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  1. I would like to know who makes wooden bows for a 1931 Ford model Roadster Deluxe in Macs antique and in other dealers they are out of stock
  2. Thanks for your post the pitch is 1/2 inch? regards fermato
  3. Hi Anybody know the wide pitch and links from 1926 1930 ? thanks Fermato
  4. Thanks. For your advice I explore this
  5. I saw in aaca oil filter spin on in this old canister I try to make one of them I send a few pictures form this draft
  6. Perhaps the updraft carburetor sucks a lot of dust mixed with the oil, it forms a mixture of dust with oil, clogging the filter, the oil pressure is maintained but the oil flow decreases destroying the engine.
  7. Thanks for your support regards fermato
  8. Looking for a 1929 chrysler model 75 timing chain also please specs Regards Fermato
  9. The first picture is the older bearing The second is the new one For me this relation between this to pieces to be adequate Sorry the transmission is to heavy ti assembly complete.Any question Im happy to answer Regards Fernando
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