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  1. The white 63 is the only one sold so far. The three 65s all will sell on Thursday, 1/17.
  2. Here is a link to the page sorted by Riviera. You can click on the lot number and get a complete description of each car. Sorry, that didn't work like it was supposed to. Here is a link to each car. Their website sometimes does not work as intended.
  3. Dakota Digital makes one with gauges. There may be others. Theirs is about $800, with all the senders and such that you need.
  4. Well pfft. I was concentrating on the correct buckles. Website link says available in black only. However, the printed catalog, which is less than a month old, shows 5 colors. Red, blue, black, tan, and green. If you need these, might be worth a call to check.
  5. Not sure these are exactly the same or not. Buckles look like an exact match to the picture Tom posted. Found these earlier today in my Impala book from Classic Industries. These are 66 Impala Deluxe belts. Having trouble posting a link, but could be worth checking into. Almost forgot, you can also buy just the Fisher Body coach sticker, if you have belts that just need new stickers.
  6. My 63 has a light blue headliner. A lot lighter than the medium blue shown, so there is another one that is missing.
  7. steelman

    64 Front seat extenders

    Not the answer you want, but you will have to make your own. Best thing I did was change the steering wheel. A smaller wheel with less dish makes it a lot more comfortable for me. But my car is modified, so it is not out of place.
  8. Try these.
  9. If they weld cast iron, they should know what they are doing. Find out what they mean by a guarantee. If they mess this one up, not like you just run to Auto Zone and order a new replacement.
  10. The white 65 was Charlie’s that has the LS and full frame under it. There is a discussion about it on here. Not for the purist. Came out great. This was it’s maiden voyage.
  11. I will assume stock point type ignition. Replace the points or take those and file them. Points are locked together and this will cause a very quick discharge of the battery. Like running into the store and just getting a loaf of bread quick. Ask me how I know.
  12. Alex, the holes should be inch to inch a quarter deep, fully threaded. As Winston says, need to run a tap all the way in to clean up the holes. Winston, you have a loose wood wheel. Can you tell Alex if takes course or fine thread? I am not sure, and don't want to tell him wrong. Wheel goes into a splined shaft. It is straight, not tapered, so it may be tight all the way off, about 3/4" total. Use liberal amounts of WD-40 or PB Blaster on the spline to get it loosened up. Make sure the center bolt that goes against the steering shaft is straight and stays straight. These have to be pulled straight off the shaft or you will destroy a wheel getting it off.
  13. Checked my 63 last night. I also have two keys, same as Ed above. Door key will not open the trunk. I have been afraid to try to lock the glove box, based on the horror stories heard here. Mine opens and closes fine. Not messing with it.
  14. That is the foot operation for the Wonder Bar radio. It was like a SEEK button. Would search out the closest signal.