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  1. Finally got around to borrowing a friend's engine hoist and got the engine installed, and fired it up a few times once it was in. Went fairly smoothly, but it sticks pretty high up out of the engine bay, so I'm not sure if the hood will fit. Might need a scoop! Fortunately the shifter works out real nice on the interior, just needs to get bent a little to clear the dash. Next steps will be working out steering and pedals, and engineering my rear radiator plans. I got exposed to Covid at school this week, so without all the in person stuff I'll probably have pl
  2. It's been a while but I've made some progress... I pulled out the 304 that came with the chassis and pulled the pan to find a lot of water and sludge. The bearings were also pretty bad. So I scoured the online classifieds and found a supposedly running 304 within an hours drive. So I fired up my truck and went and bought it. This week I got it running! School has started up again so progress will be even slower than it was before, but I hope to have the engine in the car in a few weeks, and then I can work out steering and pedals and cooling and all that fun stuff.
  3. Still got lots of parts I need to part ways with! I also have a steering column that I don't need, if I can get the steering wheel off, at least.
  4. The 67-72 Chevy truck forum has threads for "Craigslist Finds", and I think a similar thread could potentially clear up the buy/sell page.
  5. Progress on the Buick has been slow, work and my truck has been higher on the list lately. However, soon I will need to be able to easily move the Buick around, and I need to figure out my steering. I'm heading up to a upullit soon and I'm planning to get a steering column to adapt. I would like to keep the original steering wheel. How hard is it to adapt the original wheel to a newer column?
  6. Ok, so what I'm doing to my Buick is obviously already heretical and evil, right. Would it be taking it too far to put a '50 grille on a 51? Which would look better?
  7. Front support from a 51 Super that holds in the radiator and the horns, I don’t need it for my project. Its yours for like, 15$? I’m located near Sioux Center Iowa.
  8. Yup those are my Dad's projects, a 420 and a Model B that my grandpa bought new, and is in it's original condition. And here I am bringing in an International Harvester frame... under a green car!
  9. Bringing my abomination home from my friends shop
  10. Brought my Buick home from my friends shop where we swapped the frame, now its time to re engineer almost every part of the car. Should be fun! My two green machines- the truck is a 1969 Chevy C20. Bonus- my Buick next to my Grandmas
  11. we drilled holes through the frame and through the structural channel parts under the body, and then re used the rubber and got new bolts and such to tighten it down.
  12. Body is mounted and doors are back on, need to figure out my cooling system and front grille. Not a lot of room up front for a rad so might put it in the trunk with some electric fans. Probably will make a grille out of pipe or something silly like that.
  13. still adjusting but starting to get a feel for what it will look like. The front has not been fully lowered yet and there will likely be some forward rake. We'll find out tomorrow!
  14. Yes, you read the title correctly. I did some research into my car and found out that it has the rare 4x4 package, so naturally, I have to restore it back to original. To preface this thread, I'm going to steal a quote from old-tank's thread on his Buick powered Ford: old-tank wrote: "It is easier to restore than to modify." Ben Bruce wrote: "But ain't it fun?" It would definitely be easier to get a new straight 8, and quite likely cheaper. But waiting around for a straight 8 to pop up sure isn't fun. Anyways you can't convince me now it's too late
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