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  1. Took me 60 years, but I finally made the honor roll. Thanks, Rodney!
  2. One of my great fears is when I die, my wife will sell my parts for what I told her I had in them...
  3. If you can hear wind noise, your pipes aren't loud enough. There, I said it. Couldn't hold my tongue or sit on my hands any longer. 😁
  4. One of the few things that didn’t work on my car when I bought it was the heater. It had been bypassed. I assumed it leaked. It did. Bought a used one, it leaked too. Bought a new one, it did’t fit. Sent it back. Got one from another place, it didn’t fit either. A/C cores are different and are not reproduced. Non-air cores are reproduced, but they are different. I took my old one in to be recored, as Brian suggests above. Fit like it should, because it was the one that came out.
  5. I haven't seen Will post in a while. Not sure what is happening with his car. He posted some on this forum, but better photos and details are on LatG. Maybe this will help. https://lateral-g.net/forums/showthread.php?t=56282&highlight=riviera
  6. Get creative and do it right. But I love yours just like it is.
  7. Hate to burst your bubble, but I am not sure these will work on the rear either. Changing to a 65 front hub makes the center hub diameter smaller, but you will need a 1 to 1 1/4" spacer to keep these from rubbing the frame in a turn. My 17x7 wheels with 3 5/8 back spacing still want to rub on full lock. Still have to machine the center in the rear. But first, crawl under the car and look at the exhaust routing. Notice a lot of the inner wheel well is used by the stock exhaust. So at the least you will have to cut off the exhaust over the axle and dump in front of the tire. Stock muffler is beh
  8. Ed assumes you are using an original 62 Nailhead. So now we have to ask, what are you using for a motor. May work, may not.
  9. Word of warning, Chevy truck wheels will not fit 63-64s without a spacer. Center hole is too small. If buying original Buick wheels, check the center hole diameter if you are trying to fit a 63 or 64.
  10. Have you tried to adjust the turn signal switch? This is under the dash below the column, tilt wheel or not. There is a sliding pin on the bottom of this that can adjusted. Too far one way, no left turn signals. Too far the other way, no right turn signals.
  11. My car developed brake issues shortly after I bought it. Several combinations of new and rebuilt boosters and master cylinders later, I was ready to scrap the entire system and start over, including adding disc brakes. Upgrading the booster and master cylinder to late model equipment and replacing all the rubber lines made a HUGE difference. Disc brakes were no longer on my to-do list for this car. If the stock brakes work correctly, you will slide off in the floor on a panic stop without a seatbelt.
  12. I may depend on which "stock" rally wheel you have. They may not clear the 65-67 wheel, but might clear the later 68-71 wheels made for disc brakes. These look similar outside, but have slight differences. Several threads here discuss these differences. But I have no idea if either wheel will clear.
  13. Wait, PWB has a 67, which means 430 big block. does it have the same heat riser through the intake manifold that a nailhead does? Also, it would not have an AFB, but a Q-jet? Most of these responses apply to the nailhead. Do they apply to the 430 as well? Gasket in the first post is for a Q-jet.
  14. Couldn't agree more. That is part of the reason I like the Chevelle gauges better.
  15. Dakota Digital makes replacement instruments for the 63-65 Riviera, but the 69 Chevelle instruments look a lot better. But the full set is half again as much money for the Chevelle stuff. But they make a great product and will help you work out any issues you have. https://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=results/category_id=424/mode=cat/cat424.htm
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