worked on one. Sadly carburation and ignition have evolved so much over the the last thirty years there are very few young people with extensive experience dealing with running issues. Add in the fact that the early cars are all significantly different its very hard to find people that know if parts are missing when they work on things.
  15. Call N B Pease in Palmer Mass............he usually has a bunch under the barn he picks up at local auctions........fortunately you won't have to spend too much for one.........and parts are so cheap, its probably worth pulling it apart and cleaning it, new rings, lap the valves, ect. Bet you could refresh the engine in less than a day....so why not?
  16. Pierce Arrow Caps: 1929 - all the same. There were two different caps on Pierce in 30 & 31 for the eights(large and small), 32 obviously had the twelve cap(1932-1938 all) which interchanged with the Cadillac cap for 1931 and possibly 1932. The eight caps were all the same from 1932-1938. The later Pierce, Auburn, Oakland, Ect......caps can be very similar but different firing orders. Mixed in there were the short and tall towers where the clamps attach to the cap. Pierce always used the short tower caps. Best guess is as the years went bye they wanted to make less parts for the shelf, so the caps and interchange got muddled.
  17. Send me a pm and so will give you his number.
  18. All the above caps are not interchangeable, and an Auburn cap will not fit a Pierce. You need to keep an eye out for the shelf the clips attach to. Some cars are short shelf and some are tall shelf. The clips are diffrent lengths. Also, firing order may be diffrent. I have no clue what is correct for Franklin, but the caps are not as straight forward as many people think. Call 413-543-9017 and ask for John, he has new and used caps of both styles, I have no idea on price.
  19. You need to ohm out all the wires using a dvom and not a cheap one. You can also test for high KV’s using a scope. I still recommend changing all the wires, plugs, and clips. Too many weird issues today with modern substitutes in the ignition system. A bad rotor is a possibility, doesn’t make sense why number one offends more than the others. Retarding the timing using the starting control should drop the KV’s while running if you have an oscilloscope. It’s going to be something simple, but hard to see.
  20. None of the cars are worth your time or effort, sad but true. Find a better project that will be a better driver and more rewarding than what your looking at.
  21. As the song says..... know when to walk away.....and know when to run....... RUN!
  22. I had this distributor on my distributor tester last week. It’s definitely a secondary problem, and possibly fuel also. One step at a time. I would install all new wires, boots, and plugs. Keep the gap tight, and take it for a spin and check for issues if high KV’s. Then you can address carburetor and fuel issues.
  23. I have known this car since the 80’s. Fantastic car, huge sums spent back in th day.........insane. The car regularly scored 99 or 100 points. Don’t know how well it’s held up, but you probably won’t find a better 34 Packard production Coupe.