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  1. My take on the handicap carts is this: There seems to be a lot of handicapped people who don’t appear to be handicapped riding around in carts. A friend was going to use a cart so he brought his handicap card and insurance paperwork. I thought that each cart was to have a handicap card displayed on the cart. I can’t remember seeing a handicap card on any cart at Hershey. If the cart users were handicapped, they sure hid it well. So you see apparently healthy guys riding around in carts rushing by guys with artificial legs walking around. Zeke
  2. Sounds good. Photo of random wheel cover:
  3. Is there any interest in a set of four of these? They are in nice shape. They have been sitting around for forty years wrapped in paper bags. If there is any interest, I can post photos and bring to Hershey. Maybe $10.00 each? I’m helping a friend out. Zeke
  4. I got my 1933 Dodge wiring diagram from the AACA library. Cheap and accurate. Zeke
  5. I hope that the car is still there when I pass that area. Zeke
  6. I had a large stack of Antique Automobiles on hand at one time. I found a budding enthusiast who was more than glad to receive my excess literature. He benefited, I benefited, the hobby benefited. Zeke
  7. Would one of these be helpful? Ken-Tool TD30. They are used to rethread axle threads that have been beat on until mushroomed out. The thread pitch is as follows: 3/4-16tpi, 3/4-20, 7/8-14, 1”-13, 1 1/8-11.5, 1 1/4-11. You place the tool over the threads and tighten lightly, repeating tighter and tighter until the threads regain their shape.
  8. I ventured into this topic as a favor to a friend. Apparently you do need a handicap placard to be eligible for a motorized vehicle. Zeke
  9. My sentiments exactly. It’s like pineapple on pizza, never thought about but wow it’s good. Zeke
  10. Thanks Terry. I will try this route. Zeke
  11. What gives me hope is this: We may be getting older, but we are still "swinging for the fence."When I started going to Hershey 40 years ago. I was the youngest in a group of 10-12. This year I will still be the youngest in a group of three. I am 65 years old. Zeke
  12. Maybe that is the solution, extra batteries. Zeke
  13. My friend was late to the game. He started looking on Monday (9/16). The rental peeps had one scooter left for Wednesday only. While he was in the process of renting it, someone else snagged it. I'm on the fringe of this issue. My old legs are still able to carry my fat a$$ around. Zeke
  14. There are lots of tours sponsored by the AACA,VMCCA, and HCCA. As a favor to an old forgetful man would you remind everyone of the years of eligibility for these tours? Thanks, Zeke