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  1. Sounds good Mark. One thing I'll give you, you are in my own mode as hard working, enthusiastic and a go-getter. Each of the four original 2001 tours who are still doing the tour have all chaired one. One had to drop out of the last tour because of illness. I might be next, as I'm far off and getting a little gimpy. Charley Frahlich did the last one, but he and I are both going to be 84 by 2022. Only one has not. He is an active tourer who has helped on at least one PA Glidden Tour. I tried to get him to do this one, but he declined. I seem to think there might be one more original wh
  2. I knew the guy in Baltimore, Gary Wilmer, who owned that car. I asked to buy it and he said it wasn't for sale. A few years later I visited his house to look at some kind of car he was selling and the Ford was gone. I asked about it and he said he had sold it. Needless to say, that made me really unhappy.
  3. Haven't posted anything for the Buick Team in a couple or few years. I've sold both my 39 46C and 41C, but I still have my trusty side mounted '39 41 with leather interior high school car. Have had some health issues since 2014 but seem to be doing okay now. At 82, I just felt I had to start cutting back. I've had one or more 1939 Buicks almost every year since 1955 and Dad had one from 1941-1951. So, I'm dyed in the wool '39 Buick all the way.
  4. Does anybody know if Cadillac originally used a pressure radiator cap in 1937, 1938 and 1939? Buick did not. Help me out here if you can.
  5. Mark, The question I have is, will you really find somebody to run the Sentimental Tour in 2022? I've personally sold every one of the first nine, and the truncated 10th one as well. I really had wanted to get that job done while I still could. Unfortunately, my age is catching up with me, and I've had some severe medical problems in 2019 that have slowed me down. I don't think I'll be in Philadelphia and I'm about out of arms to twist. Nobody else has ever worked very hard to sell this tour, and so maybe you know what I'm thinking. Earl
  6. Mark: Will the 10th Semi Annual AACA Sentimental Tour be a victim of the COVID-19 virus? The site of that tour was given to the 2021 Founders Tour. By 2022 will it all be over?
  7. Bought to fit 1946 -1947 Packard Super 8. Nice shape, ready to rebuild. $45 plus shipping.
  8. That's a nice place too, but almost in the mountains. Attended my first old car event there in 1958 and first car show in 1962. I just like the Northern Neck best of anyplace in Virginia, east of Fredericksburg, east of Richmond. Chilly there this morning though (47...burr) 🙂
  9. If you want the country, near fishing and swimming maybe, choose Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland or Lancaster Counties in Virginia just south of the Potomac River Bridge. Rt. 301 to VA Route 3 and start looking. Good old car club there too.
  10. I lived in Maryland for 32 years, just south of Baltimore in Anne Arundel County. I couldn't wait to get out of the place with its high taxes and traffic. After retiring we moved to Virginia, just south of the Potomac River. There was no car club there, but everyone on the Northern Neck was friendly and not many into street rods. I started an AACA Region there and we all had a lot of fun (they still do) with almost no traffic or taxes. It was 20 miles to a hospital, doctors, or Walmart, but that never bothered us. Then we made a lifelong mistake and followed my parents who moved to Flori
  11. 1948A fits both sides front 1939 through 1953
  12. It is a later model engine (sidemounted bosses) in a 1942 Series 41 or 41SE sedan. The SE was a more deluxe 4-dr sedan with a better interior. The SE stands for "Super Equipped". The car is super rough, so good luck. I know of another one that is just as bad in a small junkyard in Warsaw, Virginia. I have the name and number for the owner, but the car has no title. I know, because I gave it to him.
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