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  1. Do you have a repair manual with tune up specifications? Is TDC the correct timing?
  2. If your car accelerates ok and only backfires on deceleration I would think the condenser is ok. The gav setting differs on most A's. Give it a 3/4 turn to the left and see what happens. That is easy to check. If it does not help then change the condenser.
  3. Increase your gav to the left. Needs a richer mixture.
  4. Try putting the gear shift in second before going to 1st.
  5. I say you are low on refrigerant. Short cycling is common when low. Gauge should be in the green when compressor is running.
  6. Does anyone have the headlight connector for a 1982 Riv? Mine is in bad shape and would like to replace it. The switch itself is ok. Thanks, Roger
  7. I do not have this issue with my 40 Buick, but I did on my 87 Cadillac. The alternator was putting out too much voltage. Probably the internal regulator. New alternator problem solved.
  8. Hoe about new spark plugs. Try setting them at .032.
  9. kingrudy left click over my photos in my previous post and it should enlarge it.
  10. I have the same issue with my 82. However if I turn the volume up and down it goes away. The volume control may need some cleaning.
  11. Does anyone know where the passenger side power window relay is on a 1982 Riviera convertible? Thanks, Roger
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