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  1. My curiosity is killing me. Star Wars was not released until 1977. President Reagan didn't use the term until 1983. What were these called between 1967 and 1977? And how did the Star Wars term for these become so universally accepted?
  2. Didn't think this was real, but I like it.
  3. Looks really good. Glad I could inspire you and get you started. But while the braces may be functional, you need to be sure they clear the light cover when it is reinstalled. The lower one will not, and the upper may not. You may have to move the lower brace behind the fender sheetmetal and use a flathead fastener. I am sure you know all this, just being Captain Obvious. Looks like a good start.
  4. Thanks, Mike. This is Billet Art, and where mine came from. Ad is for a 65, but shows a 63 in the add for a 65. They have patterns for both. Mine fit without any issues.
  5. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, as they look terrific. But...RRB, if you are having these made, and selling them, have you checked into copyright laws? That Buick trishield is copyrighted. So is the Riviera R. GM gets really fussy about reproducing their parts with logos on them without expressed written permission. Sounds like an NFL ad, but it isn’t. GM can and will come in and take all stock and molds for these parts and have them destroyed. I’ve seen it happen. Even small quantities like this and only advertised here on the forum violates those copyright laws. Need to do some checking into this before you tool up and get a bunch of money tied into this.
  6. If you depress the brake pedal with the engine off, hold it down and start the engine, all you have changed is the vacuum to the booster. I had this same problem. Fix the booster. Check valve is leaking/not holding vacuum.
  7. Check valve in the booster is most likely bad. Get the booster rebuilt by Booster Dewey. If you search, somebody I think figured out where to get check valves, but this seems to be a closely guarded secret.
  8. Not enough head room in my Riviera for this solution, as I am rather tall. But nice try.
  9. Even if you work out how to use the smaller diameter hub on the front, you still have the rears to consider. You can change the complete rear end, change the axles, or machine the 63 axles to the smaller center hub diameter, but you have to address the rear as well if you are trying to use the smaller wheel centers.
  10. Saw this car at Good Guys in Ft Worth a few years ago. Took a few pictures that I don't have access to right now. Was not sure who it belonged to. I knew from watching some of the older biker build-off shows that Joe Martin had a 64, but it was white with primer spots then. Then Iron Resurrection comes out, and I see this great looking 64 and it all comes together. That was the Riviera I fell in love with at Good Guys. Owned by Joe Martin from Martin Bros Customs.
  11. Schmiddy, the way I read this post, Gary is looking for the stainless trim. Does SMS have used stainless trim? Gary, look up Gene on this forum at AB&G. He will have what you need.
  12. Back before rear discs were common, the hot set up for the rears was Olds Vista Cruiser wagon rear brakes. They had the offset backing plate and 2 1/2" shoes. I have had a set of these put away for about 40 years (hard to admit that) for my 55 Chevy. Not the aluminum drums, but same principle with the offset backing plate and wider shoes.
  13. Not sure where this gentleman is from but I am thinking this may be an export car. If it was a 64 export car, it would have had a 401 in it, not a 425. The engine original to the car is gone and has been replaced, so it no longer matters. Where is the car, and does it have a speedometer in mph or kph? Jeez, autocorrect! Had to fix this four times to get it read right.