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  1. I read somewhere those horn button separators are prone to melting and or hardening. My old one was hard and had melted a bit. Replacement from Bob's was soft, like a computer mouse pad and about as thick as a mouse pad also, whereas my old one had only about half that thickness due to the melting and hardening.
  2. My horn had a "hair trigger", slightest touch and she would honk. Replaced the horn button separator and all is well. Bob's sells them "1937-40 Horn button separator, sponge insulator all models with banjo steering wheels HS-370 $4.25"
  3. Only one part number for 40-60 series torque balls, so I assume 6 bolt holes same size. Gentlemen that did relining for Bob's said he only received a couple of cores that were damaged. However, his buddy (a machinist), was able to repair them.
  4. If you eventually part it out, I'll pay $50 for the torque ball, $35ish for the part and $15ish for shipping.
  5. 1939 Buick torque balls, series 40, 60, that are worn and lining no longer usable. Paying $50 each, $35ish for the torque ball and $15ish to cover shipping.
  6. 1939 Buick torque balls, series 40, 60, that are worn and no longer usable. I am willing to buy 1939 torque balls, either individually or preferably in multiples. If you have a box of old worn 39 torque balls, I'll buy them.
  7. I read this topic and found that some have found a replacement seal by going to a bearing supplier and replacing seals by size. I tried to do this online, in trying to do so, I learned the OD of seal 130831, listed in my parts book and depicted above in danhar's post, is incorrect. The OD is listed as 29/32", it should be listed as 1 29/32". I didn't dig my seals out of storage, I just went off the dimensions in my parts book. Which are the same dimensions depicted above for seal 1308321. With the OD listed as 29/32" (and my lack of knowledge how number of parts needed are depicted in the parts book) it lead me to assume the listed ID of 1 17/32" didn't mean "one inch and 17/32" it meant "one part needed with a 17/32" ID". I just dug my seal out of my stash, and my measurements are consistent with 1 17/32" ID 1 29/32" OD x 1/4". Hopefully, this information may save others some time and frustration. If anyone knows the part number of suitable seals, please post them or PM me. I am not looking for NOS, I am trying to find new seals with new rubber, in leu of NOS with rubber that is up to 80 years old.
  8. Earl, you might want these while they are available https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Rubber-Lower-Inner-Shaft-Bushings-1939-Buick-Cadillac-LaSalle/202851614906?hash=item2f3ae600ba:g:RwoAAOSwWlFbjF0A
  9. Not mine 1939 Buick Radiator - $200 (waterford ,pa.) https://erie.craigslist.org/pts/d/waterford-1939-buick-radiator/7004478273.html
  10. Not mine, 1939 Buick front clip - $300 https://columbus.craigslist.org/pts/d/mansfield-1939-buick-front-clip/7040524120.html
  11. Somebody just started a Facebook group called 1939 Buick Owners & Enthusiasts https://www.facebook.com/groups/1192739244251545/
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