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  1. As Bernie said "Leaving the old metal lines in could cost two bumpers, yours and his. Maybe a fender or two as well." As well as a busted nose and some broken teeth. No crush in the front end or frame, no air bags, no collapsible steering column, no shoulder restraint, and lots of hard plastic and steel. You'll be money ahead to replace ALL the items in the brake system, kits are available for the return springs, new wheel cylinders, EVERYTHING. Much cheaper than hospital and dental bills. Plus you might not have to pay for the other guy's injuries and your insurance premiums won't go up. Don't take time to think about it - just do it.
  2. For those of you who have trouble removing the clock from the dash, the old ROA trick is to put the plastic lid of an aerosol paint can over the clock. It will give you something to really hold on to.
  3. This is Phyllis Coates, the 1st Lois Lane on the original TV series. She was replaced in the 2nd season by Noel Neil, the actress most of us are familiar with.
  4. @71GS Brian, I got the cap yesterday and today I was able to but the Buick Motor Division center into thr bezel. Just waiting now to see if JB Weld is going to hold every thing in place. Thanks, Ed. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward.
  5. 64 > Values are all over the place. A lot depends on the condition.
  6. If it’s old enough to clog, it’s old enough to replace.
  7. Never worked with Jack stands in the dirt though.
  8. I did some quick math. In the video, it is stated that Ivo was 60 years Old. He was born in 1936. He’s now 85. This video was made in 1966. Cool piece of nostalgic history. Thanks for posting.
  9. Ken, Let us know what you find. A few years ago, my younger stepson and I parted out the interior of a car that I bought for parts. The interior was toast, but 100% complete. We removed every interior screw, labeled them as to where they went, and recorded how many of each. I sent that package to Glenn and he made a kit to replace all the screws that are visible when you look into the car. The kit is listed on his website.
  10. Ken, Look at www.mrgusa.com (Mr G’s Enterprises) for all those little hard to find items like screws, grommets, plus, etc. noththin is labeled by year, make, and model, but when you print out the pages everything prints in actual size. Glenn has a bunch of stuff. Ed
  11. If I remember correctly, Tom T., @telriv can modify your single four barrel distributor, 1111055, to the same specs as the dual four barrel unit.
  12. Looks like AJHooton searched and found an old thread looking for an answer to his question but it was not addressed in the original thread. Gotta give the guy some credit for searching before posting.
  13. I see only two pedals on the floor. Looks like you’re missing out on 1/3 of the fun. Seriously; a really nice car. I would have a hard time keeping the mileage down, though.
  14. This has to be the sharpest, best equipped 1968 Riviera I've seen. Enjoy it to the Max. Will you be bringing it to the Branson ROA meet in 2022? You've got my vote.
  15. Lucky me. ☘☘☘and I have no Irish blood in me. Should have tasked my wife with looking for them long ago.
  16. The paint on the air cleaner should have a wrinkle finish. The color has an orange tint to it. This picture shows the correct color but the snorkel is not oriented correctly. The original lid was screen printed, it was not a decal. Reproductions of the screen printed disc are available. 445 Wildcat for the 401 cubic inch engine, 465 Wildcat for the 425 cubic inch engine. Whether your car has a/c or not, there is a warning decal that goes on the shroud. The battery in this picture is connected correctly with the positive post closer to the radiator.
  17. The large “decal” on the air cleaner is either Riviera Wildcat 445 for the 401 cubic inch engine or Riviera Wildcat 465 for the 425 cubic inch engine. The silver and black Wildcat is correct for the snorkel and the snorkel in this picture is oriented correctly. The car in this picture does not have air conditioning but a/c equipped cars and non-a/c cars have a warning decal on the shroud. This engine is the correct color silver for 1963, but the air cleaner itself is not the correct color. The correct color has more orange in the red and has a wrinkle finish to it. The paint on the air cleaner in this picture is the correct color but the snorkel is not oriented correctly.
  18. @telriv Tom, I was looking for something for another ROA member and found my missing locks and bolts. 😁 Thanks for your offer. Ed
  19. Tom, Are yours OE or reproductions? How much are you asking for 6 of the "rainbows" as I called then and 4 of the individual ones? Send me a PM with details, please. Ed
  20. Didn’t know another way to describe them. Except for the back two ports on the left side, I need 6 ( only picture I could find shows 8 ) of these for the other 6 ports. I also need 4 of these individual locks for the last 2 ports on the left side.
  21. Brian, Thanks, if you’re in need of something, let me know and I’ll see what I have. Thanks for the reply. Let me know what you find. Ed
  22. Tom, for my 64, I’m pretty sure that I need 6 of the “rainbow” shaped locks and 4 small individual locks. Are yours OE or reproductions? $$??
  23. We’ve talked and yes I still need them. 😀
  24. Anyone have a so-so 71 - 78 center cap for a rally wheel that needs a home? I have three and the plastic part of a fourth. I thinking about selling large Marge and I don't want the 66/67 fluted center caps to go with the 895 rally wheels that are now on the car. Let me know what you might have for sale, trade, or barter. Thanks. Ed
  25. How about the radiator mounts that bolt to the crossmember and have the bracket for the shroud. I can only find one of mine. I have the new rubber cushions for them though. I'm also looking for six of the shorter exhaust manifold bolts. I thought that I tagged and bagged everything better than I did. Either I'm finding old extras and cannot find the stuff I took off or I'm worse than I remembered. I also misplaced my French locks but if i dont find them, I know that they are being reproduced. Thanks, Ed
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