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  1. Harley Earl’s grandson was at the shop a few months ago, and gave me the entire history of the Earl/Lee buyout relationship. We covered hundreds of topics, and I can’t for the life of me remember what he said.......I was concentrating on more recent scholarship on coach building. The good news, he is fairly young, Intrested in his family history as well as GM history, and is writing a book. He currently does the lecture circuit. He remembers his grandfather quite well. He was telling me stories of how all the retired and semi retired designers and coach builders would stop by and visit his grandfather at his Palm Beach estate on the ocean. Seems their guest house was very popular with friends and business acquaintances to stop and visit from the old days. Ray Dietrich and Marion were regular visitors along with Herman Brunn and many others. We have an lunch planned after the lock down, and plan on driving one of his grandfathers designs out to lunch.
  2. Jon.......your the man..........or, should I say, the King of Carburetors!
  3. I agree......and it’s all exactly how it left the factory with the exception of some bolt on chrome bling.........Original colors inside and out. Just finished a final dial in and tune..........drove it around today. It’s one of the best running and driving 16’s on the planet.........And I probably have driven 40 or 50 early 16’s over the last 41 years.
  4. Wow....great info........my guess is one can infer the date of that buiilten is when they all went to two barrels. I have been told by other owners of the cars their car was "upgraded" to the dual set up when it was new..........one can only ponder the question.
  5. The Stearns will NOT run with a Duesenberg, but it will slowly roll out with one and keep next to it on a slow acceleration. The Stearns has a much different type of power plant...........a low speed engine making some decent horsepower and lots of torque. Off the line the Stearns would get eaten alive. NOTHING beats a Model J. But, the Stearns is a powerful and interesting car that is exceptionally fast.....NOT QUICK. SK cars are an interesting small chapter American automotive history. High quality, and it's fair to say an interesting experience both driving and servicing them. What really makes the car is it's drivability on todays modern roads, you can use it much more readily than 99 percent of the car out there in its the frame. Thats why I like it so much. Ed
  6. Havn't gotten to that yet...........its got to be 3:1 or very close to it......the car is that fast..........second gear is great in town, third or direct is only good for big open roads.......it feels longer legged than out Model J with a 3.5:1
  7. Wow......Tillotson had a brand of carb called the .........wait for it........VD. My guess the VD-1A is like having two types of VD at the same time.....at least you still only need on shot from the doctor! 😆
  8. I accidentally got involved with Stromberg carburetors thirty years ago, on a very limited basis for Pierce Arrow products. We began to make lots of parts for any Stromberg that fit Pierce Arrow (UU2,UUR2,E2,EX32,EE3) then it evolved into the crossover market and application for the others that also used it. (Stutz,Stude,Bugatti, and others) I won't bore you with all the details. UU2 carbs had a bunch of issues from day one, LOTS of problems. They kept changing them until the UUR2 came out. The UUR2 is the correct replacment for a UU2 in all applications. I have been involved with several Stearns Knight carburetor replacements over the last twenty years. Both single and double barrel. While it's my understanding that after a certain build date in 1929, all the eight cylinder cars had the double barrel intakes. It seems all the original carbs were failing fast and furious by the late 1960's. On AJ's car, in a perfect world it should have a UU2 on it as a correct in the era aftermarket replacement, and the car came with one, remembering this car was owned for 65 years by "Mister Stearns Knight". Since Stearns was effectively already out of business by very early 29, they were just selling off the parts and chassis they had to clear out their inventory and building. I think that's why we don't see official listings for Stromberg applications on them. It would be like listing a fuel injector nozzle for the space shuttle in a Bosch catalog. Not too much demand! Anyways, the half dozen Stearns guys I have met over the years all seemed to gravitate to the UU2/UUR2 as the best correct of the era alternative.........and I agree for a bunch of reasons. Ultimately even if I found a correct factory carb, and by some miracle it was good, I wouldn't run it due to very serious fire considerations. Simply put, the factory carb should not be an option, unless you are driving the car onto the field at Pebble. Even then, the five guys who know the difference probably are not judges. So, if one goes with the logic of what a professional would do back in the day for a replacement, the Stromberg makes sense all the way around. Just my two cents..........
  9. Jack, do yourself a favor, pull one shock, and test it by hand with two or three different rated oils. It will give you a much better understanding of where your heading with viscosity changes. It’s been about five years since I have done it. The ten to twenty weight jump is HUGE.
  10. I checked today, we have nine of them on the shelf.........they fit Pierce Arrow also.......😎
  11. OK......Stearns Knight diatribe Number two.......after spending some additional time with the car. UPDATE: I service, restore, and dial in some of the best stuff on the planet......At least as far as what floats my boat. I have driven 95 percent of every American platform/chassis certified as a CCCA car. And probably 70 percent of the foreign CCCA cars. I have also serviced a ridiculous amount of the big brass stuff. White Steamers, Chadwick, 90 HP Napier, Pierce 66, Crane, Simplex, if its cool, I have tried to get my hands on it. My point; there are only a few Brass and CCCA platforms that interest me to actually own. Yes, I confess.............I’m a car snob........through and through. But also remember besides the crazy cool stuff I have in the garage, I have a very nice Ford T. Collector cars serve many different purposes, and I can have just as much fun in a 15k Ford, 150k Packard, or a asinine expensive big boy toy. I try and find stuff that is unique, affordable for the working man, better than average driver, and is mechanically interesting. That limits me to a very few brands of automobile for me to own personally. With all the aforementioned said, I will now add one more car to my “acceptable to have as a keeper” to my list. Much to my surprise, it’s a Stearns-Knight 8-90 series car. The S-K offers lots of strange, weird, and unusual characteristics that give it my exceptionally difficult approval. Working on AJ’s new money hole..........excuse me, new car, has been very surprising and rewarding. It’s a s strange and eccentric as Al.......but unlike Al, it’s in a good way!🤔 The car just keeps getting more and more interesting as I dig into it. A Gemmer steering box that could steer the Titanic, designed well, and functions even better. The brakes are typical high end Bendix triple shoe as offered on Pierce, And many other high end cars in the late 20’s. Suspension is similar to Packard/Stutz/Pierce/ect. Rear end is a Timken worm drive like Stutz/Pierce/Nash, ect. The transmission is the best pre 1930 unit I have EVER used. Makes the 29:Pierce transmission look like it came out of a Chinese junk tractor from before WWI. Most of the electrics are high end Delco. The hardware is all Turndset or the New York firms that made hardware for LaBaron, Brunn, And such others. Dash gauges are high end Stewart Warner. So, over all the chassis is well done, overbuilt, and the same technology as all the other great cars of the 1928-1929 model years. Frame looks like a Model J Duesenberg.........or a three ton dump truck. That just leaves the engine. Currently the car has been basically a museum piece. It runs and drives, but needs 100 hours and 10k in goodies to get it to “well sorted and a proper motor car”. That said, impressions of a Knight Eight............impressive. Large displacement, smooth, powerful....even with rather high mileage. The gearing on this car is to the moon. It will easily reach 100mph.........and there very, very few cars from 28-29 that could even dream of pulling off the century number. Currently the car has an incorrect earlier carb......so it’s a bit of a challenge to get it started, once figured out it isn’t too bad. Seems to run lean at idle and tip in throttle.......again it’s the primitive 1925 carburetor. Spin it up a few revs, and the car comes alive. It’s not happy going less than 35 mph. Finds its grove at 48-49, and wants to run at 60 mph For a sweet spot in high gear. Fit and finish are typical of a one off prototype. Lots of little nagging things that could be resolved with removing the Interior, if you dare chance it with all the 90 year old upholstery. Simply said, the car surprised me for its era..........it’s large, powerful, torquey, and overall very fast......like a Speed Six Bentley fast......but more of a slug at the lower end than a W.O. product......but with better carburetion it should improve markedly. Also, it has a very early fuel pump.....a nice improvement of the pain in the ass vacuum tanks. Shockingly, I would own a Stearns-Knight eight...........didn’t think I would ever add another “ok to have in my permanent collection” platform. I look forward to sorting the car, and then dissembling the engine..........so, what do you say AJ, send me a check for the engine job and I’ll tear it down tomorrow. Just want to see what makes it tick. The car has achieved my very seldom offered three thumbs up. 👍👍👍
  12. The Pierce axel is 1923-1928........not much demand.
  13. 15 could be a bit heavy............but mostly it's trial and error.....till you find what you like. If it were me I would start at 10, drive it a week or two to get the feel.....and then decide if I want to go up. Better to start off lower than higher. PS- I have mixed 10 & 15 50/50 to split the difference........not sure if it was an improvement or not.
  14. Matt......to show you what a dinosaur I am, I have no idea what the car your talking about looks like. That’s how pre war car I am.
  15. Ron, it looks good. Most people don't realize how difficult getting things to look right is when working from just photos. It's the small pieces and details that can take hours to figure out for each one. Soak your brake rods in heated Evapo - Rust........works great. Hope to be up you way sometime in June taking the car for a weekend spin. Best, ED
  16. Richard......when it comes to pre war transmissions, its always cheaper to buy one or two spare used transmissions, than it is to make a single gear. Just be aware that may shops will make a gear for you, but most will not hold up. I buy spare transmissions for all my keeper cars. Usually you can get one for little money when your not looking and don't need it. Calling around trying to get one when your car is down will always cost you more money. I lost the trans in our V-16 Cadillac last summer. I had a good used on on the shelf. I rebuilt it and swapped it out the same day....much better than the ....its apart for six months while I find parts and have stuff made. I paid 700 for the Cadillac transmission, the bearings were well over 800, and the few bushings I needed had to be made.......for a lot of money. Take your time, you will find what you need. Just keep working on other parts of the car.
  17. Understood.......it’s like doing a valve adjustment on a car that takes 45 hours. It’s usually the small items you don’t think about that add another 800 hours to the restoration.
  18. A few months ago I spent a few days chasing leaks on our 1930 Cadillac. It was almost dry when I was finished. Drive it twice, and now it leaks back to where I started. Matt is correct, all the early stuff leaks, and it’s almost impossible to stop it. Just try to control it. As you saw with your transmission.......if it’s not leaking, it’s empty.
  19. The springs should be very stiff........almost ridiculously so.............in a non synchronized transmission, popping out of second is not very common. Most of the bearingS should be available. There may be shims or bushings that are worn along with the bearings. A quick look at the photo you posted doesn’t look like it’s been abused. Occasionally you can run into crazy problems like misaligned bell housing, and other hard to detect problems.
  20. It’s a good thing this is easy, otherwise it would give you a headache!
  21. I know the boys at Bel Ray.......since the 1980’s. 👍 Im getting old!
  22. I'm not familiar with that particular model. Measure the location of the shift forks exactly, and then take it apart. It's a very simple transmission. My guess is you have detent spring problems.
  23. AJ......fantastic car. Buy it and I’ll sort it for you for only one dollar per hour.........
  24. Matt......that’s why I recommended the fork oil.........
  25. I have been buying low mileage ten year old cars for 25 years. I also purchased five new one ton dualy Desiel’s five years in a row, trading them in with about 3500 miles on them. I see both sides of the issue. When the market dumps......it’s going to be insane......think like oil the last three months...........with high unemployment, net worth down across the boards, low cash balances for most working Americans.......the new and used car market is going to leave blood in the streets. Hertz won’t be the only large company dumping cars............I think the price will drop to about 30 percent of new delivery cost on most of the inventory for 9 months or more. Remember most of the rental cars are loaded with all the toys......so the plain Jane cars are going to be in the toilet. My current three every day drivers.....97 Chevy S-10 With 103k, 06 Mercedes CLK430 Convertible with 41k, and my 05 Ford Focus with 80k................will probably become of so little value that I will give them to some local people who have fallen on hard times. I will replace all three with 2018 or newer units.......and it will probably only cost me the price of one decent used car from three months ago. I hate to pay insurance on newer cars, so I probably won’t get comprehensive or collision.