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  1. still adjusting but starting to get a feel for what it will look like. The front has not been fully lowered yet and there will likely be some forward rake. We'll find out tomorrow!
  2. Yes, you read the title correctly. I did some research into my car and found out that it has the rare 4x4 package, so naturally, I have to restore it back to original. To preface this thread, I'm going to steal a quote from old-tank's thread on his Buick powered Ford: old-tank wrote: "It is easier to restore than to modify." Ben Bruce wrote: "But ain't it fun?" It would definitely be easier to get a new straight 8, and quite likely cheaper. But waiting around for a straight 8 to pop up sure isn't fun. Anyways you can't convince me now it's too late. With that introduction, here is my ridiculous project. 1951 Buick on a 1974 International Harvester 3/4 ton 4x4 truck chassis. We shortened the chassis to match the Buick wheelbase, and are currently in the process of mounting the body. I'm hoping to keep the IH 304 v8 and rebuild it, along with the t98 4 speed and NP205 divorced transfer case, but we will see how finding parts goes for the IH engine. Otherwise, there are like 3 Buick 455's on my local craigslist that I might want to put in. Putting this together is going to be a lot of work, but it will also be really fun and I'm pretty confident there aren't any other 4x4 51 Buick's out there. With all that being said, here are some pictures of the project so far.
  3. Selling the frame from my 1951 model 52 Buick Super. Frame is in pretty good shape, not rotten anywhere that I saw. Selling because I'm doing a frame swap which I will be posting about in the modified section soon. Frame located in Sioux Center Iowa. Asking 400$ if that's a fair price. Feel free to ask me questions!
  4. Time to briefly revive this dead thread about my Buick! I still have it, and big things are happening over the summer. I will be moving all my progress over to the modified section of the forum soon. For now, here are the last pictures of my Buick in it's original form, and also featuring my friends 53 Chevy 210, which is in rather nice original condition.
  5. @Ben Bruce aka First Born Here are some closer pictures- it did have a mouse nest in it when i pulled it from the car, but i removed it and flushed the radiator with a hose. It should probably be gone through.
  6. I am selling all of the parts from my 1951 263 straight 8. Dynaflow trans, rods, intake/exhaust manifold, carb, etc. The block and head need a lot of machine work but if you want them i'll sell them. Selling all parts for whatever you think is a fair price plus shipping. I can get more specific pictures on request. Located in Northwest Iowa-Sioux County
  7. Good point, I'll probably keep looking for now
  8. Do you have any pictures of the 49 super? I might be interested in buying just the engine/trans to put in my car or the entire thing if the parts would transfer to a 51 buick. Thanks -Edwin
  9. I looked past this post at first as at the top it said no motor, but thanks for leading me to this. I'm also located not too far from cedar rapids so getting the engine wouldn't be too much of a drive. From what I see on wikipedia at least, pre 1950 cars either had the 320 or a 248. Would using one of these different size engines be a problem?
  10. Its me again! I have listed the car on craigslist and haven't had much luck selling it, and I'm still going over my options and thinking through all this more, and if a straight 8 ever pops up I'll probably go for it. Anyways we are getting a cement floor in our big shed! No more working in the dirt or not being able to work after it rains cause the floor is mud! This is exciting but also there is a bit of a problem. I have to move the Buick out of the shed. The problem here is that the engine and trans are out of the car, and I need to keep the rear axle from moving. Can this be achieved by tying it to the frame with a ratchet strap and some rope?