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  1. Check with Chris Charlton in Maine. He was closely related to Art, and could provide the information you are looking for.
  2. Matt What ever happened to your Continental ? Notice that it is no longer listed on your site.
  3. Back to the original post... AACA , and related presentations, gives an overview of many topics, while the "news" found among the "reporters" issues a snapshot of their opinions.
  4. Forgot to mention...1941 Ford Convertible.
  5. Complete seat leathere kit from LeBaron Bonney in medium tan. All components including pads. $ 1650.00
  6. Private Message Sent
  7. In keeping with the headline...1932 completely restored '32 Roadster is for sale in Massachusetts. Maroon with black leather. $48,500
  8. Kudos to Matt for his bullseye summary of the market. Must remark however, that all the strong and shiny guillotines have been snapped up due to rarity in that market.
  9. While taking a ride with friends last summer, I passed over a deep depression in the road, when suddenly the front wheels vibrated heavily from side to side. Nearly pulled my hands from the wheel. l.After a complete stop, everything was OK for the rest of the trip. I take it that this is the death wobble mentioned here. Want to mention that the end play in the steering box needs to be adjusted. ( 1929 Packard ).
  10. Not looking to sue anyone, but want to know if the shop is honest. When I have a strong day, I will borrow a small sample to place in a freezer, and see if the oil has a significant change in the flow rate. If the flow rate proves to be faster than conventional oil, it is indeed synthetic.
  11. Let me clarify my question... Not asking for the best way to dispose of the old oil, but to test the chemistry of THE NEW OIL. Many "quick lube style" operations are suspected of charging top dollar for synthetic, while filling the crankcase with standard oil . Good for profits, but bad for engine life.
  12. Any way to bench test synthetic motor oil in comparison to the conventional product ? I am hearing that certain stations are charging for synthetic product while filling with standard offering.
  13. Gary Curious to know where Jerry's shop is located. I normally visit the York area several times a year, and would like to stop for a tour.