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  1. WAKE UP ! Of course it's a scam..after a few contacts he will have you on the hook, and move on to the real efrfort.
  2. Count me in with Ed. The automotive press is in bed with the good old boys, all of whom have been bailed by the taxpayers at one time or another. Musk has broken the mold, and will continue to revolutionize the industry. Watch the numbers when he completes the factory in China.
  3. Complete seat upholstery kit in tan leather from LeBaron Bonney..still in the wrapper. $1495.00
  4. Located in North Andover, Ma. Will post photos later.
  5. Completely restored 1932 DeSoto Roadster..Maroon with black top and black leather interior. Perfect, and ready to show ! $48,500.
  6. Selling complete lebaron bonney seat leather kit for 41 ford convertible. NEW.. still in the wrapper. $1,400.00
  7. Jim Is the car actually being sold by you, or are you only trying to get a market perspective for the owner ?
  8. Questions still remain.. Where is it located ? What is the price ?
  9. Ed Let me agree that the Gore climate change alarm is indeed genuine.. Local caterpillars are shedding their fur coats, and robins seem to be panting.
  10. Good work ! Certainly historically accurate, but does not address the unlimited variations found in the market today. How about more information about the "big cars", like Cadillacs, Packards, etc. in number, but VERY FAST. Best Phil
  11. The overcoat would indicate winter weather. Unique method to warm the radiator...more fun than shutters.
  12. Looking for a source for engine turned brass flat stock. Plenty of aluminum to fit the need, but brass for my speedster firewall would seem to compliment the design.
  13. Attempted to open your web site with no success. When do you expect to be ready ?
  14. Unless sold in the meantime, I will be posting photos at the upcoming Hershey Meet.
  15. Marc I am sending an email to your address describing my completely restored 1932 Desoto Roadster. Phil