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  1. TN2Lane

    1956 Buick replacement sheet metal parts
  2. Gr. 8.130 Fender, front 1946 thru 1949 ser. 40 #1330988, right, #1330989, left Nice used shape, with some stainless. I didn't drag the other side down, but it's in equivalent condition. $250 for the pair, pickup in 37205.
  3. Large Series (Super and Roadmaster) 4 door sedan (with post) only Also fits Cadillac same body style and years NOS in the box This is the clear/plain non-tinted version No shipping, but I can work with you on delivery. $300
  4. TN2Lane

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Hopefully this car has found a good home. Just for completeness, the Mecum "sold" for $44k 41 Limited mentioned previously... Has reappeared at Blackhawk asking $65k
  5. TN2Lane

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

  6. TN2Lane

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Willpower test time, folks. Relisted @ 20K...
  7. TTT, price drop, free delivery to Hershey Chocolate Field. Please contact me by Monday.
  8. TN2Lane

    Model T Ford Hassler Shock Lot

    TTT, can deliver to Hershey Chocolate Field
  9. Only the pair - one AC-3279 Left, one AC-3278 Right. $300 delivered to Hershey Chocolate Field (please contact by Monday to make sure I bring them).
  10. TN2Lane

    Teens-1925 Dodge Brothers touring

    Here's one coming up at auction...
  11. TN2Lane

    Model T Ford Hassler Shock Lot

    TTT, Price Drop.
  12. As pictured - Pair #39 roadster rear spring Pair #40 spring Pair #60 front lever - one has some wear as seen in close up Pair #20 front support $50 plus actual shipping (weighs 22 lbs. boxed up)
  13. 2 7/8" diameter, latest patent date 1918. $50 plus shipping.