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  1. I got the same message this morning but from Michelle. They must be twins.
  2. Fantastic looking car and talk about unique. Enjoy
  3. Daisyford, I did end taking the car to Bentley's where it underwent some serious repairs to the suspension as well as getting the motor running correctly for me. I still have work to do, but getting closer to a drivable car.
  4. Love the headlights and grill. That is going to be one sweet ride.
  5. looking good so far. I am with you, the slant of the hood may be a bit much. Those headlights will sure garner attention and conversation. I like em!
  6. I gave a talk on this very subject last night. I started the conversation by holding up my 12in Crescent wrench and explaining why it was my favorite too. It came from my father's shop, and I grew up using it working side by side with my father. Never mind that it was to a gardening club, the message is the same. Someone planted a seed in us by sharing their passion. For some of us that seed begins growing immediately and like the original poster we spent our youth indulging and growing that passion. for other it can take decades to surface, but surface it does. When we think about the joy having a passion brings us, we should want to take every opportunity to try to instill it in others. Whether its our kids, our grand kids or the kid living next door. Plant a seed, and we may never know how far reaching it becomes in generations down the road and with people we may never meet. I reach for that Crescent wrench probably too often, but its nice to have it in my hand. Thanks for sharing your thoughts VictoriaLynn.
  7. Very cool! Great looking truck Looks like a huge show too.
  8. Hope she sells for a decent price for you. Ebay is flooded with Model A's. I'd hate to be trying to sell one. Seems like supply greatly outweighs demand at this moment in time.
  9. I agree with the above the Spar marine varnish. You can get it a Lowes.
  10. Tell her thank you as I own a garden center and that allows me to spend my money on cars. Now everybody is happy. Well, at least three of us.
  11. Part of the cost is the enjoyment whether its the time building your car or using it. I think we have to take that into consideration when we sell a car at a monetary loss. How many hours of enjoyment did it bring you. Almost all our entertainment whether its golfing or going to the movies cost x amount for a amount of time. If I have $20 k in a vehicle and enjoy it for ten years and sell for $10K as long as I feel like I got $1k enjoyment a year out of it I don't feel like I lost anything. I am not up there with some who have $50K or more in a vehicle so that might be a whole different story.
  12. Mine was a V-6 and I loved it. I had no issues with overheating living in Georgia and driv9ng it to Florida nearly e very weekend. Great unique car in my opinion.
  13. I may just do that. First I have to get a sparkplug adapter so I can do a proper compression test to see what cylinder is having issues. Then maybe I can start to determine if a valve or ring issue. My mechanical skills are somewhat limited, and having no experience with Model A's I just don't know what is normal and what isn't.
  14. I recently acquired a 1931 Model A based speedster that I am having trouble getting to run properly. Having no experience with Model A's I am quickly getting past my level of knowledge. Have a miss at all speed, except possibly idle. Have gone completely through fuel delivery and electrical and timing. Installed an electronic distributor and have checked timing at idle and at speed to make sure it is advancing properly. I have completely redone all the wiring and have checked my ground. I could only do a half hearted compression test as I don't have an adapter large enough to thread into the sparkplug hole. Holding a rubber stop is not giving me readings I can be confident in. I need someone to take this to help determine what's going on. Does anyone know of a shop near Atlanta or North Georgia Area. Even East Tenn and north Alabama are within a range for me to trailer the car to.
  15. 29 Chandler yes the Pikes Peak was an all new motor. I thought 1922 was the year it was introduced but not certain on that.