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  1. I need two #853 numbered Buick Rally wheels for my 1969 Riviera. They are stamped #853 H 15 x 6 L. Let me know if you have 1 or more of them and if a set of 4 or 5 I am a buyer. Thanks Chuck
  2. Hi from Texas, are these wheels correct for a 69 Riviera as far as you know?
  3. I was late to the Buick game as our family had Chevrolets when I was growing up. As a family we have had a mixture of Volvo plus other GM makes and models but never Buick until we decided in 2005 to buy the 1932 Buick 67S and restore it. As we got to know BCA and AACA folks we realized what we had been missing. The 32 was finished in 2009 and ready for AACA Regional at Charlotte, then BCA Colorado Springs, then Hershey and the rest is history and fun with all the BCA Nationals and AACA judging meets. Beginning in 2009 I bought my first Enclave and now have a 2012 we love. Also have a 1989 Reatta (now for sale), had 1965 Riviera GS, two 1973 Rivieras, and now have 1967 GS 400 and 1967 Sportwagon. Hooked on Buicks for the duration of my time here on earth and look forward to attending many more Buick functions and making new and seeing old friends. Hope to acquire a new and restyled 2017 Enclave depending on features, and price. See you in Allentown in 2016. Chuck Nixon
  4. Hey Pete/Roy did you guys happen to see a 67 Sport Wagon or 67 GS 400? Thanks