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  1. Have a set of 4 wheels in good condition and a set of 5 rims . Located in Kansas City,Mo. Missouri
  2. I know it was a few years ago but do you by chance still have the Prevost bus manual still that you had listed? If so you can email me at curtisw@everestkc.net thanks
  3. I might have a couple clips/clamps but not a full set.
  4. Do not have any rim clamp/clips.
  5. Up forsale are 4 wood wheels and 5 rims . Firestone 21" with date code 1-29 on the inside of the rims. Complete set includes locking rings. Wood is in excellent condition with no broken spokes or wood rot. Located in s Kansas City. Call with any questions. (913)220-5862
  6. Thanks for the help. Surprised to know Autolites website goes back that far. Nice to know. Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me the proper spark plug for the 1916 Cadillac engine? Also does anyone know of a resource to look up spark plugs for pre war automobiles ?
  8. I'm looking for a brass oil cap used on the Cadillac V8 engines. They used two, one for each side of the engine. Not sure how many years used this same cap, but 1916 was the second year for the Cadillac V8. Any help is appreciated. I can be reached at (913)220-5862 or curtisw@everestkc.net
  9. Yes. That picture is the only reference I have found online that shows rim clips. However I don't know who manufactured my rims and wheels. I have a couple mix matched clips and from the photo what looks like the few I have and or what would work are like the C-53, C-39/C-72 and C-71. Thanks.
  10. I'm working on a 1916 Cadillac and I'm needing rim clips that hold the rim onto the wood wheel. If anyone has a source of what was used on cars from that era it would be helpful. These wheels and rims were not originally from this car, but our the proper size. I've only found one picture online of different clips used from a Dodge from that era. From what I can tell they are not Kelsey Hayes, but might be Firestone. Any pictures, help finding any or leeds would be very helpful. Thanks Curtis. Contact me by phone or text (913)220-5862 or email me at curtisw@everestkc.net
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