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  1. Keith: While most Chryslers had hydraulic brakes from the beginning in 1924, they were external contracting bands until the 1928 Imperial. 1929 models had the superior internal expanding type. Hydraulic or mechanical, internal expanding is better than external contracting. Zeke
  2. Not sure which specific car you are referring to but there is a black 1938 Buick in several scenes. Great show. Zeke
  3. My tools are sometimes as far as 50 feet away from where I am working. I use the time walking back and forth to get the right Craftsman tool to polish my coarse vocabulary. Shaking my head back and forth while walking to and fro is good stretching exercising. I don’t need no stinking roller cart. Zeke
  4. Andy repaired the snubbers for my Hudson. I was very pleased with the results. Zeke
  5. That Hudson appears to be earlier that 1924. The headlights are acorn shaped, indicating pre 1922. My guess is 1918-1921. Zeke
  6. That building still stands. It now houses a restaurant named Eppings in Lexington KY. Sadly, those cars and trucks are no longer there. Zeke
  7. I'm with Rob. Nickel tours are the best. The blend of vintage cars without the stuffiness of the HCCA guys makes for a great time. Zeke
  8. Most insurers have a grace period. Car, home, life, all of them. Zeke
  9. 1928 model 72 Chryslers had hydraulic external contracting brakes. I don’t know if this is arearend for one though. Zeke
  10. The point of my post was that there is a scientific explanation of what is happening as far as weather is concerned and the best scientific explanation centers around global climate change. No offense meant, but I don’t understand the point of your post. Zeke
  11. George, I spent a few minutes reading up on the cold weather in Texas. What is happening is this: As the planet warms, so does the Arctic. That warming disrupts the jet stream which usually keeps the polar vortex of frigid air in place there. That causes the vortex to slip south sending frigid air to places like Texas. No politics involved. Just science. Zeke
  12. Another view might be helpful. Pre-thirty Chryslers had a master cylinder with a separate reservoir. Zeke
  13. I had mine rebuilt using Kevlar. Wasn’t cheap, but I doubt they will ever wear out. If interested, I might be able to find a name and phone number. Zeke
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