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  1. Thanks for your posting! Great collection, and it seems to match my experience. Still nobody have given any comments when this particular magazines seems to disapere. I have not found any i.e. for 1961 - 64. Thanks for the pictures and your comments
  2. Fantastic job, keep us posted!
  3. Hi all, and a Happy New Buick Year! I start the year with the following question, when or did Buick stop sending out their traditional Buick Magazine. I have collected complete years from 1956 - 1958. Just curious if they continued in the 60s as well? Hoping for a great new Buick Year and new members on the forum!
  4. Congratuations with a GREAT car, and welcome back to the Buick Community! Keep us updated as it arrives "Down Under"..
  5. WTB Ballantyne Dealership Buick original License Plate Frames from the 50's ,60's EL CAJON California. Got hold of two, but their in a very bad condition. I know that this pair came from a 58 Buick Special sold used by A.L.Ballantyne in 63, due to documentation. See pics.of frames. Any hot tip on "how to restore" most welcome! Would also be interested in early sixties automobile and Buick related dealership memorabilia from A.L Ballantyne.
  6. WTB Ballantyne Buick original Plate frames from the 50's ,60's EL CAJON California. Got two but their in a very bad condition. See pics.
  7. Totally agree. Hope anyone can save as many parts and cars as possible. Wish I was there..
  8. Ted! Great color for that size car, good luck with the rest, will support and follow! Joern
  9. Hi guys! Finally back after months out Processing from the Army and getting new "contracting" jobs in NATO. Some updates on the Estate wagon, things are moving forward, however not with the speed of light. Most of the exterior is done, just waiting for the original trailer hitch and the rear bumper from the Chrome guys *needed two to make one with the instep for the third seat. On the interior side, restored the door panels, seat covers form the parts car. Liked that @Fawn western style interior better than the Brown Deluxe. Pops better out with color on the car. At the moment
  10. Hi guys! Finale back at the Buick forums after a long time of absence, (been monitoring). A very special BIG Thanks to Ted Wildcat 65 Nagel and g-g-g0 for PM me "are you alive". To all, yes I am alive, after 40 years of service in the Army I retired last October, but ended up on invitation starting up as a contractor the very next day as a NATO Subject Matter Expert. Spending my time on transiting from a pure Military position to a principal consultant (contractor in a NATO term). How ever I never left my Buick Nailhead ideologi. Since my last activty I bought the "Lost and Found" 6
  11. Interesting topics guys, and thanks for bringing it up! Do any know how many cars where delivered with the KX Option in 64? I know there is a number of 2122 for Rivera, question then how many Electra, Wildcat and Lesabre Estate wagon? The Estate wagon had this option since it was built on the Wildcat platform it could handle bought the weight and power! There is not many 100 % complete engine assy``s left with matching numbers carburetors etc. I got hold of one some months ago, and I feel it`s like an great art piece. BIG Question, to keep, restore or to sell? Th
  12. HI guys! Visit our new Buick member Sonny at Virgina Beach today . Did we drive a Buick out for lunch? OH YEAH! Sonny`s 64 Lesabre was a fantastic car, he let me drive it to the restaurant and back. The wagon was just so great to drive, the 425 engine purred like a (Wild) cat and had a super responce when hitting the pedal. Good brakes and shocks, no problem to do 55 - 65 mph in normal traffic. With Sony permission I will post some more pictures under my ongoing thread under ME and MY Buick! To happy Buick Brothers outside the restaurant, what a GREAT Buick day for both of us
  13. Do anybody know which month they started with stickers on California Black plates in 64, and did that include a sticker with the month on the left side? I found reproduced stickers on Ebay, question is what color should the months have in 1964 ? My buddy Art told me that the licence plates where produced in different Prisons in California by the imprisoned! Thereby a possible explanation that the YELLOW color on the plates could vary .
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