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  1. Well, we got the motor running!!!! And we also ordered a manual off eBay for it as well, as suggested by a wise gentleman, lol. And it appears the manual is very much like a "handyman special" or "how to" guide as well. So that's a plus lol
  2. I know it's pretty late, but if you would allow us to pick your brain, any information you have would be beneficial for us. If you could please call my husband Chris Franks at 330-324-2366, we would greatly appreciate your knowledge and time. We are currently reassembling the original flathead 4 motor and could use some insight and direction. We have never taken on a project quite like this, and honestly, our mechanical knowledge is limited to changing oil and brakes in our own vehicles lol
  3. Btw, I'm the wife of the fella, Chris franks, that resurrected this post. Lol
  4. Well we currently have alot of projects going at once. So I was tossing around the idea of selling it. Now I'm leaning towards keeping it. Haha. I have 90% or better of the original parts.
  5. I have a pair, right and left doors for a 1915 Chevy. Believe their rear doors, not sure, possibly for a touring, again, not sure. Was wondering what the value is for the pair. Wanting to sell them, but unsure of the value and where to sell them? Any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me at sreed270@gmail.com or to call or text at 330-324-7860. Thank you again.
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