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  1. I will start this thread to help identify the Buicks when multiple cars are the subject of a photograph. Also when the subject vehicle can't be identified completely as a Buick or when like me, not sure if the car is a Buick or other make. Sorry, after all this years, I confuse a lot of makes. When ID is made, please post the details of the finding.!
  2. This was my company car that I Special ordered in 1985. The Century had all power options, 3.8 liter and a burgundy cloth interior. Sweet car but I was involved in a T- bone crash, passenger side when someone took a red light. Unfortunately the insurance co totaled.
  3. Elpad

    Find the Buick

    Spotted few Buicks in the vid
  4. Sorry no Buicks just wanted to share the service....wow I forgot the vacuum.
  5. In Pinar de Rio Province, Old Cuba ?? Service Station. Wall signs read Authentic GM Replacement Parts ... see also Willy’s Jeep sign
  6. Found this other picture on the net. Must be the same car.These are probably the service guys: one to pump gas ⛽️ second to check your tires, third to clean your windshield and the last to check the oil... probably all working together at the same time. The snowman has not melt yet!