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  1. '62 Skylark model 4347 Coupe. DART SHP block, Forged internals, Channeled chromoly frame, 6 Pt. chromoly cage, Quick Performance 9" rear, 4 link rear, Sniper 1250 EFI, Aeromotive Stealth pump, 17" Race Star wheels withi Hoosier drag radials.
  2. I must say, I have heard this more than once. The car was restored as I saw fit. I am able to let these type comments roll off as I realize some of the purist would be offended. I wanted to build something different that wasn't a Mustang or Camaro. I did just that. However, as this car has been completed for exactly 12 months, I have taken 9 awards with it. Those results speak for themselves in my opinion. It draws a lot of attention, and is built as a Pro-Street driver car, so it will run a little bit...... The first picture was from the Good -Guys Fueled News when I intro
  3. I am a newbie here, but glad to see a place where the car fits in. I made a post when I completed the car and all the purist lashed out. Anyway, this is a complete restoration. I put a SBC (Dart SHP Block), TH350 in the car. The on;y changes made was the hood scoop and center console was from a 2nd Gen. Z28 camaro. I added the Buick hood tack. The car has a Fatman's tubular front stub, narrowed 9" rear and we channeled it with chromoly to ties it together front to back. It has a 6 point cage to keep the twist out from the HP. It has a rear 4 link with double adjustable shocks, a
  4. I own a '62 Skylark that I modified with a juicy small block. As stated, you will need to modify the tunnel. I put a new floor in, as I could not get mufflers to tuck under the car enough otherwise. I put a FatMan's tube front stub on it, Narrowed 9", and Channeled the uni-body to tie it together front to back. Four link rear end with double adjustable shocks front and back. I am not sure how much more you would need to do to stuff a big block in one, but it sounds fun!
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