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  1. check www.vintageracingcar.com
  2. Looking for a Cadillac V12 1932 Water Pump and Starter Thanks
  3. Looking for 2- S1B Downdraft Winfield Carburetor or SR thanks
  4. hehehe..Sorry for the misspelling... The jets are know as chicler overseas....What I need is Idle Jet that will be a lot more practical than the chicklets...:)
  5. Sorry...I meant the jet...the idle and high speed ones
  6. Looking for Winfield SR Carburetor's Jets... The part where the the long high speed and idle adjustment needles screw in Any recommendation? anyone dealing with these carbs?
  7. Hello Any chance you can send me a picture? Tks Fred
  8. I buy Straight 8 or V12 engines or rolling chassis Preferentially early 30's. Thanks
  9. For a Kaiser Darrin...I m looking for Rear lights Front grill both doors Windshield and frame 2 seats trunk lid both bumpers Thanks Fred
  10. Thank you for the info...although, the ones I have are different...Some kind of beautiful "disc" brake system..non hydraulic
  11. Looking for parts or info on Flint 1926 Brakes... some missing parts on rear axle brakes... Thanks! Fred
  12. Honestly, over $2000 doesn't make sense to me. I can make a new one. Take time, but I have no rush Let me know if that could work for you Thanks!
  13. hello is the price negoitable? The fix is the 3rd picture? No cracks? tks Fred
  14. Looking for an Imperial Cylinder Head...or a complete engine Thanks Fred
  15. Looking for an Imperial Cylinder Head...or a complete engine Thanks Fred
  16. Hello is the engine and transmission included? Do you know if its complete an dthe condition? Tks Fred
  18. 😀😀😀😀 I ll follow that tip. Lets see what can I find.. Thank you!!
  19. I didnt get the body... the car was a racing coupe...Pre-War for sure. It had a Plymouth engine, but I wont count on that, because it could be not original. I bought it because of that front end...but I d like to know what is it...
  20. working on that... the engine was a Plymouth...but I dont know if it was the original.. I ll post pictures of the rear end soon
  21. it came from South America...They switch to left hand drive after the war...
  22. looks more American. It was a coupe, pre war...I would guess mid 30's..
  23. Can anyone identify this chassis? by the time I got it, the body was gone... Tks
  24. Looking for Piston Cylinder BLOCK for my Lincoln KB V12 Thanks
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