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  1. Frenchy, note in Ed’s first picture on the driver’s side, the stainless toe kick you asked about in your other post is missing. So, you still need a picture of the driver’s side to install it. And the screw holes will not align. Accept that and drill new ones.
  2. Thanks, Ken. These are Billet Specialties GS-47s. These are custom made to order. I love them and everybody comments they look great on a Riv. Not cheap and you have to wait while they are made, but it was the right choice for my car.
  3. Friend (a real Ford guy) just bought a 66 Tbird. He admits it is a nice car, but still not as nice as my Riviera. But he didn’t want to spend the money a first gen Riviera would have cost.
  4. We always called those “sex bolts”. They have a male and female side. You can get these in various lengths. McMaster Carr is my go to for unusual bolts.
  5. David, I am not sure your car being lowered has anything to do with your vibration. My 63 is bagged, so it will run high, low, or any combination in between. I spent yesterday driving around in various positions trying to see if any combination would create a vibration similar to yours. I could not. High, low, front up and back down, or front down and back up, or even side higher combination created no vibration. One of the benefits of having the shop at the end of a private road means I can take road conditions out of this testing, as it was all done on the same road. Not the info you wanted to hear, but I tried.
  6. Gene, now I know what old plan drawers can be used for. We used to have a warehouse full of these.
  7. It may have more to do with the way the manifolds are constructed than the carbs.
  8. All insurance is great until a claim is made. Not all policies, or even stated value policies are created equal. And in the case of a total loss, most are the same. The issue comes up when it is not a total loss, or you are under insured and the repair costs more than the stated value, but you want to repair the car. Check with owners who have had to make claims before picking an insurance carrier.
  9. Have to say I agree. I had to go back and find these, but here is a before and after of mine. Yes, lowered is much better.
  10. Two on each side, I think. One in front of and one behind the centerline of the tire., for left and right turns. I had to trim my stainless wheel opening molding a little more to clear these, but it took care of my rubbing problem. Yours looks like it has already been trimmed. Mine was not trimmed at all, and ran right by these divots at full width on each side.
  11. If you decide to remove the rivet heads completely, pull the drums and knock the rest of the rivet out of the back side of the hub. A rivet without a head is just a rivet waiting to come loose and fall into the braking mechanisms. As Tom stated above, he has removed these without affecting the hub/drum relationship. They may stay in the hub/drum assembly without heads forever. But I wouldn't take that bet.
  12. Not even sure I should ask this, but didn't black interiors get a silver headliner? Did that vary with standard or custom interior?
  13. John, regarding the screw at the back of the console, this was a mid year change. Early production did not have a screw at the back in this location. So your early floor might not have a hole to align with a later console in this location. Get everything else aligned and drill this one through the floor last.
  14. Check to see if the same year Impala is made. Should be the same.