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  1. Super! I overlooked that one, thanks a lot, will contact them immediately. If positive answer I will post the result!
  2. Thanks for taking the time, and the tip. I as wrote I have already some newspaper adds from that period. What I don't have is pictures of the actual dealersship or other information. Sometimes you come across quite much information on some of the Buick dealers from that period. I will give it a try, however still interested if anyone comes across information! Thanks Joern
  3. Great thread! Came over this 64 LeSabre about two and a half year ago, on one of my duty trip to Norfolk VA. Up in the mountains, looking for parts. The Hayfork without handle you get for free!
  4. Hi! Searched on internet to see if I could find any information about Ray Buick W. 63rd Street Chicago. Time period late 50s early 60s. No success so far, no picures or other, with exception of some old newspaper sales adds. All information of interest! Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi! Want to buy a complete 61 Dash Top Clock in good condition. Thanks for looking! Joern
  6. Cool. Are the top close to Phoenix beige in color? If it is a project i guess the top is quite faded, so are you planning to replace it, dye it or keep it as it is? A major challenge is to find a paintshop who can crack the code and deliver the cordovan paint. Good luck with the project! "Save another Buick for the future"
  7. Sean! Your amazing with your decoding. I really was wondering what the I7 & K was. Built second week in December might been a Christmas present. Who does'nt want a new Buick for Cristmas! Thanks a lot! Joern
  8. Being a non native speaker, I'm just curious what you mean with your last comment? "It really accentuates the lies." Thanks Joern
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate your comments. Had several rounds with my wife, my friend Art and myself before picking this color. It was this or the original Sunburst yellow with a dark brown in the lower area like this one on the attached picture...... For my 57 Buick friends, I`m still on and my 66R with the 3 speed stick shift is coming closer to the finish line. Some interior work left, headliner, seats, detailing..
  10. Last for to day, some pictures of the paint coming on to the roof. 3 coats of base and 4 clear. Very shiny and DEEEEP! Will look great when the new chromed roof rack and all the Deluxe side trim comes on. Color seems to fit the car perfect. Two last pictures for the compares
  11. Got hold of a close to correct Delco Remy Voltage Regulator 1119515 4C from EBay, only one month from the original which is dated 4B. will keep the old for possible future restoration. Also got the corrct fuel filter AC Delco GF-96. Last, new repro FAWN Park and Brake Pad Rubber
  12. The KX code Super Wildcat back from rebuilt, painted and again connected with the TH 400 Super Turbine. Now back were it belong. One bad head, but my friend Art where able to get hold of a correct one including casting number.
  13. Some update! The bad valve cover fixed, velded and the seam grinded down, ready for some fine adjustment and polishing, can`t wait to see the result from the polishing guy☺️