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  1. Seafoam65,are you talking about the Chassis Manual or the Chassis and Body Parts Manual? I need to order the correct one. And will it show bolt sizes? Thanks,Fred
  2. What are the specifics and asking price for the posi rear if you decide to part this project ?
  3. Anyone think these tires are worth a gamble? Ebay item # 303505645134. Four new 225 - 75 R - 15 Nexen. N. PRIZ. AH5. 102S. White Wall Tires. $. 282.92. With free shipping. I'm seriously thinking about these . I just bought a new set of tires for the wife's Tiguan. Set me back over $ 600 .
  4. Very interested in the mirror. Is the glass scratch free? How much to ship it to zip 16435 ? Fred
  5. I got a driver's side front fender for my 65 from Gene Guarnere near Philly.He is abandg on this forum.He's been parting 63- 65 Rivs for 30 years and probably has thousands of parts for sale. We pulled a half dozen or so fenders out of storage and layed them out so l could inspect them and choose the one l liked best! They were all decent. He's got passenger fenders too. Also front and rear bumpers,clamshells,headlight bezels,mirrors,and stainless and chrome trim.Drawers and drawers of parts both rechromed and nice original. AM -FM Radios,air cleaners etc. Check him out, he may be able to help you.
  6. I’m confused ! How would l go about finding past discussion on a desired topic? Thanks , Fred
  7. Gene,l'm not sure if the e-mail l sent you reached you , or not. Let me know if you didn't and l'll give you a call.
  8. 60 , l bought and drove a 65 in 1977. Still have it and am currently working on rebuilding it.
  9. Ed,I'm in the rust belt of N W Pennsylvania. I did have a rust free western fender sent to me years ago but it is damaged in the nose worse than my rusty original. Anyway ,it was sent by UPS to a drop off point near me in Meadville . Shipping was reasonable. I got it out last weekend and realized quickly just how mangled it is. Dave l'll contact Tim and see what he's got !
  10. Does anybody know where l can purchase a straight drivers side fender for my 65 ? Straightening mine is probably beyond my ability. The front of these first gen riv fenders have a lot of contours and once they are bent up,well l think l will be better off starting with something easier to work with.l have a solid fender that l could possibly weld a straight front onto. This is a pretty major hurdle but l get past it and l should be able to make a lot of progress on this build this year! Gotta love these Rivies !
  11. Thank you. I think I'll price rechroming.
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