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  1. Great! Doesn’t the mask match the Buick?
  2. I have a smaller bottle jack that has the same base and outside mechanisms. There is a part of a Blackhawk label on it. It’s old but I’m not sure of the age. Mine is still very functional. Zeke
  3. My 1928 Chrysler had split RINGS, not split rims. That is a very different rim. I took mine to a tire shop with a wheel cage. They can be dangerous. Looking at your photo, I can see the split ring. If they fly off they can kill or maim. Use caution. Zeke
  4. I gave some away once. Zeke
  5. Finally, a use for those sun visors. Zeke
  6. Ron, If you ever want to adopt a son, just sayin’ dad. Zeke
  7. It has been several years, but I believe it was Bob’s who did my gauge. Of course they remedied the problem, but it is a trial and error kind of project. Zeke
  8. If I may offer a suggestion, test the temperature gauge in a pot of boiling water before installing. Stand over the bulb and see if you smell any chemical smell. Those bulbs don’t always seal up completely. Knowledge gained the hard way. Zeke
  9. Serves me right . I should have never commented on a car I don’t own. Zeke
  10. Forgive me for asking, but I can’t enlarge the photo enough without distorting it. Are the studs attached to the drum or do they go through the drum to a plate behind it? It looks like they might not be attached to the drum.
  11. As I said, I. Ay be wrong. I still say that the headlights are post 1928. Sorry to be so bullheaded, but...
  12. It has 1929 headlights. 1928 was the last year for drum headlights. (I think). Zeke