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  1. Because if you read this thread, or the other one I posted when I first got it, IT WAS A SURPRISE GIFT FROM MY WIFE. It was on my list of cars that I was interested in and she had an opportunity to buy one for me, so she did. Now I have a buggered car, a very unhappy wife, and a headache.
  2. So it's been a crummy few days. Melanie has been doing a lot of crying and I, of course, don't know how to console her. She's not angry at me, she's just unhappy that I'm unhappy and it's her tendency to treat that as a failure on her part. I took the car to the Buick dealer this morning and explained the situation honestly--it was a gift from my wife and I really want to like it, but I'm frustrated by it and can they help me? I told them about the TSB for the radio and that the navigation was wonky, so they'll look into it. I told them I didn't enjoy all the warnings and interactions and that
  3. You can safely skip the lead substitute. Buick blocks and heads have a higher nickel content than many others and hardened valve seats are unnecessary. The whole 'you need lead or your valve seats will be damaged' is BS invented by the fuel companies to slow the transition to unleaded gas in the 1970s. At the time this car was built, lead was only just starting to be phased in specifically as an octane booster, not to protect any engine parts. No automaker would design an engine that relies on a specific ingredient in fuel to remain operational. It's a total non-issue today unless you're towin
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. I will give the dealer a chance to figure things out before making a decision. However, I might delete this thread--someone texted Melanie and told her about my complaints so I guess this train is coming off the rails sooner rather than later. She's pretty upset and the rest of my weekend is gonna suck. Anyway, if anyone else wants to reach out, please don't text our phone numbers. Send me a PM on this forum, OK? Thanks.
  5. I've noticed recently that photos in a post are defaulting to the standard 800 pixel width. When posting multiple photos, I typically double-click on the image and downsize it to 200 or 300 pixels wide so there's not a giant photo in the middle of the post and people can click on it to enlarge. However, in the last week or so, any photo that I resize ultimately reverts back to the 800 pixel size. I also just looked at a post of mine from May and the photos there that were formerly 200 pixels wide are now 800 as well. So something in the software must have changed where it no longer
  6. Heaters were optional and customers in warm climates often didn't order them. Dealers could still install an under-dash heater they way they always had if a customer wanted it (or a customer could do it himself) but retrofitting the under-seat heater was unlikely. My father's 1941 Super coupe was originally purchased in Florida so it had no factory heater or defroster and the dash knobs were just the plain ACCESSORY dummy knobs. He ultimately installed a gasoline-fired Southwind under-dash heater for winter driving as he drove that car daily, year 'round in Cleveland, from 1977-1985. I don't k
  7. Didn't Chad McQueen recently try to squeeze [yet another] few pennies and a few seconds of personal fame for himself out of his father's corpse by making a modern "remake" of the chase scene using a new Mustang and Charger?
  8. One, that looks like a candidate for worst movie ever made. And two, it had to be extremely racy for its time given how frequently and thoroughly that lady strips off her clothes in the trailer...
  9. That's actually a different error. (Not my car but I get the exact same warning.) The car has an SD card for the navigation system and pulling it out gives me that error that says the SD card has been removed. That error is pretty common and is mentioned in the manual. But this other error has everyone scratching their heads--it seems to merely be telling me an SD card exists (or maybe that it doesn't?). Nobody's ever seen that message before and I can find no mention of it in the manual or anywhere on the internet. Note that the error number code is different. Is it the
  10. This is how the car was delivered because my wife is awesome (that's the parking lot at my shop, not a dealer's showroom, by the way): It was not purchased through a dealer, it was purchased directly from General Motors because it was a display vehicle at their world headquarters. That's why it's a 2019 but also a brand new car. I didn't get the dealer pep talk, I didn't get to ask questions, I got the car as a gift from someone who loves me. It was on my short list of cars I was interested in owning and she wanted to do something nice for me. So she bought it and surp
  11. So no answers, no suggestions, just a monkey flinging feces. Pretty much what I expected. I just went out to the car and turned it on so it could go through the whole launch process. Here are the messages I have to click OK before driving: OK. OK. OK. OK. OK. OK. Now, admittedly, that last one won't be there when it's above 37 degrees outside and that one about kids in the back seat only shows up sometimes but I don't know what triggers it--maybe my computer bag on the seat. So as few as four but maybe as many as six messages every time the ca
  12. Here's the latest test drive: a stunning 1954 Buick Skylark. High-quality restoration and it drives superbly. One of the smoothest cars I've ever driven. I personally prefer the way the '53s look but I certainly can't argue with the way this stunning Cavalier Blue car drives.
  13. Oh really? I'd love to hear how it's my fault that the radio and navigation systems are broken? I'd love to hear how it's my fault that it needs me to press the OK button between three and six times every time I get in the car. I've love to hear how the heated seats turning themselves off before they even warm up is operator error. I'd love to hear from an expert even though I've poured through the manual and found nothing to explain any of the issues I'm having other than "that's just how it is." Do you know something I don't? Let's hear it. I'm listening. Be a hero and show me how i
  14. First, did you buy this car out of Flint, MI? I believe it is one that we sold a few years ago and was subject to an long, expensive, and very correct restoration by a fellow board member here. If that's the car, hopefully that gentleman will chime in--he should surely recognize his car. Second, if you want radials, Diamondback is the only way to go. They will have something that will be correct and the tires will be fresh and properly built. Those from the big name tire company that I'm not allowed to mention are often problematic in terms of quality and age. Hope thi
  15. My '29 has been bulletproof reliable for 10 years now. Admittedly I didn't drive it much this year, but it has never let us down. Perhaps I should 1) consider myself lucky, and 2) assume that there are problems ahead if I keep driving it? Meh. I need to get it out and drive it more next summer.
  16. Good point. Would you belt yourself to the frame of your motorcycle when you go out for a ride? Why not? If it's a good idea in an old car, why isn't it a good idea on a bike? Do a Google search for old car wrecks--wood-framed cars come apart spectacularly. They almost look like they've gone through a shredder. And bear in mind that those in-period collisions were with other frail, low-speed vehicles on low-speed roads, not being hit by a modern missile traveling at 50+ MPH on a highway. How fast do you recon this Buick was going when it hit that tree (and it appears that it bounce
  17. They frequently show up on eBay. I found these just by searching "vent window regulator" and sorting through the results for BOP of that approximate time period. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1940-48-Buick-Vent-Window-Regulator-Left/153998459659?hash=item23db06030b:g:HVMAAOSwCXBfBMq5 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-1942-1946-1947-1948-Buick-Right-Vent-Window-Regulator-F/124383156296?hash=item1cf5d05848:g:5TUAAOSwQF1fhf3O https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-1942-1946-1947-1948-Buick-Left-Vent-Window-Regulator-F/114461422265?hash=item1aa66eb2b9:g:4DkAAOSwi~dfhgHB
  18. I was initially discouraged by the asking price given my ownership of an identical car, but then I took a closer look at this car. A LOT of needs and probably not nearly as nice as it looks in photos. Lots of important little stuff is missing or incorrect and I bet the paint is much worse than it looks in photos. I suspect it's more than a "clean it up and go" situation. A few more price drops and I'd be in just to have a parts car. With a fresh torque tube, I could give the overdrive another try...
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