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  1. Barn Find Hunter on YouTube. No question. Tom Cotter is living my dream, travelling the country (and more) searching for interesting hidden cars ... and getting paid to do it!! Don
  2. I don't normally go to the meetings, but for that I would make an exception. I enjoy your photos and stories about the fine old classics. Don
  3. Something spooky going on with this funeral home? How else would you explain a photo taken in 1938 showing a 1940 Packard and a 1941 Chevrolet? Don
  4. The ZIS 110 was (apparently, obviously?) a copy of the 1942 Packard. According to Wikipedia it was manufactured until 1958, so the photo could well have been made in the late 1950's or even later. Don
  5. I'm afraid I won't be of much help, but as "28 Chrysler" said there is plenty of help on this forum; these folks are eager to help. The first advice you will get is to find a repair manual on Ebay. Then for specific problems search this forum -- the entire forum, not just the Chrysler section. Most questions are generic and apply to other makes as well and have been asked and answered in the past. I was a teenager when I had the Chrysler and my dad worked in maintenance at a foundry and had plenty of mechanic friends who enjoyed working on it with me as a "fetchit". Mine was in run
  6. Very few, if any parts a interchangeable. With the wood body construction you could buy a restored one for less than it would cost to restore this Chevy. But if you want the experience it looks basically complete and would be a good candidate to start with. I expect there would be far more than $200 worth of parts if you wanted to part it out. Heck, I'll bet the radiator shell alone would bring $200, and all the sheet metal looks straight and not rusted. Plus you wouldn't need a title. Don
  7. The auctioneer should invest in a better camera. $10 should buy one better than the one he used here. Or maybe he thought fewer people would bid if they could actually see what they're bidding on. Don
  8. If you repost this under "General Discussion" it will get a lot more views and responses. Don
  9. Packard 1940 Custom Club Limousine. Don
  10. A matching pair of 36's seen at a show in Iowa 26 years ago. Look closely at the coupe and you'll see a very interesting antenna on the roof. It is almost the entire length of the roof with two circles and several horizontal bars. Don
  11. I'm enjoying this Topic. I'll add a few from my archives, particularly some rear views since those are seldom shown. 1940 Buick Station Wagon 1940 Cadillac 75 Custom Town Car 1940 Chevrolet 1940 Ford DeLuxe 1940 Graham Sharknose 1940 Nash Ambassador 1940 Packard Darrin Convertible 1940 Packard Darrin 4-door Sedan (Sorry about the reflection) Not a rear view, but seldom seen 940 Plymo
  12. It would be quite a project but nothing too complicated and parts are available. The Chrysler 52 was a strong seller so many parts cars are around, plus many parts are interchangeable with a mid-20s Maxwell or a 1929 Plymouth. The hardest part is the wood and yours looks to be pretty good. I believe I see front brake drums which means you have 4-wheel hydraulic brakes -- a big advantage over the 2-wheel mechanical brakes on many of them, including the one I had. Finished it would be a reliable vehicle for leisurely driving and a curiosity at the local shows and cruise-ins. The eng
  13. My first new car in 1966 was one of those stripped base models -- a Pontiac Catalina 2-door post sedan with no accessories. No power steering, no power brakes, no AC. It had the base 389 cubic inch low compression engine with a 2-barrel carburetor, 3-speed on the column. blackwall tires and dog dish hubcaps. I did add an AM radio. As Wes said, these price leaders were highly advertised but practically none to be found. I was shopping in Dallas Texas. I insisted on that particular model, but the dealer was "unable" to find one. He said he searched all the Texas regions as well as L
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