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  1. AURktman

    1963 VW Convertible Restoration

    Looks gorgeous! That is one of the large number of vehicle on my short list to own.
  2. AURktman

    Penske PC-7 Indycar

    That is too cool!!!
  3. AURktman

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Loving the updates! You're making more progress than I am!
  4. AURktman

    1956 Buick Century Restomod

    I'm liking this build! Can't wait to see more photos!
  5. AURktman

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Looking fantastic! I bet you're correct on the airflow issue. I would guess there was some recirculation of the exhaust / dirt between the bumper and body causing it to go all over the trunk.
  6. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    I was pretty sure of that, but the square nature of the sticker was the only factory sticker that matched in shape. I wonder if it was a decal placed by the dealership / service center that Hugh scraped off. Is there anything that went there other than the Caution sticker?
  7. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    Just talked to Booster Dewey, I will get it boxed up and headed his way this weekend. I've been a member of POCI for almost 2 years now, but never got on the forums. I registered about a week ago, but they still haven't approved my forum posting ability to I'm relegated to just reading.
  8. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    I spoke to Frank a while back and he said he didn't have any of that trim. I've sent Steve an e-mail and ordered the Ames catalog. I will call Kurt this afternoon. Thanks!
  9. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    Do you have his contact info? I’m not sure who that it. Thanks!
  10. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    I’ve been searching for a pic of an unrestored original engine compartment. Mine is very close to original, but missing stickers. I want to make sure anything I do is done correctly.
  11. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    That is a gorgeous car! Thank you for the link! I found this photo browsing the Mecum listings, it has the sticker as well. I found it on Jegs' website but its listed for a 61. It should be correct though. Thanks!
  12. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    Some of the pieces are the same, but the taillights and side trim are slightly different. The headlight trim is the same I believe. I did find a pair in good shape, but they were asking $500 for the pair on eBay, I can get mine straightened and polished for less than that. I would like to find some donor sheet metal for the front fenders where they are rusted next to the hood. Those fenders should be identical through the three models.
  13. AURktman

    1960 Pontiac Bonneville (Maude)

    I would like them, but not yet at that price. Maybe when its close to being finished. I do want bright headlights, what are the best bang for the buck? I was looking in a catalog and found this, I wonder if this is the decal that goes on the spot on the radiator cover. Not sure why that decal is bugging me so much, I have about 250 other things that are significantly higher priority than that silly sticker. There is a long sticker that goes vertical in the center. I've also figured out I'm missing the fan shroud. Time to go on a treasure hunt nationwide.
  14. AURktman

    New 1960 Pontiac wheels?

    Does anyone make new 14x6 5x5 bolt pattern steel wheels? I've looked on eBay and a ton of other websites, but I 'can't find any new production steel wheels to fit my 60 Bonneville in the original size. I want to have a set a bias ply wide whitewalls for shows but have the set I have now of 14x6 radials for cruising / normal driving.
  15. AURktman

    38 Olds restoration

    Just checking to see if there is any progress Larry!