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  1. I read somewhere those horn button separators are prone to melting and or hardening. My old one was hard and had melted a bit. Replacement from Bob's was soft, like a computer mouse pad and about as thick as a mouse pad also, whereas my old one had only about half that thickness due to the melting and hardening.
  2. My horn had a "hair trigger", slightest touch and she would honk. Replaced the horn button separator and all is well. Bob's sells them "1937-40 Horn button separator, sponge insulator all models with banjo steering wheels HS-370 $4.25"
  3. Only one part number for 40-60 series torque balls, so I assume 6 bolt holes same size. Gentlemen that did relining for Bob's said he only received a couple of cores that were damaged. However, his buddy (a machinist), was able to repair them.
  4. If you eventually part it out, I'll pay $50 for the torque ball, $35ish for the part and $15ish for shipping.
  5. 1939 Buick torque balls, series 40, 60, that are worn and lining no longer usable. Paying $50 each, $35ish for the torque ball and $15ish to cover shipping.
  6. 1939 Buick torque balls, series 40, 60, that are worn and no longer usable. I am willing to buy 1939 torque balls, either individually or preferably in multiples. If you have a box of old worn 39 torque balls, I'll buy them.
  7. I read this topic and found that some have found a replacement seal by going to a bearing supplier and replacing seals by size. I tried to do this online, in trying to do so, I learned the OD of seal 130831, listed in my parts book and depicted above in danhar's post, is incorrect. The OD is listed as 29/32", it should be listed as 1 29/32". I didn't dig my seals out of storage, I just went off the dimensions in my parts book. Which are the same dimensions depicted above for seal 1308321. With the OD listed as 29/32" (and my lack of knowledge how number of parts needed are depict
  8. Earl, you might want these while they are available https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Rubber-Lower-Inner-Shaft-Bushings-1939-Buick-Cadillac-LaSalle/202851614906?hash=item2f3ae600ba:g:RwoAAOSwWlFbjF0A
  9. Not mine 1939 Buick Radiator - $200 (waterford ,pa.) https://erie.craigslist.org/pts/d/waterford-1939-buick-radiator/7004478273.html
  10. Not mine, 1939 Buick front clip - $300 https://columbus.craigslist.org/pts/d/mansfield-1939-buick-front-clip/7040524120.html
  11. Somebody just started a Facebook group called 1939 Buick Owners & Enthusiasts https://www.facebook.com/groups/1192739244251545/
  12. nice work bifda, here are two sites that sell cloth wire on for those looking http://wlsheadliners.com/wire-on-windlace-for-classic-and-antique-cars.html http://www.restorationspecialties.com/
  13. WLS Headliners sells cloth wire on windlace in four colors http://wlsheadliners.com/wire-on-windlace-for-classic-and-antique-cars.html
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