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  1. What part of the rebuild was the most expensive for you?
  2. I have looked to see if there is a way to remove the trans and still haven't found a way, and either way I still do want to remove the crankshaft, so I'm not sure where to go from here. The shop manual on hometownbuick.com doesn't give much advice in these regards either
  3. Yes, I cleared the mud, the transmission is spinning around the ring gear, unless there is something else i need to clean out
  4. The rod bearing caps and main bearing caps are numbered. I am having trouble with the camshaft gear however. I took the bolt on the front off but it doesn't seem like its going to move, and the bolts underneath the gear wont come out because the gear doesnt spin, so not sure where to go from here. The crankshaft gear is not stuck either.
  5. It's definitely possible it flooded once or twice where it was stored, the waters can get pretty high in some of the areas of Iowa when it rains, and the rains have made my shed a bit of a mudhole
  6. Engine is out! im definitely not an engine expert so if anyone sees major problems please tell me. Also, how does the transmission come off? I undid the bolts on the outside of it and now it spins around the engine, which is still stuck Atf and Diesel have been soaking in the cylinders since mid april
  7. Oh boy... took the bottom cover off the transmission to see the flywheel, and it was full of stuff! I'm getting ready to pull the engine and transmission sometime in the next few weeks, so hopefully I don't miss anything(fingers crossed) I also discovered the distributor is completely seized, and that being in park does nothing to the wheels.
  8. I've decided to pull the engine from my super, what is the best way to go about doing that? Other than the 2 mounting points easily visible from the top, what else do I have to unbolt to remove it? Do I also have to unbolt the dynaflow transmission before pulling the engine?
  9. Front indeed. What do you mean by core? I am located in northwest Iowa
  10. This reminds me, I took the gas tank out and... The hole was not that big when it came out but the metal was so flaky it got bigger if you looked at it wrong. regarding the stripped bolts, they are the bolts that hold down the seat and go through the floor and are exposed on the underside of the car, so are rusted to heck. I put a wrench on one and it stripped the head of the bolt.
  11. I need a bumper for my '51 model 52 Super
  12. Hello helpful Buick forums! I'm going to need your help. I bought a 1951 model 52 Buick Super as a project car for the summer, and my goal is to get it running and driving on the roads, for as little money as is safe. Before I start asking questions, here are some pictures of my new car! Here's the car how I got it. I got some cheap tires and had my friend pull me around the yard so I could wash it. We also discovered that some of the brakes work on the car! Here's the car in where I work on it, a nice dirt floor that gets wet if it rains too much. Old tables, doors, and wood are used to keep the car up and parts off the ground. Looks like I reached the upload limit, so it's question time! I've been working on the engine first, and it is currently very stuck. I got some friends to help me get the engine disassembled down to the block, and the cylinders have been soaking with atf and diesel for a few weeks now, and still having no movement. Do any of you guys have some magic recipe or tips that will get this thing unstuck? Would it be a good idea to pull the engine out of the car to see what's going on inside, and will it be necessary to send the engine to a machine shop to get the cylinders cleaned out? I'm not looking to do a full restoration on the car right now, but I would like to make the exterior look a little nicer. What would be a good way to go about getting the dents out of the doors, as there are large dents on both sides of the car. You might have noticed that the car is missing a front bumper. How would I go about getting a new one of those? The interior of the car has had... rodents living in it for who knows how long. The seats are in fairly good condition, as the front bench had a cover over it, but there are holes in them, obviously made by mice. How expensive is it to get them redone, or how hard would it be for my sister(who is good at sewing) to try to fix them. Also a problem with the interior is the rather large hole in the floor of the drivers side. Whats a good way to fix that? I've also been trying to get the front seat out, but the heads of the bolts are stripping and I think I'm going to have to cut them, but on the drivers side there is a lever for adjusting the seat or something and I can't get the trim off because of that, anyone got experience with that? Also in order to access the hole, I need to take the rubber floor mat off, but I'm having trouble removing the gas pedal, I think the screws are stripping or something, advice on that would be appreciated. That's all my questions for now, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your answers!
  13. My 51 super also has black rubber matting, but only on the front seat, the back is carpet. I think I can save the rubber but I will definitely need new carpet. On the thread of helpful vendors and sites, I found this: http://www.runningboardrubber.com, which specializes in restoring this kind of thing.
  14. Shucks, hoped I had found a good parts car. I might get it anyway just to save it from the crusher.
  15. Just curious, why won't they work? are they the wrong size or do they use different connection points or what?