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  1. Sorry new to this how do I find the private message
  2. Any information on the green one next to it ? lol I definitely want to buy the green one
  3. But I'm guessing you are not willing to part with it ?
  4. And yes I'm on Facebook and definitely looking for a hardtop 2 door ill definitely look up the group and thank you for the help I do appreciate it
  5. Thank you for the help I do appreciate,, cause I am in the states in indiana , and you are right since I've been trying to find one I've only seen 3 in the last 10 years lol ,, 2 in very bad shape and one in good shape and seen it sold before I ever got a reply
  6. Looking for some help hoping anyone can find me a 1971 buick centurion hardtop for sale please.
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