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  1. I spotted a 1935 DeSoto Airflow that I once owned a few years back at quadruple what I sold it for. That was slightly painful. Zeke
  2. How hot would it have been inside of that car during the summer? Wow. Zeke
  3. Jack: Thanks. After I saw your calipers I started thinking. I have a slightly simpler set somewhere. Sure enough I rambled around and found them. A bit cruder than yours, but they served the purpose. I am still on the hunt for a 1750 but for now I am satisfied. Thanks for the help. Zeke
  4. Thanks, I have one of his, but I need to measure the inside of my drum. I will search the Plymouth site.
  5. Does anyone have the complete brake tool they would sell? I find myself in need of one. Thanks. Zeke
  6. The owner certainly liked side mounts and add on trunks. Zeke
  7. I used the finest grade steel wool (0000) and basically polished mine. A little effort but effective. Zeke
  8. We are talking about a filter made of wire mesh similar to a Scotch Brite pad aren’t we? Just making sure. Zeke
  9. I am going through something similar on my ‘33 brakes. Imagine my surprise to find that the nut on the back of the plate didn’t move the cam on the front of the plate. I had it spot welded in three or four places and that seems to have fixed the problem. Zeke
  10. I use parts cleaner on my oil bath element. Works fine. Let it set to drain or use compressed air to dry it. I use 50 wt. oil in mine. Zeke
  11. Now you tell me after I spent thirty minutes looking for a couple of washers in my spare parts bin today! Lol. Zeke
  12. I bought a set of bonded shoes. It is difficult to tell how old they are but I suspect they aren’t more than a couple years old. Time will tell. Zeke
  13. I am in the process of refreshing the brakes on my 1933 Dodge. The car had set dormant for several years and the brakes need attention. What I have discovered is that the bond between the brake shoes and lining have failed. Two out of four wheels have linings which have separated from the shoe. I am more comfortable with riveted shoes but they are less common than bonded shoes. What are your experiences with brake shoes? Any failures?
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