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  1. I say Chandler too. Rear window, hood line, front fenders and top of radiator all match that of Chandler from late teens. Mine is 1919.
  2. It may have already been mentioned, but it would help if you can have someone experienced with cars (if you don't feel that you are) to go with you to look at any you are considering. Paint can hide a lot. Freshly rebuilt motor means nothing nor do most of the descriptive words people use. Meeting the owner and talking with them can sometimes tell you more about the car and its history than photos on the web. You are considering spending a large chunk of money, you want to the best you can to avoid disappointment or inheriting someone's problems or crappy work. You probably already know this but any older car like this is going to be more maintenance than today's cars. Wish you the best of luck. Also from near your neck of the woods-Woodstock GA
  3. I am with Capngrog. If our engines had 20,000 parts we would have a lot of left over pieces when we were through rebuilding. Could you imagine having to fit 20,00 parts together to build your engine. So basically the list says some industries go away while others come on. Duh? Isn't that what happens?
  4. I can't add much to what everyone has said, and I am sure all these folks have more experience than me. This car is obviously a huge undertaking, and I would ask myself am I going to keep my interest up enough over the upcoming years to see the project through? In other words does this particular car pull at you for a specific reason that five or eight years from now you are still wanting to work on it? That seems to be the biggest problem with large projects that are going to take years; people lose interest, and are ready to move onto something else. I am probably not alone in that I am already thinking about another project before I have completed the one I am working on. Good luck, and let us know what you decide.
  5. David, Pine Ridge Automotive 770-479-3610 in Canton Ga
  6. Mike thanks for the link to your earlier post. I did find a local shop that's been around for 70 years who are familiar with doing this so I am going to let them. Figured their labor charge will be money well spent, and I will concentrate on other areas of work on the car.
  7. Thanks, Learning a lot here. As for location I am near Atlanta GA. Have been asking shops around here for recommendations and I am hoping to find someone who can still do the riveting. Interesting to learn why to use woven with the low pressure application of the mechanical brakes. I inherited all the parts in boxes, so it was very interesting figuring out the puzzle of the brake linkage for the external bands and how it all worked. Thanks for all the input. Eric
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. The only fear I have with doing it myself is properly countersinking the rivet holes. I will try Napa or local shops for suggestions for someone local to do the lining. I will have to research the difference between woven and bonded lining.
  9. Mikewest and Hwellens thanks for the info. I did recently find the spec page you showed which will be a big help. I will contact the company in Indiana. Thanks Eric
  10. In search of a company that can reline by external and internal brake bands on my 1919 Chandler. Of a supplier for the brake lining itself though not sure how to countersink the holes for rivets. Thanks. Eric
  11. You mean you are not supposed to have $20k wrapped up in a $10k vehicle? Damn, no one told me.
  12. Don't know any specifically, but somebody will have them. Bring one of yours along to match up pieces, Also you could get a ballcap and write something like looking for parts for 1928 Pontiac. Happy hunting. I am searching Chandler parts-I think you will have better luck than me.
  13. I go Airbnb route each time. Last time had a basement with private entrance for $50 a night. This year got a cottage 1/2 hr away for $75 a night. Can't beat that. Beats a hotel for me.
  14. Too Cool. Sharing the experience is a wonderful thing to be doing. I know once I get my Chandler running I hope to do the same.