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  1. Ben....Since you've changed to 12-volt, would you be interested in selling that 6v gennie?
  2. Thanks, guys....I'll start haunting EBay. Any ideas on the fuel pump?
  3. Yes, I'm in Torrey. Your idea is a good one. Is Snap up in SLC?
  4. You're right of course, but this car is bone stock, with 75000 original miles, and I think I'll keep it that way. My other one has the alternator and I've been very happy with it. Maybe I should take it again this year. It's ready to go except it needs some work on the wipers, and I hate working up under the dash! Too old for those contortions!
  5. No, sorry, I didn't do a thread last year, but maybe I will this time. Last year was from Utah to S.Carolina for the Glidden, and this year will be to NY for the Glidden. Hoping to do a lot of the Lincoln Highway in one direction and historic US Highway 20 in the other, but avoiding the interstates as much as possible. And thanks for the comments on the pulley....maybe I'll just buy any rebuilt '40 model I can find and change out the pulley before I leave....don't want to have to do it beside the road, in the dark, in the rain! I'm leaving on Sept. 4th, so I'm starting to feel some time pressure.
  6. Any experts awake and alert today? Hoping so! I'm planning a 6,000-mile tour this September in my '40 Century and will be taking plenty of spare parts along, just in case. However, 2 items that I need to buy have me a little puzzled: One is the fuel pump. The only number on my existing pump is on the mounting flange, R-7337. I have read that in early 1940 the 529 series was used and later the 530. Anyone know which one this would be and how you tell what series the pump is....I can't find any other numbers. Two, is the generator. My original is a 1102668 OE2, 6 volt. The manual says that any 1940 generator is interchangeable, if the pulley is the same but the 60-70-80 series are the only ones with the same pulley. Are the pulleys hard to remove and reinstall? I did a similar tour last year in my other '40 Century, but it has the 12-volt conversion and a '50 engine, so most of my previous spares won't do me any good. I appreciate any advice y'all can offer.
  7. High country of southern Utah, Ben. High desert and pygmy forest.
  8. About a quarter mile from me there's a '55 or '56 Century rotting away in a pasture.....maybe I better get over there and take a look....it'll probably be next to free for hauling away.
  9. Thanks, Ben......Have you posted the procedure on a previous thread? I'm planning a long road trip this year and it'd be nice to be able to jump on the Interstate for some stretches without getting in everyone's way!
  10. Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread, but wonder if those gears would fit a '40 Century also? Necessary to change the entire rear end including axles and torque tube?
  11. Mike...How about a picture of how you routed the lines around the fuel pump area? My '40 Century without an electric pump is having a few problems here at 7,000 ft.
  12. According to Bob's catalog, the caps for 41-50 have an i.d. of 9 3/4", so I'm pretty sure that's what you have. The ones for the 39-40's are 7 11/16 i.d.
  13. Sorry....meant for this to go in the favorite pictures thread....my bad. Admin. can delete if need be.
  14. Socially-distancing at 9200 ft. on the 4th day of Spring.
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