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  1. The rear window is not Chandler. They had theirs shaped in the image of their logo.
  2. With you 100% It's only money. I can go out and make more. I just spent the entire day in my shop working on my speedster in total bliss. What's that worth?
  3. Side view. Glass is slightly domed and looks to say Velie though only the v and last e are really visisble. Velie was a car manufacturer during the brass era, but I cant find any photos with tail lights in is so don't know if just he glass is from it or if the casing is also. If it is from a Velie car, I am going to assume I will not find a match. That being said, if anyone is restoring one and needs a tail light we can talk.
  4. This tail light is on a speedster I purchased. I like it, but would like to find another to mount on the right side. Any idea what it may be off of so I would at least know what I am searching for. Thanks, Eric
  5. Great start! Looks very cool. Hope you can keep your project moving forward.
  6. With all my favorite car and motorcycle magazines going away I may have to take up crossword puzzles while on the crapper.
  7. Ferrari Superfast. No mincing of words here. Direct and to the piont
  8. Prayers for a successful recovery. As for passing along information for your daughter, can you start a notebook/collection of information, receipts list what you have done/replaced etc as much as you can remember. Then start to list maintenance you do and how often. Of course include oil weights, plug types etc. A lot of this is probably in your head, and just needs to get onto paper. Maybe she can even help you with this part. Good luck, and beautiful car. I hope you will be able to enjoy it with her for years to come. Eric
  9. So where is the guy complaining a while back about how all these old cars cost too much, and people are being unrealistic about their prices. Here's one heck of a deal in my opinion. Sorry my little shop is full already with two pre war cars.
  10. I think some of you live for the challenge of identifying these old cars. Blows my mind that you can pull out one or two details and match it to a year, make and model.
  11. If you can afford it buy what you want. What's one or two more cars to unload in the scheme of things. Happy hunting!
  12. One nice thing about doing this as a hobby vs profession is when we have days like this where nothing is cooperating we can walk away for a while. Its amazing to me how just starting over on a problem a day or two or even just a few hours later can suddenly make all the difference in the world. or is that just me?