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  1. Beautiful car. Makes me miss my '60 Caddy though it was no where near the beauty of yours. Is that a stock color?
  2. Well you all are smarter than me; I just keep making the same mistakes over and over.
  3. I don't think that is unusual. many cars today do their job well and without any fuss or special attention on our part. Unless there is something unusual like performance or luxury I think a lot of us feel like we are just driving a well oiled appliance. When our Hobby cars that we do feel attached to were new most people driving them probably felt the same way we do about modern cars. It was a vehicle to get places. But I sure get what you mean. I love my Frontier and all it does without any fuss, but I wont be giving it a name any time soon.
  4. Hey, I know that guy! He sold me new guitar strings for my air guitar.
  5. I read this book earlier this year and loved it. Really gives you a feel for how these men and women lived and raced. It's one of those books I will reread every coupe of years.
  6. My garage has both extremes. 1919 Chandler which there is virtually nothing out there for it, and a Ford Model A based speedster. I went with the Model A speedster for exactly the reason the poster mentioned- availability of parts and help. I didn't want to speedster to become a project that gets stalled because of money or time. Something breaks, I can get it back on the road quick and enjoy it. While it is not a daily driver it does see the road several times a week. In my opinion the Fords are a great way to enjoy a prewar car without having a huge investment in time and money.
  7. We are not ignoring you but I think the link is bad.
  8. I am guilty of saying this one. I had a derivable 1960 Cadillac that I was slowing doing the body work on but needed to sell because I was living with my brother and sister-in-law and she hated that it took up so much of the driveway. We lived near Atlanta GA, and an airline pilot came to look at the car. He asked a lot of questions, and finally said that he lived in Texas and did I think he could drive it home After I finished laughing I told him I didn't even drive it to work if I had to be on time. He bought it anyway, and I always wondered how far he got with it.
  9. I inherited my fathers 1919 Chandler completely dissembled. Its been a puzzle to rebuild all along as there is not much out there for reference. I will never attempt to do this again.
  10. Love it! If i ever get my 1919 Chandler running I wont be far off that mark.
  11. Mentioning the 12 volt to spin faster that may not be a bad idea for just getting it stared for the first time. I did that to fire my Chandler motor the first time.
  12. For me keeping interest in a multi year project. Often I already have eyes and imagination set on the next project before one is finished. For the record I would say anything i do is rebuild and not restore. I haven't got the patience or money to do a proper restoration on a car or bike.
  13. I take it your car doesn't have fuel primer cups? You mentioning that there is no smell or sign of gas makes me wonder if its not pulling the fuel up from the carb. I guess a serious intake leak could cause that but I am not an expert. You are on track, spark, and fuel at correct time and she should fire. Be sure to let us know what you eventually find is the problem.
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