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  1. Or did he mean Locke, which is a plumbing supply chain? Kreed should answer back shortly.
  2. But these are worth more if you call them Cadillac air cleaners rather than Oldsmobile air cleaners.
  3. Thanks, Bill. I guess I was thinking about your adventure when I made my earlier post. So to clarify, not a direct bolt in for a 63.
  4. I don’t think you can add the arm rest to a rear seat that wasn’t equipped with one originally. Rear springs and frame are configured differently in this area. Expect to replace the bottom rear seat frame or heavily modify what you have now.
  5. Not sure about the plug, but Eklers and others have the posi tags.
  6. Figure out how to light it in the back window on the package tray like the low riders do their chrome gang...I mean club logos. You might start something.
  7. I went with the TA for one simple reason. Bearing in the front rather than a brass bushing. Other than that, my research said the other aftermarket ones were about the same.
  8. When I was a kid, our barber had a stack of these. If you sat in the chair and talked about a project you had been putting off, he would hand you one of these as you left. He said your excuse was now gone, as you now have a round tuit. My dad still has his stack, so I come by it naturally.
  9. If you ordered the Quadra jet injection, you will have to send it back as it will not fit. Your stock intake takes the 4BBL Dave bought. Base mounting flange is different. Your manifold has a pattern for a Carter AFB, not a Quadra jet.
  10. If you are thinking of bagging it later, get the RideTech shocks for the rear. Then you don't have to change. I have Shockwaves in the front, so a shock and air spring together, not separate. They may also sell a replacement lowered front shock. I don't remember and have not looked in a while. OK, I looked. Link below. But $185 each.
  11. It’s not the fact that the thread was edited. I half expected it and was surprised it didn’t happen earlier. It was the fact there was no note added to post one and two saying they were edited for content. Also the editor could have made their own post in this thread that the first two posts were edited for content. Or the entire post could have been removed from the board. But none of those things happened. Now we have a post that makes no sense because the main subject disappeared without explanation. And what was discussed the most? The origin of her tattoo. And RivNut is correct, pretty tame by comparison.
  12. Looks like we have been hacked...I mean edited.
  13. Zimm, if you are sure you have it phased right, take a paint marker and mark the two sections with witness marks on each half of the shaft. Just in case the shop decides to take it apart for any reason, they will know how to line it up correctly.