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  1. ,Ed Your motto,"drive it like you stole it", was misinterpreted by my cap thief to become "display it like you stole it".
  2. No web site to be found...are they still in business ?
  3. Looking for 1929 Packard Cap and Bail Radiator Cap to replace mine stolen from garage.
  4. Kudos for the Terry Bond reply. Had a good laugh.
  5. Complete pleated tan leather seat kit by LeBaron Bonney for 1941 Ford Conv. $1,200
  6. Medium Green with Tan Vinyl Upholstery in Excellent Condition. $38,500 in North Andover, Massachusetts
  7. Just bought a Mercedes without discussing with the wife...need a bigger flowerpot.
  8. Let me suggest contacting Ed Markey, who is running for Senator in Massachusetts. He was originally working on an ice cream truck, and might still have his unit as a fall back when he loses at the ballot box.
  9. Check with Chris Charlton in Maine. He was closely related to Art, and could provide the information you are looking for.
  10. Matt What ever happened to your Continental ? Notice that it is no longer listed on your site.
  11. Back to the original post... AACA , and related presentations, gives an overview of many topics, while the "news" found among the "reporters" issues a snapshot of their opinions.
  12. Forgot to mention...1941 Ford Convertible.
  13. Complete seat leathere kit from LeBaron Bonney in medium tan. All components including pads. $ 1650.00
  14. In keeping with the headline...1932 DeSoto...my completely restored '32 Roadster is for sale in Massachusetts. Maroon with black leather. $48,500
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