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  1. This 1929 Willys Knight was for sale locally a while back. What model would it be? Is it a "classic" model? The engine was disassembled, obviously had problems. There's a good chance it has a small block Chevy in it by now. Don Don
  2. Could be a truck-based woody such as International, Dodge or GMC. Don
  3. It's "Buy it Now" price is $19,500. Don
  4. Is this actually a 120? The ad says it has 6 cylinders and the photo of the engine seems to confirm 6 cylinders. Don
  5. DLynskey

    1928 value

    Back to the original question, if you want it, it's worth $3250. What 's the difference between $0 and $3250 in the long run? The purchase price is a small part of the ultimate cost of any restoration. The Franklin is a very popular and dependable car and the air-cooling sets it apart from the other cars at the local cruise-in. You're guaranteed to draw more interest than most anything else there. To me the biggest question is the condition of the structural wood. It looks remarkably complete, straight and rust free. Restoration of the mechanics, body and upholstery would be expensive but very do-able. The structural wood, however is a challenge to any but an expert wood worker. When it comes right down to it almost no car that needs a compete restoration is worth it financially. The value is in the satisfaction and enjoyment. What is that worth to you? Don
  6. I'm not a Chrysler guy, but I believe "Newport" denoted the 2-door hardtop body style. Don
  7. Looks like a good deal on a really nice car. I'm jealous. Don
  8. I think some of the earlier Chevrolets had no tappet/valve cover but by 1927 they had the cover. Photo is a 1927 Chevrolet engine. Note also the single exhaust port. Most 1927 Chevrolets by now have had the head or even the entire engine exchanged for a 1928 which had two exhaust ports and better power. I understand some late 1927's came from the factory with the dual port head. Don
  9. After you get there you can pick up a program that tells you how to get there. Don
  10. As nearcholatetown said the indent below the windows is the most notable feature of the Victory 6. All of them I have seen had hood louvers. Don
  11. The cops ride in style in North Carolina. In the 1970's I lived in a small Alabama town. The mayor owned the Buick and AMC dealershipps. All the patrol cars were loaded Buick Electra 225 Limited 4-door hardtops. The meter patrol and utilities used Gremlins. Don
  12. restore [rəˈstôr] VERB restored (past tense) · restored (past participle) . repair or renovate (a building, work of art, vehicle, etc.) so as to return it to its original condition. Don
  13. What is the big sedan in the first photo? Don
  14. A few hints for getting a better response for your post. 1) Post it again under the main "Cars for Sale" section. That is read by lots more people than the specific Model A section, and who doesn't like a Model A? 2) In the new post include some photos. Cell phone photos are fine. We like pictures.That way people can see what you're talking about and get an idea of the condition. Is it a pile of parts or an almost completed restoration? 3) At least tell us what body style you have. A sedan or coupe with major parts missing is not worth $3000. Any open body style is more desirable. Good luck with the sale.
  15. Where are they located? Someone in the area might look them over and see if there are any parts that can be salvaged. Don