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  1. You need to bleed the pump with the front wheels off the ground. Just as stated above, but no load on the tires will make this go a lot faster.
  2. Chasander has a 63, so rear speaker only. I have found a nice 6x9 with an internal tweeter that will fit and give good sound, but you buy these in pairs. I need to see what brand I was looking at. This is also on my To-Do list for this spring. I have the new antenna that will fully retract. My Wonderbar never has worked. I want something to fit the dash and looks like it belongs. I am leaning towards the Custom Autosound, but have not pulled the trigger. But I need tunes, and do not want to use my phone or a separate Bluetooth speaker.
  3. Rich, all three years, 63, 64, and 65 are different. And then you add standard or custom interior, and you have six different possibilities. Let us know the year and which interior and somebody will get you an answer. Welcome to the forum.
  4. These guys must really like to weld. They shortened the car 1 1/16" and through the Dutchman panel under the rear glass. So they replaced the frame and will add larger wheel tubs for larger rear tires. So when they cut the back of the car off and set it aside would have been a perfect time to have better access to replace the tubs. But no, they welded the back of the car back on. He said he did this just to make people scratch their heads. Same with the subtle 1 1/2" chop. Neither will be that noticeable unless parked next to a stock Riviera. And when, other than the ROA meets, do you see more than one Riviera at a show? A large show, such as Good Guys might have 3. Out of 2000 cars on the grounds. And these 3 will be acres apart unless the owners happen to be buddies. Way too much work for the result. I want to see how it comes out, but I am not sure any of this work will be that noticeable.
  5. Yes, but the rest of it is too far gone. No way this car was a California car all it's life. Way too much rust.
  6. This may not be true for the Riviera, but on early Corvettes the tag is attached to the fill hole. I could not find any good reference pictures. And Riviera may be different.
  7. He sold that car to a guy in Maryland. Didn't really want to, but he was thinning his collection. Price was not really discussed, but 100k was bantered around and the guy didn't flinch.
  8. Bernie, I stand corrected. Same car, same ditzy blonde. Show was called My Ride Rules. This is the episode with her Riviera.
  9. Everything he 'fixed' is what the appraiser griped about. Miss-matched paint, wiring... And did the headlights ever come on? Or just wink at you? Bernie, I think it is the same car, but not the same ditzy blonde. I think this ditzy blonde bought it from that ditzy blonde.
  10. Just a quick word, but the “Riviera Rattle” affects only air conditioned cars. Cars without air do not have the return line. It was never said if the car in question is equipped with air.
  11. This one sold for $62,700 including premium. $57,000 at the hammer.
  12. Interesting that he absolutely had to have it, and it is back on the block two years later. And at a different auction, not back with Gooding. Great car. Love the colors. But he will not match the money from two years ago at Barrett-Jackson this year. I might be surprised, but not really the right crowd for this car there.
  13. The white 63 is the only one sold so far. The three 65s all will sell on Thursday, 1/17.
  14. Here is a link to the page sorted by Riviera. You can click on the lot number and get a complete description of each car. Sorry, that didn't work like it was supposed to. Here is a link to each car. Their website sometimes does not work as intended.