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  1. I never noticed that on any other ad that I have read. Seems like anything I'm interested in, or do, is always light. Thanks Matt.
  2. Can anyone tell me how you get the headline print to be dark and bold?
  3. Yes Ed, I saw that, and I do hope to attend, even if I sell the car. If fact, my friend E. Miller pointed it out to me. If I don't, well it may be cool enough in late Fall to go on another Florida Region, CCCA, local tour. At 82.5, it's just too hot for me here, this time of year. Thanks for your comments. EDB
  4. Thank you Al. I know you are a died-in-the-wool Classic Car guy....probably also a CCCA member. Maybe if it doesn't sell I'll feel good enough to go on a south Florida CCCA Region tour in the late Fall this year.
  5. Uh, like you don't have to buy it, so keep your opinion to yourself. I have well over 40K in it.
  6. Fully Restored 1941 Buick Model 71 Roadmaster. Never Shown. Full Classic (19-E) in AACA and also in CCCA. 60,000 original miles will perfect interior and trunk interior, including carpets in car. New black paint, all new chrome, new 7.00x15 Coker Tires, new exhaust, brakes, front end (with alignment), new 6v wiring firewall forward, rebuilt radio with 12v inside, converter and plug for GPS. Rebuilt carbs, distributor, nos factory coil, new radiator core, fuel pump, water pump. New clutch, throwout bearing and torque ball seals, new brakes incl cylinders, hoses and nos set brake lining
  7. Maybe I missed it, but I don't see where he says this is a Series 90 or a Series 60. One is a Full Classic and one is not. That DO make a difference, I think. Figure top restored value of $85,000 and go from there. In the 1960's when I joined AACA people were finding cars in the desert and restoring them, themselves, at home. I don't think that happens much anymore. The engine is probably stuck as well. If this were 1962 I could have bought a Series 90 like this in decent shape for $350. First old car I looked at, and I was afraid to buy it because it needed one crushed headlight repla
  8. Windy Hill Auto Parts is on line. Contact them after you look at their website.
  9. It's all a matter of health and how I feel, which is kind of week to week. A friend is going with me tomorrow to pick up my newly painted and partially reupholstered 1939 Buick Special sedan tomorrow. I put in a new front floor mat, reupholstered the leather on the front and back seats, and repainted the car the same color as it was. The old leather was done in 1971 and the lacquer paint was finished in 1979. I just wanted to make it nice again in these latter years. I've advertised my restored 1941 Roadmaster in the June BCA Bugle for less that I've got in it. What else is new? I just n
  10. 3880C I don't have anything for a '38 unless it might fit a later model, and I don't think I have much mechanical stuff to bring, except for maybe 1964. Mostly trim. Just so you know. Drop by to visit when you visit your relatives here and maybe you'll find something.
  11. I have also booked my motel. I plan to bring a bunch of Buick parts and run a flea market,since there will be a lot of Buick guys there, I expect. I have a lot of first class used chrome for 1941 Buick, a lot of miscellaneous nos for 1964 and maybe a little 1939. Some of the parts cover a lot of other years of course. This all depends on how I feel near the time.
  12. No offense and appreciate the thumbs up. I just couldn't quite figure out what I said that was worth it 🙂. Yes, thank you for your comment.
  13. The glovebox door, ALONE, makes this the best 1939 Chrysler I've ever seen. I'd like to have this one. Always wanted a nice 1939 Chrysler as my grandparents drove one all during World War II.
  14. George Cole not sure why the thumbs up. Maybe you realize that Sebring is in the middle of Florida nowhere, or maybe you know I'm 82. Seriously, I didn't realize, also, that I could have taken my "new/old" car, the 1991 Buick Park Avenue with 6,000 genuine original miles on it. I would much prefer taking my Full Classic 1941 Buick Roadmaster sedan. I'm just showing and feeling my age I think. Truly enjoy the folks in the Florida Region CCCA.
  15. Everglades City was a bit too far from where I live in Sebring so we didn't attend. Sorry we missed this tour.
  16. I hope the floor is okay, just sitting on the ground for 50 years.
  17. What I'd like to know is what happened to my newer post of this subject of 2-3 weeks ago? Did somebody arbitrarily take it off the site? It was with regard to my plea that some Region pick up the 2022 10th Semi-Annual Sentimental Tour. It WAS scheduled for WVA in 2020 and now that Tour has been taken over by the 2021 Founder's Tour, which I cannot attend. When I go to the subject, the post is by Wayne Burgess, and my most current one has disappeared. Earl Beauchamp, Past National President 2004, Founder of the AACA Sentimental Tour.
  18. Time is marching on. It is only one year until the next AACA Sentimental Tour is supposed to be held. It takes some time to plan a five day tour that is successful. Yet, with the 2020 Sentimental Tour tuned into the 2021 Founders Tour, there is no announcement for the 2022 Sentimental Tour. This is the only AACA Tour dedicated to Depression Era-World War II-Post War vehciles. The 10th Annual Tour is the next one. I'm 82 and holding onto my Suburban and closed trailer just to make this Tour. I've spoken to a couple of people that, hopefully, would get their Region to accept this job, bu
  19. Maybe you didn't have the factory skirt, but a flat aftermarket skirt. Note there is a tip on the front bottom of the factory skirt to hide the little rounded edge at the front bottom of the fender. I sold this car in 2019 and wish I had the skirts back. They were the same as the 1946-47 Packard Super 8 skirts and the 40 Ford skirts i think.
  20. My wife and I get our second COVID vaccination shots today, so I guess it's time to get busy and reserve a room for October Hershey. I've got a bunch of Buick parts I want to take up there and (hopefully) sell. 1939, 1941 and 1964 mostly.
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