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  1. HI guys! Visit our new Buick member Sonny at Virgina Beach today . Did we drive a Buick out for lunch? OH YEAH! Sonny`s 64 Lesabre was a fantastic car, he let me drive it to the restaurant and back. The wagon was just so great to drive, the 425 engine purred like a (Wild) cat and had a super responce when hitting the pedal. Good brakes and shocks, no problem to do 55 - 65 mph in normal traffic. With Sony permission I will post some more pictures under my ongoing thread under ME and MY Buick! To happy Buick Brothers outside the restaurant, what a GREAT Buick day for both of us!, and a BIG thank to AACA and the Buick forum for bringing us all Buick enthusiasts together,
  2. Do anybody know which month they started with stickers on California Black plates in 64, and did that include a sticker with the month on the left side? I found reproduced stickers on Ebay, question is what color should the months have in 1964 ? My buddy Art told me that the licence plates where produced in different Prisons in California by the imprisoned! Thereby a possible explanation that the YELLOW color on the plates could vary .
  3. Since I`m here enjoying the burning sun in Tempe AZ, I decide to take a closer look at the California Balck plates that came with the KX wagon. I will restore the better one, and the other just clean, clearcote and have it on the wall in the garage back home. Went to my friends at Metro Plating, Kim and Chuck, and while having a great reunion chat, Kim arranged stripping of the better one. Went and bought some yellow color for the letters. Hope I got the correct one, looked at several forums and most of them lean towards schoolbus yellow or Caterpillar yellow. I picked neither, tried with help of the guys at the paint shop find one as similar as possible based on close to ten pictures. Going to be fun to see if it will look okay. Great to have the original licence plate from 1963. Car was registered in December 1963, El Cajun California.
  4. Thanks for your comments! Cleaned up the key for fun today, like the great slogan the had on the key! YOUR KEY TO GREATER VALUE! Interesting, but no key under the VIN tag on the KX wagon, might have since it has been bent up some times in the past?
  5. Testing key in the door, amazing after all this years what you can find and experience
  6. Last thing I did today was to take the VIN tag of the parts car (I collect them). I have heard stories that the factory did hide the spear key underneath them, and voila there it was, and it still work in the doorlock and the glovebox lock, thats BUICK guys.. quality for life!
  7. Trailer hitch, a factory accessory with right part number. Number match the onne in my Trailer Hitch brochure. Ready to go the chrome plater. This is a class 1 hitch - no heavy duty.
  8. Third backseat after cleaning! The quality of the vinyl is impressing, the could produce real good stuff back then...
  9. Painted and wet sanded and clearcoated
  10. A 58 limited Art is working on for a customer! Life threats Buicks good in Arizona!
  11. Howdy how! Over in Tempe Phonix spending some time with cars. some updated pictures on the wagon and the 57 Coupe. The need the seats, doorpanels done. Material already ready from SMS fabrics. Also need to order a new carpet. When thats doen it is just some minor work at it will be ready to ship. The wagon is soon ready to fire up, the valvecovers came out really nice. All painting is almost complete and the color is very rich and deep. Think it was a good choice. What we realized as that the parts car I bought has saved me for thousands of dollars in parts and labour. Still have parts for sale - to much to make a list! Still there is a lot to do, amazing was actually how good the rear (third) seatrow backrest came out just after a proper soap and water scrub. Seems like we are able to use most of the interipor from the partscar. Here comes some pictures of my cars and some other intersting cars that my buddy Art is working on right now. Most interesting is that the 63 Bonneville wagon (fully optioned) is more well designed and have way more luxury interior than the Buick. Thought Buick was supposed to at the higher end. Joern
  12. Hi Sonny! Great story and a good choice. Great to have some more Buick Long roof people in the Buick community! I will do my best to support. Sending you a PM as well! Thanks for sharing and a BIG welcome on board. Joern
  13. Dashboard back in tilt steering, NOS Sonomatic radio, and a complete new wiring harness. My good fiend Art was able to get a decent price since they now have the original as a model for future ones.
  14. Deep rich color, will be perfect when wet sanded and polished.