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  1. Hopefully this will be the last time the body is in the air. I will RaptorLine the underside, clean up some welds, finish the install of my drivetrain, and marry the two together again for the last time for now. I will also finish the firewall weld smoothing and paint.
  2. As far as I can tell, the door had never been mounted to a car until it was test fit to my Chevy.
  3. Nope, no holes ever drilled. I wonder if that makes it the 57 Pontiac/56 Chevy then. Thanks for the info! I had always been told the Pontiac and Chevy doors were interchangeable, apparently it’s just 56 Chevy to 57 Pontiac.
  4. NORS Rear passenger door for (the best I can tell) a 1956 or 57 Pontiac sport sedan (4 door hardtop). I bought this thinking it was for a Chevy, but as you can see in the second photo it has too high of an arch to fit a Chevy. I sanded the exterior and put a coat of white epoxy primer on it. No dents or rust, the edges and back are still in the black primer from manufacturing. It was apparently sitting in someone’s barn for a while. $300 plus actual shipping cost from Zip 36830 (I will make a wood frame to protect it) I will even leave the extra hinges on it since I have some extras. If anyone can confirm or refute it is Pontiac, please do so! Thanks! Eldon
  5. Trunk area almost done, just more sanding, filling, sanding, then final prime. Passenger side of roof almost finished. More work finished on dash, it will be pretty smooth once done! And the zero mile 265 is coming out in favor of the 327 I built for it.
  6. Well, my workshop has been thoroughly cleaned up and sorted but I'm not much farther along on the car and it needs to be drivable in 2 weeks. Ugh. Will post more tonight.
  7. More sanding, priming, and pounding. Then my wife decided she needed to come out and “help” clean up my workshop since I need to clean out a storage shed Tuesday. That means car work = 0 when she arrived.
  8. Thanks! Yep, those are current photos. Eating the elephant one bite at a time but I gotta chew really fast and taste later.
  9. I was able to pick her up from the buddy that did the floor replacement and roof work. She is looking so much better! Now to sprint to the finish. This car is being built as a daily driver so the results won't be show quality, but they will be durable. I'm sure I will rework certain parts of her later on but I need to have this car to the TriFive Nationals on August 11th. Front doors are finished, rear still need work. I am also reskinning the rear quarters, I have a good smooth set to put on. Roof is pretty much finished. What do you think of my new radiator fan? Think it will push enough air? HA!
  10. No, there are original aspects but custom color, custom cloth inserts in original style interior, etc. I’m building this to be a quasi-daily driver.
  11. I think it’s more of a “burping issue” with the fluid. I filled it after replacing the gasket on the torque converter (or whatever that two piece thing is developed by someone on shrooms in GM), new filter, and pan gasket. The way the fill tube attaches wasn’t tight all the way and I had a huge amount leak out at startup. What’s happening is that when I start it up, it works perfectly in reverse but takes a few revvings for it to catch in forward gear the first 2-3 times. I just need to spend some time with that trans with the car up on my lift to see if everything looks correct.
  12. That’s my main plan, but I’m in a bit of a quandary as the transmission is giving me fits and I need it rebuilt. I have a rebuild kit, but no one local (75 mile radius) will touch it. I’m thinking of swapping out the Hydramatic for a TH400 with a Wilcap adapter.
  13. More photos, I’m really struggling on how much of this car to restore. It’s factory paint and interior, engine, etc. Only wheels/tires and front brakes are not original.
  14. Thanks! The floors and roof are the work of a buddy, he is really good with floor replacement in these bigger cars. It should be back here on July 3, barring natural disaster. Then I can finish the rear quarters, doors, get some paint on it and assemble. I need to have it driving by August 8th for a shakedown run and then to the TriFive Nationals in Bowling Green, KY August 11-14.
  15. Thanks! I need to have it drivable by August 8th with all the kinks and bugs worked out to make a 450 mile drive. I’m trying to decide if I want to run the fresh 265 that I’ve put in it (in the photos above) or spend the time assembling the 327 I’ve had machined for it. I can get the 327 done in a day and it would make my life easier on the transmission setup (TH350). Chassis work and all of the drivetrain is done, it’s just getting the bodywork finished now. I have to say I’ve dealt with enough rust to last me three lifetimes. I grew up in Arizona where rust was just a vicious rumor spread by those from New England. I’ve learned otherwise. This 57 was pretty rotted. Never again will I dive into another basket case like this one. I’ve done the chassis, drivetrain, etc. but a friend of mine did the floor / rocker replacement and divested the roof of its rust and dents. He does fantastic and charges a very reasonable rate.
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