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  1. Dynaflash8

    Glidden Tour

    Oh how I know that story from the brass car guys back in the day!! Oakley Sumpter was one of the club leaders who were extremely critical of my "used car" 1939 Buick 41 series sedan. Up until 1966 we really didn't like each other because of his views on cars like mine, or at least I didn't like him for the same reason. However, I grew on him as the Club newsletter editor and eventually we became friendly. He was basically a very friendly and nice guy and he was a good dancer too; especially he could do a dance called the "buck stomp". Doing that he could light up the dance floor. In those days we had an annual banquet, dance, AACA National Directors were invited and some would always come. Oakley owned a fleet of school buses and put on a show for a lot of years in Havre de Grace, MD. I remember very well him becoming upset because I drove my old "used car" '39 Buick up to that show in 1964 or 65. That's the way all of the guys my Dad's age in the club thought in those times. I guess some of the current "old guys" today who are around 80 like me, think the same way about the newer cars in the club today. But I remember the "put down" of that "used car" term. I don't do it. Although I still love late 30s and 40s cars the most, I just bought a 1991 Buick Park Avenue with 3,000 original miles and I love it too.
  2. Dynaflash8

    Glidden Tour

    I'm wondering if that car didn't once belong to Oakley A. Sumpter of Havre de Grace, MD. He drove a Lincoln on that tour. His friend, Ernie Gill of W. Baltimore also drove a 1912 Packard on that tour. I think they traveled together. I was a very young and recent member of the Chesapeake Region in Baltimore at the time. Somebody in that club kept all of the newsletters, but he would have passed by now. Maybe somebody else took over from him.
  3. Dynaflash8

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    Marty, How is Dale doing? Judy is scheduled for her second surgery on March 4. We plan to fly to Philadelphia (I wasn't going but Judy wanted to) and go to Ocala, and then we'll be logged down for 6-8 weeks ourselves. And yes, it was the 41 Cadillac on some tour tour that Jim Bartlett wrote about. Looked like it was more recent that the last Sentimental Tour and that's why it had me wondering. Earl
  4. Dynaflash8

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    Marty: Yes, I thought you would be. But, now I don't remember which picture I was reacting to, but I think it was the 41 Cadillac.
  5. Dynaflash8

    BOD Candidates

    10-4.................over and out
  6. Dynaflash8

    BOD Candidates

    I don't know what you're talking about. Number 3 what? Oh, maybe I got it now.
  7. Dynaflash8

    BOD Candidates

    Brian, Where did you find your 87? I think I read something about that, but can't recall. Only two I ever heard of, one in California not for sale and one in New England (Maine?) that was for sale a long time. My late friend from the mid-1960s until his death, Hank Reus Sr., often told me he wanted that car in the worst way, but he never got it. Drop by to see me sometime when you're down here visiting your in-laws. By the way, you're doing the right thing to put your kids first. I'm sure if I'd done that, both of mine would have better jobs and be more successful now.............I think I did a lot for the hobby through AACA, but maybe not enough for my kids. Stick to your guns.
  8. Dynaflash8

    2019 Glidden Tour

    Lotta tours this year.....money might well be running funny by September/October and there is Mobile still to come. Sure can't make any promises Phil.
  9. I found an even better car...................a 2001 Buick Park Avenue with only 3,061 miles on it. It's in my garage now!
  10. Dynaflash8

    BOD Candidates

    Although I agree with Booreatta, I would even more like to see you become more active in AACA, the granddaddy of all car clubs and the hobby. You're young, and they need young, as well as a person who is bright and old car dedicated.
  11. Dynaflash8

    BOD Candidates

    Am I wrong to believe that you were asked at some point about AACA? Did you decline? Only in very recent times have I known of BCA calling for volunteers, but maybe I wasn't paying attention. I've had a lot on my plate most of the time since 1967 when I co-founded CHVA and since 1995 when I was elected to the AACA Board and was elected to and served five straight elected terms (the max). I also didn't know, even still, that everything wasn't handled out of California.
  12. Yep, just came back from a long drive in old "Suzybelle" (also known to some as "Old Blue"
  13. Dynaflash8

    BOD Candidates

    I've been a member for 53 years and was never asked to serve. I probably couldn't have afforded it anyway since I think everything is done in California. That said, I'm too old to serve now. True, I was more interested in serving AACA and CHVA over many of those years, but the fact remains, I was never asked. Stuff happens, Earl Beauchamp #55
  14. Dynaflash8

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    Marty: I saw your car parked in front of a bank here. Did you have to stop for gas money? 😀