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  1. Mike...How about a picture of how you routed the lines around the fuel pump area? My '40 Century without an electric pump is having a few problems here at 7,000 ft.
  2. According to Bob's catalog, the caps for 41-50 have an i.d. of 9 3/4", so I'm pretty sure that's what you have. The ones for the 39-40's are 7 11/16 i.d.
  3. Sorry....meant for this to go in the favorite pictures thread....my bad. Admin. can delete if need be.
  4. Socially-distancing at 9200 ft. on the 4th day of Spring.
  5. Hi, guys: Bit of a mystery here. Did a tuneup on the car, including new plugs, wires, points, condensor, because I'd been having trouble with the car losing power climbing hills, acting like either fuel starvation or ignition failure. Took it for a 10-mile drive and she ran great. Next morning started for a drive and got about a mile and the car died and would not restart. Rechecked my work and all looked good, so installed a new replacement coil I had. Car fired right up and ran for about a mile and died again. If I hold the coil wire next to a ground, I get no spark. Same, of course,
  6. First drive of the year! Capitol Reef National Park.
  7. It's been a while since I've checked on EBay, so I'll give it another try.
  8. Actually, no, but I think the starter has never been rewound. It has worked fine for many years.
  9. I'm still looking for this part, if anyone has it lying around under the work bench!
  10. I drove from Utah to South Carolina and back, mainly on secondary roads, to attend the Glidden Tour in Rock Hill. I probably drove about 200 miles on interstate highways, but quite a bit on US highways. Here in Utah the speed limit on the interstate is 80, but it was generally about 60 or 65 in the southeast, and usually the US highways were 55. Mostly I used the Google Maps navigation system, and it only got me lost a couple of times, though often I had little idea of exactly what routes I was on at any particular time. I averaged a little over 300 miles/day and tried to stop early to hav
  11. Ben: What's involved in that '55 Century rear end swap? Complete axle? Pumpkin? Just the internals? I've been looking for a rear end with the 3.61 gears, but your idea sounds even better. Not that I want to cruise that much faster, but sometimes you have to get on the Interstate and it's good not be in other people's way!
  12. Drove my well-worn ‘40 Century with 3.91 gears on a 5062-mile trip this year, mainly at 55mph or less, and averaged 13.2 mpg, with a single tank best around 16.
  13. Success! It was tires, after all. Two hours of intensive road force balancing, including swapping tires and rims to find the best matches, solved the problem. I drove her home 65 miles with nary a shimmy! Thanks to all for the ideas and advice.
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