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  1. @JohnD1956 Thank you for the reply. Are you referring to the engine bay side?
  2. Good evening all, I'm restoring a 1956 special convertible and I need to know if the factory applied the seam sealer before or after the car was painted? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Good evening all. Is there anybody supplying sheet metal parts for 2 door 56 buicks?
  4. @Bhigdog thank you for that. It flexes less than that its just the lack of experience i have with convertibles. I have never seen that on any of my cars and got a little freaked out and wanted to ask around
  5. @Curti went and jacked the car up from the front gaps stayed the same im guessing that all is fine
  6. @Matt Harwood The body is back on the frame also shimed as it came off. The car was braced just like the picture you posted. The car is still missing the front clip. Doors are installed
  7. Curti the car is just a body and a frame at this point no engine installed or interior. Can this test still be done at this stage?
  8. No the car has been under going a off frame restoration and when the doors are closed you can see some flexing at the rear door gap if someone is bouncing around inside the car. All the body mounts are new. Its just that i dont have enough experience with convertibles and it seems weird to me
  9. Good evening to all. I have a question in regards to body flex on a 56 buick convertible is it normal?