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  1. One photo and few details. Who knows? I assume the area code is 843. Don
  2. Another nice looking Continental from craigslist. Not mine. https://charleston.craigslist.org/cto/d/charleston-for-sale-by-owner-classic/7032308465.html For all those who loves collecting classic cars, here is a true beauty for you. Asking price is $3,000 or best offer. Call Al Brown at 795-5929 or show contact info . Serious inquiries only. Don
  3. Pictures would help. If you don't get your answer here try the VCCA forum: https://vccachat.org Don
  4. I should have been clearer. I didn't get a divorce. Was just trying to suggest a humorous caption for the photo. Don
  5. Next time I'll get a better divorce lawyer! Don
  6. The other car seems to be a 1928 Chevrolet Sport Cabriolet. Don
  7. It should be good for that. The mechanics are simple to work with and parts are readily available. As you know from your Buicks , if you learn to drive a car with mechanical brakes and non-synchronized gears you can drive just about anything (well, except maybe a Model T Ford). I don't know about the carburetor, but the guys on the VCCA forum will. Like this forum it's free and the members are very knowledgeable and eager to help. https://vccachat.org/ubbthreads.php/forums/20/1/1912-1928.html Don
  8. It might have been sold in 1929 and titled as a 1929 or I suspect many states didn't have titles at that time and it was dated based on what the owner thought it was. Either way it's definitely a 1928. Below is a photo I took years ago of a 1928 coupe. Someone has taken a lot of liberties on the one your friend has -- unauthentic bright red paint, painted radiator shell and bumpers, spare tire carrier removed, top material not installed correctly, missing the landau irons and trunk handle, modern seats and likely other items not as apparent. It might make a good driver and will be an interesting ride at the local cruise-in but will take a lot to restore it to original. Don
  9. You might ask the question on the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America forum. That's where you will find the antique Chevrolet folks. https://vccachat.org/ubbthreads.php/forums/3/1/1937-1941.html Don
  10. Your friend has a 1928 Chevrolet , not a 1929. The 1928 was the last of the 4-cylinder Chevies. The new 6-cylinder engine was introduced in 1929 along with completely restyled bodies. The 1929 was an entirely different car from the earlier models. Don
  11. DLynskey

    Early Packard A/C?

    As rare as they are I figured someone on this forum would come with a copy of the warning. It's not exactly the wording I remember seeing 60 years ago, but the tag doesn't identify the refrigerant used. Don't worry about my aging memory. It's actually getting better. In fact it's so good now my wife keeps telling me that I even remember things that never happened. Don
  12. The headlights appear to be sealed beam conversions which place the year the photo was taken as 1940 or later. Don
  13. There weren't many classics around East Tennessee in the 1950's, but here is a Rolls Royce in Chattanooga's 4th of July parade in 1957. Don
  14. DLynskey

    Early Packard A/C?

    In the 1950's a gentleman I know had an untouched 1942 limousine with factory A/C. The unit was in the trunk and had a very prominent yellow warning tag. "Caution -- Due to wartime restrictions the only gas available for this unit is poisonous. In case it develops a leak evacuate the car immediately". I assume from the warning that the war-time units used ammonia as a coolant. Don
  15. $23,500 on craigslist. I know nothing else about it. Sounds like a fantastic deal if it's legit. Apparently located in Sumter, SC. https://columbia.craigslist.org/cto/d/sumter-1941-buick-super/7019633469.html Ebony Black paint, brilliant chrome and trim, stunning Red leather interior, perfect Black Hartz Cloth top, smooth 248 cu in 125 HP straight eight with the rare compound (dual) carburetors, AM radio with power antenna, fender skirts, rare oval fog lights, bumper guards, bumper ends, dual side view mirrors, wide white wall radial tires. Don
  16. No glass in the windshield or wind wings so the people in the shot show up better. Don
  17. Your dad's car was registered in Dickson County, Tennessee. Don
  18. The bullet shaped headlights are correct for a 1928 Model 52. This is an untouched, one owner 1928 Model 52. The right headlight rim and lens are missing, but the drum headlights are shown. and a photo I found on the internet somewhere. By the way, Mike, I didn't comment on your initial post, but this appears to be a genuine, untouched treasure. I applaud your letting the young guys have a chance at it. That's how many of us got started in the hobby. Don
  19. Here's a gorgeous 1930 Touring Car photographed at Hershey, 2008 Don
  20. With the twin belt molding I would say the truck is a 1927 or 1928 Chevy. Don
  21. DLynskey

    1928 value

    Link to the video: Don
  22. One thing for sure, you're not missing any question marks!!!!!!!!!!!! Don
  23. No question. The '50 Newport was a prize -- a more attractive model, likely better condition and better priced. But this comfortable old sedan could be an affordable entry into the old car hobby. Don
  24. Another Craigslist Chrysler. Not mine. Near Hilton Head SC. $9500, 6 cyilnders. https://hiltonhead.craigslist.org/cto/d/bluffton-1948-chrysler-windsor-sedan/6998814572.html Don