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  1. I know, Hemmings is the best place to go. I've just been so busy with a bunch of doctors visits, I haven't felt like gathering all the necessary pictures together to make an ad. I've sold a lot of cars over the last 50 years through Hemmings, but this new on-line version will take some study to for me. I don't know how to do it, and I haven't had time to figure it all out. I keep hoping somebody here will step up for the car.
  2. Lance, Did you try to call me around Noon? Somebody named Lance Basiorka tried to call me. I've been have a security invasion problem on my email. Dynaflash
  3. I have to go out to Tampa today to take my wife to the hospital to see a doctor. Be back tonight. Let's see if there is something we can talk about. My phone is 804-366-4870 cell. I'm in Sebring, FL. I'm not in a big, big hurry to sell, still have the garage space. Earl
  4. I wish you could buy it too. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  5. Not getting much action guys. As a man once said, 1941 with the dual carbs was Buick's pinnacle year....at least before 1953 or so.
  6. Thanks suchan. I bought it to participate in local Classic Car Club activities, but 90% of them are 125-150 miles from here, and it is hot as hadees here from May-November. I took the car to the post office this morning, and it was 92 degrees with dark clouds already forming. This part of Florida is not where we should have moved. I've had a lot of medical problems at 82, and it's just to hot for me to drive there. As you know, driving around the block once a month doesn't really do a car justice. There is no AACA club within 90 miles of here either. Sebring, FL is an antique car wasteland, nothing but street rods here and they aren't even organized into a functioning club. I plan to put the car in Hemmings. I got a couple of calls off of the Buick Club ad, but I didn't have pictures together since buying a Windows 10 computer. So, last week to answer an ad from somebody I knew when I lived in Maryland years ago, I spent a morning gathering up pictures off he old machine and sending them to he and myself on this new machine. I do need the luck you just wished me. I'll have a lot of good used chrome and other parts for sale at Hershey in October if my health holds out.
  7. 1941 Buick Roadmaster Full Classic sedan for sale, Model 71. This car has been restored mechanically and cosmetically, except the interior was pristine original, so except for a new windshield wiper motor and a couple of small plastic pieces it didn't need anything. Car has just over 60,000 original miles, garage kept. New chrome and black basecoat/clear coat. Mechanically, I put on new parts when it didn't need new parts to increase reliability for touring. It also has new Narragansutt wiring. Need to sell. Age and Florida location pushing me to sell. Over $40,000 invested. Price is $37,500. I will consider a fair offer. Will soon put it on Hemmings if an AACA member doesn't take it. This was a really good original car. Have now gotten many pictures on this computer from my old Windows 7 computer. Earl Beauchamp, Sebring, FL 804-366-4870 or suzybelle39baby@gmail.com or suzybelle39baby@aol.com
  8. If anybody knows how to contact the owner, outside of eBay, please let me know. I'm interested in this car. I think it is possible to acquire pulleys and an aftermarket kit to put A/C in this car. There are some places on line that appear to make the brackets, too.
  9. I live in Sebring, Florida where antique car activity is zero minus. My house is 67 miles from Punta Gorda by US-17. All of the above is dated 2003. Can anybody fill me in on the current situation with the Peach River Region. Is it still an active and friendly group? I don't find 67 miles too far to go to meetings and activities. I could even drive US-17 with my '39 or '41 Buick.
  10. That is a great idea. Before the form was changed, I used to come here more often and give my views and comment on various Tours, Meets and other aspects of the hobby. This is a good bunch of people.
  11. The problem is, it doesn't have air condition, which was available. I had a white Special many years ago with factory air. The other problem I would ask is, does the speedometer and the windshield wipers work? This car had vacuum powered windshield wipers that worked off of a double action OIL pump....not a fuel pump as was normal. Mine went bad and pumped oil into cylinder #1, causing it to foul and miss, and clouds of smoke and raw oil came out the tail pipe.
  12. Den, I had a 41C and sold it when the CCCA turned down Classic status. I continued the fight and eventually CCCA decided the 70 series was a Full Classic so I bought this sedan to participate. It took two years to get it to where I was comfortable riding with the Packards and then COVID hit last year and this year my age caught up with me. Guess in the end I'll keep it for winter nights here in Florida or hopefully somebody else will want a real good Full Classic here in Florida.
  13. Gary, That looks just like my favorite car, a high school car. Beautiful and congratulations....I think you stole that car for $6500! However, mine is a Special, not a Century. Keep that sidemounter on the road. Earl
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