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  1. Thanks a lot! I appriciate your pictures and taste when it comes to Buick Automobilia! Have a great "Buick" day! All the best
  2. Buick beleivers! Inspired by Mr.Earl, I decided to try to get hold of the same Buick Ashtray he has for my collection of Buick memorabilia. But not at least to use it when relaxing in my Buick garage with a good cigar and a drink. Hope somebody has one for sale! See picture! Thanks for watching! Cheers Joern
  3. Hi! Want to buy old Buick Ashtray for my collection of Buick memorabilia. See picture! Thanks for watching
  4. I think that's a good goal! I'm looking forward to follow, please keep us posted as you use to! Thanks and crack on😊 Joern
  5. Guys! Art says "If someone can find Feb 96 Cars & Parts magazine, it was the feature car. That's about all I have, had some regular old pictures of it somewhere in the drawer but also among hundreds of others." Let's see who can find the magazine first! Happy hunting all!
  6. Agree with choice of color, will be a stunning car. Talked with Art yesterday, he will check if have some pictures at the shop! Great find - Again👍
  7. Perfect Al! Makes even more sence. Thanks for clarifying👍😊
  8. Could be 1962 July 24. It came as I said most likely from a 63 Wildcat. They probably came in sale Oct/Nov 62, and Buick and other GM used items from i.e. Delco Remy that the factory/plant had in stock I beleive..
  9. PS! Case closed, exept are we sure about the date code🤔
  10. Congratulations! Good job, I can see of thw pictures on EBay that they are identical! Thanks a lot! Joern
  11. Right! But it's as you thought 1100623. Good job!
  12. Could be, hard to tell so I will try to do a better cleaning, but to me it seems like the right #. Who's first to solve the puzzle?
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