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  1. Those are some serious factory specs. terms like restored, matching numbers, original etc sure get messy and mis-used often these days.
  2. Thanks again. The only reason i am considering was my brother and I built the Corson Ferrari 512 out of it, and its a cool car. I sold him my portion of the car to finance a business I started. He shortly disassembled the car to repaint, but then moved and never completed the repaint. I am not that much in love with the car to end up investing what sounds like could be many thousands of dollars just in repairs let alone finish the painting and new tires. I already have two prewar antique cars i am working on so don't need a third project.
  3. Thanks for all the input. Definitely a few more things to consider than I thought of. Its a shame but no the car wasn't set up to be stored long term. I will probably pass on the car as it would end up needing more than its worth, and I am not that attached to it to make it such a project that it could become.
  4. I have the opportunity to buy back a v-6 Fiero I sold 25 years ago. Mileage is less than 20K, Ran beautifully when sold, but sat covered with a tarp ever since. Is there any truth that various seals in the engine and transmission will leak from sitting? Would I be inviting a ton of headaches? I expect brake calipers would/could be frozen, and of course need new tires. It has sat covered in a driveway in PA for 25 years.
  5. Be sure to post some photos when its complete.
  6. Last year I registered a 1931 Ford Model A in Georgia. They gouged me for $1 and $12 for the tag. Gotta love that!
  7. As others said. Do Not use the inferior products to complete the project. You will have reaction/adhesive issues and in the end will cost more. You mentioned using Maaco but its 8 miles away. Surely you can get it towed there. Its sounding like your best bet.
  8. I have basically the same motor 1919 and wondered the same. You can't gain access fast enough with all that needs to be removed.
  9. I am assuming your car has been running fine with the air cleaner. Why remove it? Are you fouling plugs? Running a little rich is not going to hurt anything like running lean could. If it ain't broke don't fix based on someone's opinion. The mesh air cleaners are not seriously restricting air flow either. I have one on mine.
  10. Suck, They wont even know what to do with the car. Hope you eventually get it back. Rare cars, I have a 1919 Chandler.
  11. May not count as a wreck but first accident was driving an Olds Delta 88 into the river in front of two police cars. I was in a full leg cast and on crutches. Water ruined the cast. Was not totally sober at the time. My girlfriend made it to the police first as she wasn't hindered by a leg cast. I don't know what she may have told them but I avoided arrest somehow. In mere moments the car was completely flooded by a passing barge entering the locks. Maybe they thought that was enough punishment.
  12. Some of those photos are from Old Car City in White Georgia. Cool place to visit but 90% or more of the cars are beyond repair and not for sale.
  13. Yes welders, air compressors-you name it as some of the serious off roaders have everything they need for all kinds of repairs
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