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  1. I'd love to hear that whistle! Don
  2. Love it! You can have your tri-five Chevies and bright red convertibles but nothing says 1950's to me like a big American sedan. And in my favorite make with straight eight and 3-speed overdrive, yet. How do you continue to find these wonderful autos? Don
  3. DLynskey

    Field Find, what is it?

    Millions were built, likely millions remain, many in better shape than this one. It's quite solid and complete but will be a lot of work to restore.To get the best estimate of value look on Ebay at COMPLETED LISTINGS. Sellers are free to ask any price they want. What counts is what a buyer is willing to spend on it. You can find that out in just a few minutes. Don
  4. DLynskey

    FS 1930 Chrysler Model 77 Roadster

    If you click on the original poster's user name it will bring you to his activity summary which shows that his last visit to the forum was in 2016 -- thus not likely to see your post. On the same screen is an option to send a private message. I would try that. He should get a notification of your message unless he has disabled that feature. Don
  5. DLynskey

    1920 open drive limo - or taxi cab?

    My guess is "taxi" because of the worn condition. It's hard to imagine someone who could afford a limo would be seen riding in a car with a dent above the rear fender and very weathered paint. What is the device at the lower end of the rear door? A doorstop? A wealthy owner surely would train his chauffeur not to open the door against the fender, thus avoiding the necessity of such an unattractive accessory. Don
  6. DLynskey

    help on 1929 dodge brothers doctors coupe

    The tinted windows don't help the value any. It makes you wonder what other liberties were taken in the restoration. Don
  7. DLynskey

    Abandoned but not forgotten

    Mr. Earl, Thanks for starting this thread. I've been photographing these neglected gems for many years. Here are some Buicks I spotted along with 200-300 other cars in Eastern Iowa about 25 years ago. I'm sure they're gone forever by now. I hope some of the parts live on in some of the Buicks on this forum. Look at that straight grille on the first one. Wouldn't that be a prize now? Don
  8. DLynskey

    What year is this LaSalle? - Now Franklin

    We'll let you get by with it this time. Just don't let it happen again. Seriously, I don't know how you find all the photos. I enjoy your responses and learn a lot from them. Don
  9. DLynskey

    Modified old car in Eastern Europe somewhere.

    Most likely a "made-for-movies" copy of a 1920's Packard built on a modern chassis. The dimensions are unattractive and some of the components such as headlights, tires and bumper appear more recent copies rather than an authentic 1920's auto.
  10. DLynskey

    What year is this LaSalle? - Now Franklin

    If Keiser says it's a LaSalle it must be a LaSalle. I'll take his word for it until he issues a formal retraction. LOL Don
  11. DLynskey

    Whippet truck?

    I agree. The hood, radiator shell, headlights, fenders and cowl look shiny and new. The body is weathered. Even today businesses with expensive custom truck bodies often buy a new cab and chassis and re-use the old body. The wheels and tires, however, look well-worn. Would a new cab and chassis in those days have come without wheels and tires? Don
  12. DLynskey

    ID on these two

    Interesting observation. The long rear quarter window is very unusual. That and the radiator mascot should make for a positive ID once someone comes up with the answer. Don
  13. Steve, I had no idea the memory stick was available. It will definitely go on my Christmas list. You might want to start a new topic to let forum members know about it. Don
  14. DLynskey

    1953 Chevrolet Panel truck F/S $750 SOLD

    Actually, these old panel delivery trucks are very popular with the street rodders (likely more desirable to them than a Suburban) and this looks like a pretty solid and straight body. It might well bring more than $750 on a site catering to that group. I wouldn't be too quick to crush it. As B Jake Moran said, tell your friend to keep at least the rear doors and hinges which are hard to find. Also the one-piece windshield is a short production item -- only 1953 and 1954, I believe. Don
  15. DLynskey

    1931 Buick 97

    At least he didn't advertise it as a Bentley. Don