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  1. Not too helpful, but thanks?? Have you guys seen this? https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1941-lincoln-continental-convertible-2/
  2. Hi Guys, recently the brake pedal on my '40 Lincoln goes right to the floor. Can pump it to get some braking but next try goes to the floor again. The brake fluid level is good. I see there are rebuild kits for the master cylinder available. Have you guys done this work? Any nuances that I should be aware of? Thanks, Rick.
  3. Thanks for all your help, I will get in there with the camera an see if I can see what's happening. I'm skittish to take the door panel off, is that difficult? Any suggestions to help me not make things worse? Mssr. Bwatoe, when I acquired the car the top would not go down properly. It was a complete mystery because it seemed like a pretty new top but the only way we could get the top to go down was to unbolt one of the bows. I hated to do it but it would become so tight at the body just behind the driver's door, I thought it would rip if I forced it. Now I only drive it in clear w
  4. Here's a picture. So it looks like the stay is present but not working. Maybe disconnected inside the door.
  5. Yes, good point Mssr. Bwatoe. Dead give away......
  6. Thanks Mssr. Bwatoe. Is there a part available or am I looking for: NOS part. Fabricate myself or Used part. You wouldn't have an image of what's missing on my car, would you? Thanks, Rick.
  7. I find Vulcanized Fibre works in most applications. It swells slightly when wet, making a great seal. I'm in the industrial plastics business, if anyone wants a piece to cut their own washer let me know and I might have small pieces here I can send at no charge.
  8. Hi guys, this seems like a dumb question but, my doors do not have a stay or limiter when opening. They will go fully 90 degrees, which I am pretty sure is farther than they are supposed to open. Is there something missing here? Here's a picture from last year. Isn't she a beauty?
  9. Unless I missed it somewhere above, the 41's grille has a border treatment, the 40's do not. That's how I distinguish them at a glance....
  10. Not sure the question was answered. How to remove an anodized finish (if possible)? Polishing a chrome piece is not the same. I'm interested to do this too on a 911 rear grill.
  11. Hi Peter, do you still have the Carbide Generator? Thanks, Rick.
  12. Hi guys. I've been tinkering with the carb and have it running pretty good. Today I checked the plugs and found one was a bit weak. Switched their positions and same. Looking for new ones now. Mine are AC FF. DO you know where to get replacements?
  13. Frank thanks for this information. I understand your description of the set up for the mixture delivery cylinder but you lost me at the air inlet valve. How much further should the air inlet be open over the mixture delivery cylinder? Rick.
  14. Thanks Frank, I got the Champion X plugs and put them in. The plugs come at .025" and my manual says 1/32 to 1/16. What gap do you run? I'm running the .025" now. On another topic, Iv'e had the carb apart because the car doesn't run well under load. It's fine for starting and idling and restarts fine when hot and even revs up well, but driving is a different story. As far as I can tell there is only a mixture screw adjustment and I've fiddled with that quite alot.It seems to run best at a little over 1/4 turn from close. Do you have any suggestions? The carb is clean and I can't d
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