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  1. As I am now in the process of replacing my broken top cover with an aluminum casting ( thanks to Ed ), my attention turns to proper sealing of the fittings. Any teflon required, or just a snug fit ?
  2. On the subject of vintage upholstery, I have for sale a full seat set of Lebaron Bonney 1941 Ford pleated tan leather. Set includes all padding . Contact Phil at 508-577-8889
  3. LeBaron Bonney medium tan pleated leather for both seats. Includes all padding cut to fot. $1450.00
  4. SUCCESS !!!!! A bit of torque, along with the correct liquid.
  5. Dave Are you referring to the small diameter inner lock being withdrawn from the larger 2" circular "housing ? If this is the case, my problem is that the small key tumbler is frozen within that larger housing, causing the entire mechanism to turn. Wondering if heat applied to the inner lock might be helpful.
  6. I have tried other sites with this subject with little response, so am giving this one a try. The side mount key for my '29 Packard fits the lock in perfect form, but only the lock housing spins within the case, with no connection seemingly to the internal mechanism. I would appreciate receiving a diagram of the internals, so that at least I will have some idea of the hidden components. Thanks.
  7. Back to the topic after experiencing the problem today. Lock spins...no release. Have the senders found the problem ?
  8. I often drove my dad's 1948 Buick sedan ( with Dynaflow ) after he turned in his license, and was always paying attention to the location of local gas stations. Best I can remember was ten miles per gallon .
  9. FOUND IT 1 Ordered two / one for the Packard, and one for the shelf.
  11. Ed You are always there to help, MANY THANKS
  12. Small crack has developed in the top cap .(pot metal).. of my Packard/Stewart tank at the fuel line inlet. Tried a generic sealer, but the crack along the threaded connection will not hold. SUGGESTIONS ?
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