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  1. For several years Rolls Royce and Bentleys utilized hydraulic brakes on the front and mechanical brakes working off a servo for the rear. It seems that they weren’t quite convinced that the new fangled hydraulic brakes were to be trusted. I know that they used this arrangement until at least 1954. Don’t forget that Jaguar used disc brakes mounted on the axle. Zeke
  2. Here, hold my beer and give me that hot wrench. I got this covered. Zeke
  3. C. Carl: Do you think you could break that down for a simple minded boy from the foothills of eastern Kentucky? It doesn’t have to be one syllable words. I graduated Laudy Come Look from the University of Kentucky. Being land locked, the boating references elude me. Does this have anything to do with the Ark Park in northern Kentucky?
  4. Care to try again on the selling price. I know prewar prices have fallen a bit but... Zeke
  5. What kind of Buick is that? Zeke
  6. There used to be a club named THE which stood for Terraplane Hudson Essex club. I had a few newsletters from them at one time. Long gone now (both, newsletters and club). Zeke
  7. I thought that the center looked like a 1923 Flint that a late friend owned but I couldn’t remember if the outer portion was round or shaped like the one in the photo. Zeke
  8. I applied it two years ago in the spring and by fall it was sticky. I removed it by repeated applications of straight turpentine. The wheel is now “naked”. One possibility is that I over applied the BLO. Zeke
  9. My can is labeled boiled linseed oil. I have no other information to go one. Zeke
  10. I used a 50-50 mixture of boiled linseed oil and turpentine on my steering wheel but was disappointed in the results. The wheel became sticky. Maybe a thinner mixture would have worked better. I had forgotten about tung oil. Zeke
  11. They build an alternator inside of a generator case. I read up on it but was dissuaded because of the price. Zeke
  12. My 1933 Dodge doesn’t have synchronized gearing. The freewheeling eliminates the need for using the clutch (when engaged). My 1935 DeSoto airflow did have a synchronized transmission in 2nd and 3rd gear. So maybe 1934-1935? Zeke
  13. I knew of a man who owned a Checker (non taxi) several years ago. One morning his travels took him near a downtown Lexington KY hotel. As he was sitting at a traffic light a woman ran up to the back door, hopped in and told him to take her to the airport. Having nothing else to do he said o.k. and headed for the airport about five miles away. A couple of minutes later the woman looked around and realized that she was not riding in a taxi. The driver assured her that he would indeed take her to the airport and did just that. He always said that the story was worth the effort to get her to her destination. Zeke
  14. I believe this is the optional oil bath cleaner for 1933 but I can’t find my reference for it. Zeke