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  1. And there are no pictures of said garage. C'mon man...
  2. TN2Lane

    Miscellaneous Pre-War hubcaps

    4 headed to Buick Gardens. Someone needs the rest... Creative door knobs? Curtain rod ends? Dress up your lawn mower?
  3. Obviously none of these are perfect. Assume you'll need to do some work before it's usable. I had $10 per hubcap on these at Hershey and sold a few so lets start there. Offers welcome, Volume discounts - these need to go. Let me know if you need measurements. Will bring to Nashville AACA flea market. Bunch #1 Bunch #2
  4. -3506S AFB carb (w/tag & numbers - was professionally rebuilt) -Avanti air cleaner (replated) -157744 intake manifold -R1 valve covers (not replated but pretty nice). $1,000 for all. Can deliver to Nashville AACA flea market. More pics available.
  5. TN2Lane

    Studebaker Avanti Parts Book Bonsall Lot

    TTT, price drop
  6. Part 417295. My reference shows it fits model 565-R and 565-AF speedometers in 1950-1951 Mercury and 1951-1952 Studebaker Champion. $125 plus shipping.
  7. TN2Lane

    1956 Buick replacement sheet metal parts
  8. Gr. 8.130 Fender, front 1946 thru 1949 ser. 40 #1330988, right, #1330989, left Nice used shape, with some stainless. I didn't drag the other side down, but it's in equivalent condition. $200 for the pair, pickup in 37205.
  9. Large Series (Super and Roadmaster) 4 door sedan (with post) only Also fits Cadillac same body style and years NOS in the box This is the clear/plain non-tinted version No shipping, but I can work with you on delivery. $300
  10. TN2Lane

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Hopefully this car has found a good home. Just for completeness, the Mecum "sold" for $44k 41 Limited mentioned previously... Has reappeared at Blackhawk asking $65k
  11. TN2Lane

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

  12. TN2Lane

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    Willpower test time, folks. Relisted @ 20K...
  13. TTT, price drop, free delivery to Hershey Chocolate Field. Please contact me by Monday.
  14. Only the pair - one AC-3279 Left, one AC-3278 Right. $300 delivered to Hershey Chocolate Field (please contact by Monday to make sure I bring them).