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  1. Not looking to sue anyone, but want to know if the shop is honest. When I have a strong day, I will borrow a small sample to place in a freezer, and see if the oil has a significant change in the flow rate. If the flow rate proves to be faster than conventional oil, it is indeed synthetic.
  2. Let me clarify my question... Not asking for the best way to dispose of the old oil, but to test the chemistry of THE NEW OIL. Many "quick lube style" operations are suspected of charging top dollar for synthetic, while filling the crankcase with standard oil . Good for profits, but bad for engine life.
  3. Any way to bench test synthetic motor oil in comparison to the conventional product ? I am hearing that certain stations are charging for synthetic product while filling with standard offering.
  4. Gary Curious to know where Jerry's shop is located. I normally visit the York area several times a year, and would like to stop for a tour.
  5. Not intended to change the subject, but I have an original Lebaron Bonney tan leather seat kit for a 1941 Ford Convertible for sale. Anyone interested ?
  6. Have a pair of 6:00/16 ww with 70% tread on North Andover, MASS Pick them up at your convenience...Make an offer.
  7. Not a 1932...I own a 1932 Roadster, and can report that the overall design had been significantly modernized .
  8. Complete seat kit by LeBaron Bonney in tan leather. All materials, including padding, still in the wrapper. $1,500.00
  9. LeBaron Bonney tan leather seat kit for a 1932 DeSoto Roadster, including all padding Covers are pre cut to size, and require only fastening to the seat spring assembly. $1,500.00
  10. If you should want an entire 1932 Roadster, I will be selling my restored DeSoto within the next few weeks. Phil Lukens 508-577-8889