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  1. For details, Google "Jay Leno's Garage - 1948 Buick Super"
  2. What was the brand name of the dye that O'Reilly's that you used?
  3. My experience with aerosol dyes tells me that the carpet will look good but it will not be a pliable as it was originally. Don't get in the car barefooted and expect to wiggle your toes in it.
  4. These aftermarket AFB clones can be modified to accept the original carburetor's throttle linkage. Might be a lot easier.
  5. In the early fall of 1962, I was just past my 15-1/2 birthday when I was at the Buick dealership where my dad used to work. I found a new '63 Riviera under a car cover that was waiting for the opening date for the new car reveal. I saw the car and didn't think about how old I was or how old the designed market was. It was love at first sight. I turned 16 the next February and got an AMT model of the Riviera for a birthday present. A gag actually, my dad had told me at the time I first saw the Riviera that it was "impractical" because it was missing two doors. On my birthday he told me that he'd reconsidered and that there was a '63 Riviera waiting for me in the garage. It was the AMT model. So, I think that age has nothing to do with desire. A few years after we were married my wife and I replaced our 1964 Buick Wildcat with a new 1973 Buick Century Luxus. A couple of months after that I got a promotion we had a need for a 2nd car. I combed the classifieds of the KC Star until I found a '66 Riviera that I could afford. The Riviera outlasted the Century. Even as a 20+ year old "kid" I liked the ride and power that came with the Riviera. Ed PS - I still have that AMT model.
  6. Tonight you'll be dreaming your back in geometry class.
  7. If anyone is considering putting a set of these 15x7, code 011, wheels on their car make sure that you look at the chart linked in the post above and note the backspacing of the 7" wheel. It's 7/8" deeper than the 15x6 early wheels. That means that your tire is going to be almost an inch closer to the frame. Sure it will hold a bigger tire, but a bigger tire, wider wheel, and deeper backspacing might mean that you have some real clearance problems. Ed
  8. Had GM awarded the XP-715 to Pontiac, rather than Buick, this might have been pretty close to what might have come from the Pontiac Motor Division. But, in this configuration it would not have been the car that GM wanted as a personal luxury car to take on the Thunderbird. In the hierarchy of GM's divisions, from Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, to Cadillac, Pontiac didn't carry the prestige to compete with the Thunderbird.
  9. Unlike today's cars which can be recognized by make and model a mile away.
  10. I found a picture of it on the ROA's website. I forgot to mention the hood scoop and hood mounted tachometer which can be seen in the picture. I think it's even painted a Pontiac color.
  11. At the ROA meet in St. Charles, IL a couple of years ago, there was a car there that gungeey would have loved. A 1st generation Riviera that was a complete Pontiac package. 8 lug wheels, 421 w/ 3x2 carburetion. 4 speed manual gear box, Pontiac steering wheel and seats, an iconic Pontiac grill, and all of the Pontiac emblems. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of it but maybe another forum member did. Well executed but a lot of Riviera "purist" shunned it. The guy had vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals.
  12. Could the fact that Ford produced almost one and one-half or more Thunderbirds per year than the Riviera mean that there are just that many more Thunderbirds out there. If so, supply and demand would dictate that the Thunderbird does not demand the money that a Riviera does. But we all know the Riviera is the better car. 😎
  13. How did you remove a small hammer from your Dremel? 😎
  14. RIT dye works if you mix it in hot water and spray it on. Make sure the carpet is really clean. Wet the carpet before dyeing. Only dye the faded areas other wise you will dye the good parts even darker. It's pretty simple to combine dyes to come up with the exact color you need. After you think the carpet is dry, go over it with a wet rag to remove any excess dye that did not penetrate the fibers. I've never had very good luck using solvent based products on fibers (vinyls are okay.)
  15. I had seen these previously on a Camaro so I Googled "camaro seat belt clips" and looked at the images until I found this one. Clicked on the 'visit' link and it took me to one of the Chevy supply places. I think there are probably quite a few vendors who sell them.
  16. Here's what I got from the window sticker for my 1963 code description 1963 price 2020 CPI index 8.434 Base Price $4,333.00 $36,544.52 D4 Wonderbar radio w/ electric antenna $152.92 $1,289.72 H1 Electo-cruise $64.50 $543.99 H2 Corner lights $30.10 $253.86 I6 Soft-ray tinted glass $43.00 $362.66 J2 Power seat – 4 way tilt adjuster $70.95 $598.39 L1 Tilt steering wheel $43.00 $362.66 M9 Super deluxe wheel cover – cast aluminum $66.65 $562.13 N2 Air conditioner $430.00 $3,626.62 O7 Four note horn $27.95 $235.73 S7 Remote control outside rear view mirror $11.88 $100.20 T4 Oversize white sidewall tires $59.99 $505.95 U6 Power vents $53.75 $453.32 U7 Power windowss $107.50 $906.66 X1 Guidematic $43.00 $362.66 X2 Twilight sentinel $29.03 $244.84 Z4 Automatic trunk release $9.68 $81.64 ** Custom trim with bucket seats in leather $188.13 $1,586.69 Destination charge $130.00 $1,096.42 Total – not including dealer installed options or accessories, state or local taxes, or license fees $5,895.03 $49,718.68 Jim, My car has about $1500 in options as well ($1432.03 to be exact) but when I multiplied the $5,95.03 X 8.434 I didn't come close to the $61,000 that you did. It is a multiplication factor isn't it? Even if the total price was an even $6,000 and the CPI was 9.0, 6x9=54 or $6,000x9=$54,000. What I am I not doing?
  17. Before my friend bought it from Wayne Ludington, Wayne was filmed at the 2014 Flathead Inline Nationals. You can watch it run on YouTube by searching the event. You'll be impressed with how the torque of the Buick inline 8 comes on at the end of the run.
  18. Not for sale but I thought you might get a kick out of seeing it. A friend of mine owns it. Runs on nitro. Woody Gilmore chassis.
  19. Closeness counts in the 3 "H's": horseshoes, hugs, and hand grenades. Maybe we could add a 4th - harmonic balancing.
  20. I had a Riviera script emblem come off the rear quarter of my 90. I had a rool of 3M double sided tape and thought I would replicate what was done at the factory. WRONG. Unless you have the die to stamp out the adhesive in the shape of the emblem, there is no way to cut the adhesive. Luckily, I found a new one so all I had to do was peel and stick. Take a look at a lot of the new emblems, the chrome is embossed on a solid background of some sort making the adhesive easier to cut to shape. Lota of good tips here. Pick which ever looks like it will work for you. If you're doing a repaint, hopefully the fender is off the car and attaching the emblem is a no brainer.
  21. The main reason that I no longer have a 5 liter Olds powered Riviera. What a plumbing nightmare. No way a simple DIY mechanic can work on one of these.
  22. Yep, drill a hole and screw them to the console. Might not be too bad is you could go through the carpet.