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  1. I reinstalled the seatbelts back the way they were installed when the truck arrived. I’ve read on this forum many opinions, some say they should be bolted to the frame, others say they should be only installed to the body because when an old car with a wooden body gets in a crash the body separates from the frame. But, when I look at photos of old accidents, the bodies are attached and if the accident is severe enough to rip the body off the frame, you’re beyond seat belts saving you. The retractors are attached to straps that go through the wood and attach to the frame. The lap bel
  2. The seats were already covered so I didn’t have to do anything to them. I cut out the rear headliner header from the panel board then went to cover it to find I didn’t have a piece of the headliner material the owner supplied, long enough to do it in one piece. I hand sewed two strips together on the end then glued it to the panel with the seam centered. The dome light I ordered came in late today so it will get installed tomorrow. It’s a nice size and shape plus it’s not too deep. I also got the shoulder belts installed and I made up the cubby hole metal pieces out of 18ga. I was going to use
  3. Thanks for the heads up Ed. I hadn't thought about the numbers being used. It's kind of stupid how MA doesn't let you paint them but everyone does after they've taken them to the RMV to be approved. I don't live far from the ocean so a year outside will probably work really well!
  4. I’m looking for a pair of decent 32’ Massachusetts license plates in original condition. They cannot be repainted. For the registry to accept them they must have original paint and fully legible. thanks in advance
  5. More interior work done. Couple more pieces to make, the front and rear headers. Have to add the upper latch pillar covers and then it will be finished. I also decided to add a dome light which the pickups never had using a early GM switch and escutcheon plate. Put the seat cushions in place just to have a look. Little more work and I’ll be done fabricating and installing the interior. I believe the owner will like it.
  6. Installed the rear window, the dashboard, and bolted up the steering tube. I wanted to make sure the tube was in its proper location before I final trimmed the floor mat. Added the insulation felt to the mat, cut triangular pieces for the sides of the seat box and finished up the floor. I had a pair of take-off kick panels from a 31’ and repurposed them for this truck. The pickups didn’t have kick panels but I’m putting a full interior in this truck for the owner so after I trimmed them to fit, I finished off the back edges with some 1/4” fender welt. I cut a piece of heavy interior board to c
  7. Worked on more of the interior items. I installed firewall grommets and ran the lines or wires that go through them. I made up a brown Kraft paper template of the floor so I could cut out the generic floor mat material I got From Carter Truck parts. I’m pleased with the end result and tomorrow I’ll add the padding to the mat with adhesive. I also pulled the new rear window gasket around the glass, cut it to length and super glued the ends together. Tomorrow I will urethane the rear window in.
  8. My 32’ Olds wood wheels are made by Kelsey Hayes.
  9. Hello, your car has been modified and is not in need of restoration but custom body work/repair. 31-32’ deck lids are getting scarce and many who’ve restored theirs, started with lids in a lot worse shape than yours. Yours is actually in very good shape and easily repaired from how it looks in the pictures. Your fenders have been customized and don’t really resemble a stock 31’ fender. The bottom edges are changed and the tail lights have been recessed into the fenders. This is all custom work, not restoration. A hot rod shop or even a custom motorcycle shop could probably help you out.
  10. Funny you mention this now as I was just going to post an update. Again, I ended up waiting on paint so the cab had been out at the shop. While it’s been gone I planned on some changes to my garage. I purchased a 40’ storage container and leveled a spot for it with my kubota right alongside my garage. I paid for it the beginning of December but we didn’t drop it in place until a week ago. This time of year, guys with “load-all” type trailers, all repair or rebuild them so all the affordable guys were down. I ended getting one guy who was really good but I had to work with him as he was alone.
  11. Cars listed as one model year are often offered for sale the end of the year before, for example a 1931’ model year was first offered for sale in November of 1930’. If the car got purchased in November or December of 1930, it was often titled as a 1930 when it was a 1931 model year car. This happened all the time. The four door car is a 30’, notice the singular headlight bar. The second car is a 31’, notice the double headlight bar and hood louvers, the third car is my 32’, notice the same headlight bar as the 31’ but hood doors instead of the louvers. Your car is a 31’ model.
  12. I’ve been buying military surplus vehicles for years now. I been driving M1009 chevy diesel blazers for years. They run on bio diesel great. Of course the government doesn’t like us making our own environment friendly fuel. I’ve had at least 6 of the blazers putting on close to a million miles total. I frame off restored the last one, a 83’ with just 26K on the clock. It’s my everyday summer driver all civilianized with AC, pwr windows, locks, cruise, leather heated front buckets, soft top, etc. Here’s something to think about. Remember Rommel running out of fuel for his tanks in A
  13. Jeff, as they say with old Harley Davidson motorcycles, your MG wasn’t leaking..............It was just marking it’s territory!
  14. Kind of looks like you have the same window placement as I do!
  15. You must have packed it in your suitcase for the trip back over because they would never let you on a plane with one in your pocket these days!
  16. Heck, I bet Joe’s pipe is damn near fifty years old too!😂 His lighter is newer but I like the caption printed on it. It’s in one of the pictures in this thread.
  17. Here are the 32’ factory photos and brochure drawings I was talking about. There are both deluxe, 6 wheel cars and standard, 5 wheel cars. All models are shown from the two door coach, 4 dr sedan, patrician, coupe, and convertible roadster. My own car very closely resembles the black roadster parked outside the brick Tudor house. I painted it and trimmed it as it was originally done color and fabric wise. I don’t know if it had WW tires or not. The picture is in my moms yard and taken with my wife and I wearing the attire we had on when I accepted the Ransom E Olds award in Philadelphia.
  18. Moved the lathe into its new position in front of one of my windows. Can’t believe how much it dwarfs my little Logan. My neighbor polished up the tail stock spindle which now looks like it’s chrome. He still has to polish the tail stock hand wheel then I’ll paint the spokes black to match the other hand wheels. Ran my extension power cord behind my big bench and over to the back of my vertical mill and my phase converter. It’s just about ready to rock. Found a guy on FB marketplace who has a big building full of old lathe parts and he believes he might have a collet closer for my lathe. Keepi
  19. Sometimes parts are just crazy. They fit in all places but one and it makes you think didn’t others have the same problem and why did the manufacturers make them like that.
  20. I’ve restored quite a few 29’-31 chevys so if you have questions just ask me. I restored my own 31’ special sedan about 4 years ago. Did a real nice 31’ 5 window coupe also. I’ll be starting on a 30’ 4 dr once the 34’ pickup I’m working on is done and out the door. Here’s a couple pictures of the coupe and my sedan.
  21. Yes, but rebuilt motor installed, custom 9” Ford for Olds rear installed, and just this weekend, a built racing turbo 400. Of course I helped my brother with all that so that why I can’t get my own stuff done. He does most of it actually with adding the extra hand when he needs it. It should be going to paint soon. The pickup cab came back this Sunday so once my garage is cleared out and clean, I’ll be going strong on that.
  22. It has a tail stock Joe. I am going to purchase the lathe card for my serial number from Grizzly. That should tell me a lot more about how it was originally optioned out. I was told today it was made in 1943. I got my two hand wheels back from polishing and put them on. Turned a pin for a packaging machine for a customer today to give it a test. Came out good.
  23. Learned more about my lathe over the last couple days. It seems South Bend kept excellent records and I should be able to find out the day my lathe was ordered, who ordered it, what options were ordered, and the day it was delivered. Looking at the generic SB date line by serial numbers my lathe was most likely made in 43’-44’ putting it right around 77-78 years old. It was originally built as a production turret lathe with a 6 hole powered turret, slotted cross slide, coolant pump system, and lever type collet system. Some were also ordered with conventional cross slide and tool post holders
  24. Not Olds related but hobby related. I got offered this 7’ south bend lathe for $200. It had been up and running until 6 months ago in a yarn mill in central falls RI. The mill was sold for condos and the lathe had to go. It was a job getting it on the truck and home but we did. It seems like it weighs as much as a Volkswagen! I’ve been disassembling it, cleaning it, and painting it up. I have virtually no tooling unfortunately so now it’s time to start trying to buy some stuff. It came with a 3 jaw, 4 jaw, steady rest, two tool posts, and a coolant tank w/pump. I don’t even know what size too
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