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  1. It was the plating that I was curious about. From the looks of the inner can there isn't much plating to be concerned about. I remove the flapper valve assembly when I coat my inner tank. It makes for a cleaner job. Zeke
  2. I have several vacuum tanks that I want to preserve or use. My question is: How do you deal with the rust in the inner tank and the inside of the outer tank? Evaporust looks like the best way to get rid of the rust, but the inner tank looks like it has been coated with something (tinned maybe). Will the Evaporust ruin that coating? At this point, does it matter? What do you coat the parts with afterward? I have been using gas tank sealant inside the vacuum tank to seal pin hole leaks and coat the tanks . This seems to work. What do you do? Zeke
  3. There should be a rubber cup that fits next to the piston. I suspect you will find that the fluid leaked from around it. Zeke
  4. The hood had two corresponding openings to let fresh air in. This configuration was used on 1931-1932 Chrysler products. Zeke
  5. I have one but it would have to rebuilt. It’s yours for shipping costs. P.M. me if interested. Zeke
  6. Not my cup of tea. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/dodge/unspecified/2241352.html
  7. I did not link to the e-bay listing. Frankly, I have grown weary of the fiberglass body, Mustang subframe, 350 Chevrolet engine, Billit everything genre. Original specs have gotten to be quite refreshing. Zeke
  8. Believe me when I say that I'm not trying to start a fight but I need to figure out why this automobile is referred to as a 1933 Chevrolet. Zeke
  9. I made an earlier post on this thread and thought that would be all I had to say. However I can't let it go. I have a 1923 Hudson Speedster (four passenger touring). I have been on Glidden tours as well as VMCCA nickel tours with my car and I can vouch for the power and reliability of these Hudsons. Without undue modesty I am here to tell you that these old Hudsons will run away and hide from anything else. Buicks, Cadillacs even (shudder) Packards! Seventy six horse power, counter balanced crankshaft,cork clutch running in oil, what a machine! If I didn't already own one, i would buy this car and tour it for all it was worth. All the quibbling about gearing is just nonsense. Sorry to blow on and on. I'll get down off my soapbox now.(Has anyone seen my cane?) Zeke
  10. I saw this car at Hershey a few years ago and it filled my heart with much lust. Zeke
  11. Hudsons like this one were popular with bootleggers. They didn't draw a lot of attention but were extremely fast. Zeke
  12. How would you like to have been Harley Earl? I can just imagine. "Boys, I've got an idea I want you to work on. I've got a car in mind. See if you can come up with something that looks like what I've drawn on this napkin." As soon as he said it, a dozen engineers jumped as if jolted with a cattle prod and went to work on the project. And got paid for the work they did. "Yes sir Mr. Earl, right away Mr. Earl". Zeke
  13. zeke01

    Oh No!

    In a Mercury!
  14. My what snappy dressers! I doubt even the Buick would be much help for these chick magnets. Zeke