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  1. That would be rare. 380HP with 3 speed on the column.
  2. Sent you a message. Would like to buy it.
  3. Me on the left with the late Mike Northcutt from Dodge City Vintage. Taken in 2005.
  4. Wanted ASAP!!! Header and grill. 67 68 Cuda. Thanks 209-613-1199
  5. Large selection of Mopar's from 1927 to 1955.
  6. I move about 500 cars a year and none are transferred from my trifler to another. None set in the yard. We book cars on a timetable and most units are from brokers with a hand full of inhouse from repeat customer's. Most damaged is done from scraping trees. that is why I don't do door to door. I always arrange a big lot for pickup and delivery. Now, times that 4 trucks and that comes out about 2000 cars a year. We had 4 cars that was tree damage. You get more than that from car haulers that deliver new cars from rail yard to dealers. They keep the shops busy. Like i said from a previous post, there are good brokers out there. This has been the norm since I have been doing this since the 60s.
  7. Just do a chargeback. Very hard to find someone direct with trucks. Car hauling companies don’t for the most part advertise. 99% of the time that a customer has a problem is the customer themselves. CA to The east coast want it in 5 days and only pay 800.00. Not going to happen. Car will sit until it pays 1800.00 On the broker side, they promise the world. if you work with a broker, ask how many years and proof being in business. min 5 years. I work with many brokers and like any other business, there are good ones and bad ones. Do your home work. Been doing this gig since 1968 and still running a 10 car.
  8. Front hinged doors. 1/2 ton-3 ton. 351/2 went to front hinge in mid year somewhere. Im going to try to see if window guts will work on rear hinge doors. Dave
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