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    I have installed twelve sets of tires on pre war cars in the last three years...........while I like Lester's and many others do not, right now most of them are out of stock. All twelve sets have been Firestone and if you do the math, 12 x 6 = 72 tires in total, and I had three defects all with less than 100 miles on the tire.........all structural failures.......also, installed one set of 6 goodyears, and had two defects. Quality on the tires the last five or six years has been much worse than they use to be. Keep you eye on any set you install.
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    The gentleman was asking about putting them on a 1930 automobile. Post war cars I see no reason not to run them if that's what you want........pre war is a whole diffrent kettle of fish.
  3. Bernie, I think I got that one about five years ago................it’s no longer with us. 👍
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    Not so much of a war, as honest diffrences of opinion. Post war wheels usually are fine for radial tire use....MOST of the time. Pre war wheels are often rusty, damaged, and have structural problems often covered over by paint, filler, and sometimes fatigue and other issues that often aren't appearent to new hobbyists. Over chroming snap rings can cause catstrophic failures. Just jamming a radial tire on a rim from pre 1970 isn't a good idea unless you have taken the wheel down to bare steel and inspected it, and almost no one bothers.
  5. Nope......too far gone, missing too many parts, and the price was five times more than it was worth.......IF YOU NEEDED IT. We already have three 29 parts cars.......didn't need another that was that rough and incomplete.
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    Depending on wheel type(Snap ring, split rim) your going to take you life in your hands..........and maybe some others............while in college I worked for Michelin Tires racing devision, managing the USA delivery and supply chain for all the races. I also managed the BMW tire recall from the mid 80's. I worked hand in hand with the engineers designing tires for the track and GT vehicles............I have been in the hobby almost fifty years, and have driven pre war cars countless miles.............radials on that car is NOT a good idea.
  7. Interestingly the car was the Chicago Auto Show Car. It came with wire wheels and covers. When being restored in the 90’s the owner didn’t like them so he traded the wires and covers for steel artillery wheels........it was a nightmare to replace them. We ended up chroming the wheels as they didn’t look good in paint.(we tried one to see how it looked.) The car would win just about every trophy in the short time we had it. Put thousands of miles on it also. I sure miss the car, but you can’t keep them all. Each one of our cars usually ends up with a nickname, this one was “the trophy machine”. We were remembering it over dinner just the other night........OK, back to REO’s, or AJ won’t buy me dinner Thursday night at Pebble Beach next month!
  8. Your Mitchell is a great car. I was first inside the collection when the family decided to sell some of the cars. At the time, you car wasn’t for sale. I ended up with a few cars and a bunch of parts. Nice family and a true collectors collector. I would have liked to have either one of the two big brass cars.............such is the way of the world, we can’t land them all. 90 percent of the fun is the chase!
  9. Here are three Pierce parts cars we purchased in the last four weeks, all 100 percent complete including archers. Two were California cars, one from the mid west. All easily restorable but just not anywhere financially viable. Another is coming tomorrow. Two others ar available, but the owners haven’t faced reality of the current market conditions. Also, 90 percent of most parts cars will never be reused. Only a very small percentage of the car is desirable or needed. Unusually, all the cars had wire wheels, dual side mounts, and covers.
  10. I’m putting together a Duesenberg Model J tool kit............I know the feeling on 400 dollar hammers!
  11. Why........too big, too heavy, and I have never seen anyone SUCCESSFULLY build a Pierce speedster. Too many other interesting platforms for less money if you really want to build one.
  12. Its been done before...........to each his own..........cant save them all........
  13. Late to the party boys........I was aware of the car for quite a while, very rough, and lots of stuff on it is scrap. Price started at 15K about 60 days ago. We purchased four parts cars in the last three weeks, all MUCH better than this one.........it's about dollars and cents. Add in what is actually there and sellable vs all the junk that will never sell, shipping, time, fuel, tolls, hotels........there is just nothing there worth chasing unless the number is almost zero. Need an engine.....we have four of them, clean, complete, turning, and ready to put on a pallet for shipping.....all for less than half the current asking price. It's only a parts car if you can justify picking it up and selling it off.....otherwise its just a 6000 pound paperweight. It will sell, but local, and for much, much, less.
  14. Bingo! Check out ebay 372723488312 it is similar to yours, maybe identical.
  15. Thanks for the photo. It’s not clear if it’s a split rim or a lock ring rim. It appears to be a split rim, but my eyes aren’t that great.
  16. That ribbon is not a class award, it’s a special award. See photo of the Pierce from the same show, with a special award ribbon on it. Too many shows ago for me to remember what it was for........
  17. Can you post a photo of the wheel/rim? Never have seen a tool like that in any automobile tool kit. Thanks!
  18. I’ll try and piggyback on the way to St Johns...........
  19. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail...............
  20. edinmass

    valve springs

    On a 1912 automobile EVERYTHING is a known issue! 😎👍
  21. Fix yours, you will never find a useable replacement unless someone hot rods a car and sells the parts. Yes, you going to spend money, and more than you think fixing it. No free lunch on this one..........
  22. I have been in the hobby well over 40 years, have owned cars from the start of time, and have no idea what you are asking for. Maybe it’s a “down under” difference or something, can you post a photo, and give a better description. I think I have a set of of wheels, rims, and caps. Ed
  23. If you come to the states, be sure to let me know. I’m looking for a WWI Pierce Arrow truck project for you...........as soon as I find one I will let you know. Best, Ed.