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  1. This is how Grandpa spend Sunday’s.... Jesus... I need to finish this!
  2. I will be on Saturday 02/29/2020 at the AACA Winter Nationals to be held here in Miami, Fl. My Buick will be there hopping for a Junior. Are you coming down? otherwise I will in the future, try to visit my neighboring country up North. I will be retiring in the summer but already Had planned a 4 canyons RV westbound trip. Maybe next year would like to visit Canuckland.......beer is on me!
  3. haven't seen a woodpecker here in over 10 years come to think of it. Hope you didn't send that annoyance my way Lance! Two experiences with raccoons and a possum (those things are blind as a bat during the day but present a vicious effort when confronted) is about all the critters I need in one of my garages.