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  1. Just be easy with these. They can do more harm than good if not used correctly. If the fins are completely laid over, you need to use a small tool to get these sort of standing up straight, then use the fin comb to finish. You can rip the fin if you try to force the comb through. And I agree with Bernie and often wonder the same thing. My dad thought me to use these when I was a kid.
  2. 3/4” is plenty of edge distance for a 3/8” hole. Rule is 1.5 x D, measured from the centerline of the hole. So, 3/4” in this case is 2 x D. Plus there is no force in that direction in this condition. If you have access, redrill the holes.
  3. TaxMan, you can get these wheels in a polished finish as well. Look around. These are from American Racing. Search kidney bean wheels.
  4. I saw this on FaceBook and enjoyed it. Took a couple of minutes to recognize the car, then, hey… Nice piece, well done. Congrats.
  5. If you look to the far right on the top picture, inside the cover you see a “Winter’s Foundry Snowflake”. Winters did most of the aluminum casting for GM in the 60s and into the early 70s. That means these are original pieces.
  6. I am not an expert on these, but they are original. ‘66 only, as Tom M says because of the dimple to clear the air pump. I have a pair just like this. They will not fit under the AC bracket without modifying the bracket. But yes, these will fit your 401.
  7. Ford, four bolt wheels, looks like an early six cylinder Mustang to me.
  8. Your local Ace Hardware usually has a good selection. Nothing too fancy, but not a bad selection. Also try McMaster Carr https://www.mcmaster.com/rubber-grommets
  9. Not sure you will find 1/4x18. But 1/4x20 would be the correct stud thread.
  10. Please don’t let this picture fool you. This picture is not the master Chris has for sale. Picture is of a later model Corvette master and booster on my 63.
  11. While not quite as thick, this is from a 31 Ford Model A we rebuilt last year. It was pretty thick. Car was parked in a barn in 1974.
  12. Turb, I think you have a bad vacuum hose. Hole in the line somewhere if you can’t get vacuum on either end. Hook your MighyVac to a short new hose at the trunk latch. Now see what you get.
  13. If you haven’t, take the lenses out and clean them. Careful, they will scratch. Both inside and out. I will make a huge difference. My car sits in my garage facing East. So when I get home in the evening the afternoon sun reflects off my tail lights. More than once I have checked to be sure my lights have not been left on. I know they have not, but they reflect really well when they are clean.
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