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  1. Enjoyed chatting with you Terry. Good to see Pete, Steve, and the other ‘guys and gals.’ I found a few goodies for my !921 Model 45 Touring and made it home safely to Fort Worth late Friday afternoon. Enjoy your Spring season which officially starts today. 👍 Chuck
  2. We are planning to go to Branson from Texas but have not registered yet. Was also going to both BCA meets with the 69 Riv but no more apparently.😕 Chuck
  3. David, you journey sounds fascinating as well as challenging. I have a 1921 Model 45 Buick Touring and you have found the right place for expert advice, not me but the 8-10 fellas who regularly post here and are a wealth of knowledge on the mid teen to late 20’s Buicks. The one thing that jumped in my mind as I read your post was, oh—that’s going to be a challenge to start since the fuel system draws the gas by vacuum created by the engine from the tank to a vertical cylinder mounted on the engine by the carburetor. Trying to get that vacuum established after sitting all these years will be
  4. Terry, I looked it up and it seems the pre-war meet is March 19-20 just for clarification for those who were not sure of the dates. Chuck. (from Texas where we need a new, powerful, and winterized electrical power grid!)
  5. I have a hub puller I had made for my 1932 Buick 67S and I have since sold the car. If the threads and size are the same I am willing to loan it to you. Chuck Nixon
  6. We really enjoyed Danvers 2011 since we live in Texas and our son and family live in Winchester, 8 miles out of Boston. We brought the 1932 67S in our trailer, enjoyed all the activities including going to the coast and having great seafood. Our family drove to Danvers to meet us and the kids really enjoyed the indoor water activities next to the hotel if I am remembering correctly. We got to spend another week with the family after the meet.
  7. The photo is your hood you gave to Mark, I took it from his post st about finishing his dash👍
  8. Morgan has sold me a dash light less the hood for my 1921 dash. Wondering if anyone out there in your pile of 'stuff' might have a hood that resembles the one in the photo below. The light is coming from Morgan so I don't know the exact diameter of the hood but if you have something that you think will work let me know and I will check the diameter in a week or so when the light gets here. Thanks Chuck
  9. Sorry, just saw this post, I did not get the email notice that there was a response. Money on the way, thanks Chuck
  10. Found a nice core and had it re-chromed. Car is now back to ‘good looking’ and I watch carefully when I am backing up😁 Chuck
  11. Thanks, I have bought parts from him earlier this year so I called him and ended up buying a nice rear bumper from him as well as other parts. He has a ton of 69 parts.
  12. Wow, stunning results Hugh. Your car has a ‘healthy ‘ look in that it looks a bit bigger all the way around than my 1921 touring does. Mine just looks skinner and yours looks ‘bulked up’ if thats makes any sense. The dark paint, wheels and top may be contributing to my impressions. You need to do a Texas tour so us Texans can see the car first hand and admire your work👏👍 Chuck
  13. I put a Vintage A/C system in one of my 1967 GS 400 cars and sourced a used original compressor mounting bracket and pulleys since Vintage did not make the bracket or pulleys. I then bought a new aluminum compressor that closely resembled the original A-6 compressor. I painted the compressor black and when all hooked up it looked closely like an original A/C system under the hood. Chuck
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