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  1. Not intended to change the subject, but I have an original Lebaron Bonney tan leather seat kit for a 1941 Ford Convertible for sale. Anyone interested ?
  2. Have a pair of 6:00/16 ww with 70% tread on North Andover, MASS Pick them up at your convenience...Make an offer.
  3. Not a 1932...I own a 1932 Roadster, and can report that the overall design had been significantly modernized .
  4. Complete seat kit by LeBaron Bonney in tan leather. All materials, including padding, still in the wrapper. $1,500.00
  5. LeBaron Bonney tan leather seat kit for a 1932 DeSoto Roadster, including all padding Covers are pre cut to size, and require only fastening to the seat spring assembly. $1,500.00
  6. If you should want an entire 1932 Roadster, I will be selling my restored DeSoto within the next few weeks. Phil Lukens 508-577-8889
  7. Check ebay motors.should fit the bill.
  8. NEED MORE INFO.. The heads on my 346 flathead are threaded to receive 14mm plugs, but can not correlate the plug number with the various suppliers. I was under the impression that my engine was 1941 vintage, but suspect that it is of earl;ier production, which might account for the 14mm plug. Would appreciate knowing the correct 14mm plug number for my application. Phil
  9. Only one repeat winner at any auction: The House.
  10. The heads are indeed cut to receive a flat washer, and apparently a flat plug. While not being familiar with the intended final fit, it was my error to assume that the taper was meant to fit within the gasket ring. We live and learn.
  11. thank you Joe !!! Bought the 45T plugs years ago at Hershey, as the seller represented them as being perfect for the Cadillac 346. Now time to replace the remaining plugs with the correct ones. Amazing that they seem to be holding compression.
  12. More Facts Plug gasket recess has a very small chip, which might allow gasses to vent. ALSO noted that the R45T plug had the electrode pinned against the center anode, apparently while being struck by a valve. From my plug stock, I note that a R45S plug, although the base is wider, the threaded area is shorter, which would seem to allow more clearance to solve the problem. ( all plugs are 14mm ). Also note that the R45T has a chamfer at the base, which I suspect might add to the sealing issue Note that during the rebuilding at the machine shop, both heads were milled slightly..wonder if this might be an issue. Thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated. Phil