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  1. That photo gave me the “all overs”. Zeke
  2. Don’t discount a weak coil or condenser. “Ninety percent of all fuel problems are electrical in nature.” Zeke
  3. I remember removing a headlight lens from a DeSoto Airflow once and thinking,”You ought to put some padding down in case you drop this.” about one millisecond before the lens hit the unforgiving floor. Zeke
  4. I had a good locksmith rekey a Omega “bent” key for me a few years ago. They even bent a blank key to accomplish it Just take the switch to them and let them work their magic. Zeke
  5. I say, let the passenger fend for himself. I use mine to see out the right side as much as is possible. Zeke
  6. What a beautiful car! A wonderful tour car to be sure. Poke around with the old cars and hit the overdrive to get home. Zeke
  7. Thanks carbking. Zeke
  8. I’ll try not to derail the thread. Are neopreme needles subject to damage from modern fuels? I have tried a couple of them on my Stromberg EXV2 and they don’t seem to work as well as the solid brass. Thanks, Zeke
  9. I’m afraid that you have wandered far afield of my knowledge. My experience has been with factory derived units. Specially, Borg-Warner units. I will the discussion now. Zeke
  10. No. The kickdown switch is used to temporarily disable the overdrive and kick you back into non overdrive so you can pass another vehicle or get up a steep grade. To get into overdrive, Push the overdrive cable knob in while the engine is pulling the car. After you get over about 35 to 40 mph, let off the gas. You should feel a small jolt, much like an automatic transmission gear change. That is overdrive. The kickdown switch only comes into play when you want to get out of overdrive temporarily. Zeke
  11. MOTOR Manuals of the period have a very comprehensive section on overdrives. I would recommend you get a copy. Zeke
  12. Bill was President of VMCCA several years ago. Nice guy. Zeke
  13. What parts do you need? Zeke
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