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  1. zeke01


    Look at the expression on her face. "Don't even try to kiss me. Your breath smells like an ashtray!" Zeke
  2. To begin with, Prohibition ended in January 1933, so the owner of a new Dodge might have gone out for a beer in his new car but not much more. Who bought a new Dodge depended on where you were in the U.S. In rural areas of the country maybe a pharmacist or a bank vice president would have bought a new Dodge, but remember that agriculture was a large part of the economy. In the hinterland many if not most agricultural was on subsistence farms, that is, people literally subsisted on what the farm produced. The people grew their own vegetables, ate the pork, beef or poultry they raised. A farmer might work off the farm in order to buy the things he could not produce himself such as sugar or gasoline if he was fortunate enough to own a tractor. If the crops didn't produce, the family went hungry. To further your understanding of the times I would suggest reading about the Dust Bowl era. No relief, no food stamps, no assistance of any kind. If you were destitute your best hope was that family would take you in. My grandfather once told me that none of his neighbors noticed the crash of 1929 because they were still reeling from the agricultural crash of 1918. In large metropolitan areas, successful shop owners,mid-level managers or doctors might buy a Dodge. Remember that 1933 was the worst year of the Great Depression. Something like 25 per cent of the workforce was out of a job. Times were tough. Even if you could afford a new car you might not buy one so as not to seem ostentatious. To summarize, times were tough in 1933. If you could afford any new car you were doing pretty darn well. Most of the country was suffering more than any of us will ever know. Sorry to be so long winded. Zeke
  3. I have often thought about all those Model A Fords out in Oklahoma during the dust bowl. No air filter (as if that would have helped)and all that dust and dirt swirling through the air. Get your sleeves bored while you drive! Zeke
  4. zeke01

    Who has had a Trans/Shifter Lock Key made?

    Not a Buick, but I took the number off the transmission lock on my 1923 Hudson to a local locksmith and he cut me a key while I waited. Less than $5.00. The lock was labeled as a Yale so I had a leg up as to what kind of key it used. Zeke
  5. zeke01


    The fact that I am alive and able to comment in this thread is ample evidence that I have not spent much time in the Harlan County jail. Zeke
  6. zeke01


    I wasn’t going to opine on this but some of these girls are rougher than a night in the Harlan County jail. Zeke
  7. The late Tom Smith of Louisville Ky owned one for years. I seem to remember that it was once owned by Barney Pollard. It was one of the cars Pollard stored standing on the back end. The car had to have the area from tail light to tail light replaced. Tom sold the car years ago. I have no idea what year the car was or where it is now. Seeing the topic reminded me of the ride he gave me during one of the old FARTS tours. Zeke
  8. zeke01

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    You know it’s time to retire when, in the graph of your career your “have enough” line intersects with your “had enough” line. Congratulations! Zeke
  9. Speaking of driving lights, I have a set of Dietz 510 New York 6 volt lights that I am not going to get around to installing. They appear to be NOS slightly pitted with mounting brackets. The lights have been tested and work. But wait, that's not all! I will include another matching 510 light with working bulb, also NOS but without mounting brackets. But wait, that’s not all! Included in this offer is a NOS Niehoff “lite” switch! But wait, that’s not all. For a limited time I will include free delivery to Hershey next week! All this for $70.00. P.M. if interested. Zeke
  10. The Pierce in the O.P. was among the ads in the Hemming’s e-mail this morning. Good exposure. Zeke
  11. zeke01


  12. Re: master disconnect. I’m wondering if the stud you used on the starter solenoid is strong enough to support the cut off switch and brass bar. Zeke
  13. zeke01

    How not to ship vintage car literature

    In defense if the shipping agent, if the item isn’t prepared properly it will not fair well during shipment. There are a lot of parcels being moved around at any given time.It is a good idea to insert a separate shipping label with a return address inside the parcel In case the outside label gets damaged or lost. When shipping parts I use a shipping tag wired to the item. Zeke
  14. zeke01

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    My experience has been that "stop leak" additives don't work well in non-pressurized coolant systems. Stop leak needs pressure to force treated coolant out the hole until the hole seals. Zeke
  15. I was sitting in a car on the 4th of July one year with a friend who had a long string of firecrackers in his lap. Someone tossed a firecracker into the car and it landed in the lap of my friend. The inevitable ensued. We couldn't find the door handles to escape because of the smoke and commotion. Forty some years ago and I'm still a little surprised that I survived the experience. That might be the source of my tinnitus. As an aside, my friend never fathered any children either. To tie the event into antique autos, the car was a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker. Zeke