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  1. I suspect, but don't know for sure that that sweet young thing might have been plied with strong drink in order to pose with such a plebeian auto. Shame upon you sir! s/. Zeke
  2. zeke01

    34 x 4 1/2 tyres

    I got my 34x4 1/2 blackwalls from Coker Tire, www.cokertire.com. Not cheap but what is these days? I can't help about the whitewalls. Zeke
  3. Chrysler’s make fantastic tour cars. Try your luck with the VMCCA crowd. Zeke
  4. Usually tire shops that work on truck tires will take these on. They use a cage to contain any mishaps. This is one project best left to professionals. I once worked with a man who had a split ring fly off and hit him in the head. He had lots of issues but was lucky to live through the experience. Good luck. Zeke
  5. If this doesn’t work send me a P.M. with a mailing address and I will mail you a copy. Zeke
  6. I have a sheet of instructions for replacing the boot without removing the cross pin. I've done it once. I'll try to post it later. Zeke
  7. This little honey would be about my age . I wonder how her life turned out. Love the outfit. Zeke
  8. If I did, I wouldn't admit it. Zeke
  9. MOTOR manuals from the early 1950’s have an informative section on overdrives. Note: the manuals do not give any interchange information, just a detailed explanation of how they work and how to troubleshoot problems. Zeke
  10. It was the plating that I was curious about. From the looks of the inner can there isn't much plating to be concerned about. I remove the flapper valve assembly when I coat my inner tank. It makes for a cleaner job. Zeke
  11. I have several vacuum tanks that I want to preserve or use. My question is: How do you deal with the rust in the inner tank and the inside of the outer tank? Evaporust looks like the best way to get rid of the rust, but the inner tank looks like it has been coated with something (tinned maybe). Will the Evaporust ruin that coating? At this point, does it matter? What do you coat the parts with afterward? I have been using gas tank sealant inside the vacuum tank to seal pin hole leaks and coat the tanks . This seems to work. What do you do? Zeke
  12. There should be a rubber cup that fits next to the piston. I suspect you will find that the fluid leaked from around it. Zeke
  13. The hood had two corresponding openings to let fresh air in. This configuration was used on 1931-1932 Chrysler products. Zeke
  14. I have one but it would have to rebuilt. It’s yours for shipping costs. P.M. me if interested. Zeke