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  1. The way the trees have grown over and into those cars, I don't see how you can get anything without having a chainsaw. Wherever this is, they must have a potent growing season. I've been junkyarding all my life and I've only seen one that was equal to or worse overgrwn than this one, and that was in Clinton, Tennessee.
  2. I sold a 1965 Chrysler Corp Parts Book to the man with the 66 Dodge, while at Hershey. I saw skirts listed in it with pictures. I rather doubt that Chrysler and Dodge skirts are interchangeable, but what do I know. I was rather unsure I wanted to pay what the asking price was, facing a $1950 cost to ship it to Florida. I threw a number out, but perhaps I angered him. He has not answered my emails since leaving Hershey. Since, I've found a very nice 1971 Dodge Dart 2dr hardtop here in Florida. It is a slant 6. I bought a Plymouth Scamp like it new in 1973 and found that to be a good car. However, that may be $2500 or so more dollars than I had hoped to spend. I'm a Buick guy, but all of those in the 60s are to costly to run, as, in fact, are those in the 70s. After 1975 I don't even like the Buicks, except for the 76-77 Century 2dr
  3. It was a great Hershey overall. I sold a Buick just before Hershey and brought a load of extra and left over parts for it, as well as from a 64 Wildcat I sold a number of years ago. Otherwise I let loose of a few extra 39 Buick parts I could spare and a few books for the same. I found crowds slow in my part of the Chocalate field, but what Buick buyers who did come through were serious and I had a good Hershey. This is the first I've sold in many years as most years when I was on the Board there was too much work to do. One thing I saw every kind of motorized transportation drive by you could think of, including peddle bikes, Model T's, and even one large modern sedan with six guys in it. They reminded me of six Mafia guys LOL.
  4. I am looking at a 1966 Dodge Monaco, a car I know absolutely nothing about. Is there a club specializing in mid-60s Chrysler vehicles. Also, Chrysler offered accessory factory rear fender skirts for a Monaco that year. Does anybody in the world have a pair for sale? I am well-known in Buick circles, many books, belong to all the clubs, but I like this Dodge with a 383 V8, but I always get lost with a non-Buick car. However, I did once own a wonderful 1966 Chrysler Newport, so i know they did make good cars.
  5. I did sell the car, but through a club ad. Thank you.
  6. I have had no luck finding anybody to install Vintage Air in anything but Fords and Chevies. I had a chance to buy a 67 Buick Skylark with a 300cid engine, no air. I called Vintage Air, no soap. I called local company that installs aftermarket air in car and they said no brackets or pulleys, no can do. I found a guy whose speciality it Buick parts in those years and he had just sold the only factory pulley's for a 300 Buick engine with air, and so far has found no more. No, I'm not interested in a 350 Chevy engine. I'm down to just two old cars now, and at 83 in October, I think I should probably leave it that way.
  7. I had a 66 Chrysler Newport convertible and it was the best tour car I ever had. I sold it when I thought I'd worn it out, but regrettably now I think it was a bad timing chain. I search 1965-1968 Chryslers almost every day, but I can't find one, and I don't want another convertible and really only want a 383. I do not want a 440. Too much gas I think, like a big Buick with a 455.
  8. Bob, I don't even remember that, but I think that had to be 1974, maybe 1975. Yeah, I'll turn 83 in October, and I wish it was only yesterday when I was, what? Age 36? Maybe it was my wife driving the 71 Dodge van. I remember her sliding down one of those hills, brakes locked, horn blowing. Thank God she never hit anybody. Earl
  9. I'll have two stalls in the Hershey Flea Market. Selling only Buick parts. Have two large boxes of NOS parts for a 1964 Buick Wildcat and whatever else they fit. Have Suburban load of miscellaneous left over parts from a 1941 Buick, mostly 60-80-90 and chrome that fits all models, some exceptionally nice, a bit of NOS or reproduction. Both mechanical and dress items. It's all I can carry in the Suburban. Message me for where my booth is. Also, maybe some literature if I can get it in the Suburban. I'm packed tight.
  10. I really like that car, but I have to have air condition here in this hellhole Sebring, Florida. Just sold my '41 Buick Roadmaster because it is so hot here this year, and most years. I don't need the trouble, at 83, of trying to rewire to 12-volts and find pulleys to fit a car for Vintage Air.
  11. Thanks. That is no match for the 331 Hemi I'm sure, and probably much harder to get parts for. Am I correct? I'm a lifelong Buick guy who is thinking of switch over to a 55-56 or 65-68 Chrysler. Don't know much about them, except a friend has driven a 56 DeSoto all over the USA to AACA and CHVA tours. I like the 55 the best, but it is 6-volt and I need AC. Had a 66 Newport that I drove all over the USA to AACA tours 20 years ago. The 60s Buicks have never worked out to replace it, and 30s and 40s are too hot in Florida.
  12. I'm a member of facebook, alas, but I don't know how to access old cars for sale. Yes, a lot of money for a non-runner and not enough pictures. I think that air conditioner is in the trunk, taking lots of space.
  13. Shipping is an option, yes, for individual parts. But, they are boxed up in the back garage waiting for the Hershey trip. I spent half a day out there in the heat and got wringing wet all over. Came in the house air condition and caught a three week case of Bronchitis. So, I'm not anxious to go out there look enough to do much rooting now. Earl Beauchamp BCA #55, Sebring, FL
  14. Well, it so hot here, I am not planning to go through my stuff until I pack to go to Hershey in late September. I think I have a beautiful used trunk ornamemt complete in my display case. I'm thinking $275 for that, because it is rare, hard to get, and very nice. Pretty much looks replated and has the plastics. I plan to ask $350 at Hershey and accept some less when they have it in their hands. My grill is nice driver quality and well good enough to plate and make perfect. Price on that is $450 for all three pieces. Earl BCA #55
  15. I've got one each of most everything you need above except glovebox door and speedometer cluster. Planning to have it at Hershey. All is excellent driver quality. See you there?
  16. I just went to buy a new battery for my 1939 Buick today, and only one auto parts store could supply one...Advanced Auto Parts. Even NAPA could not supply a fresh battery and O'Reilly could not supply one at all. These are the long, skinny, six volt batteries Buick used for years and years. I guess it is just part of the general overall decline in the U.S. markets.
  17. I know, Hemmings is the best place to go. I've just been so busy with a bunch of doctors visits, I haven't felt like gathering all the necessary pictures together to make an ad. I've sold a lot of cars over the last 50 years through Hemmings, but this new on-line version will take some study to for me. I don't know how to do it, and I haven't had time to figure it all out. I keep hoping somebody here will step up for the car.
  18. Lance, Did you try to call me around Noon? Somebody named Lance Basiorka tried to call me. I've been have a security invasion problem on my email. Dynaflash
  19. I have to go out to Tampa today to take my wife to the hospital to see a doctor. Be back tonight. Let's see if there is something we can talk about. My phone is 804-366-4870 cell. I'm in Sebring, FL. I'm not in a big, big hurry to sell, still have the garage space. Earl
  20. I wish you could buy it too. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  21. Not getting much action guys. As a man once said, 1941 with the dual carbs was Buick's pinnacle year....at least before 1953 or so.
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