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  1. Sure thing, it's a road that follows down and skips across the Mississippi river starting around Hastings, MN I believe and I've been wanting to ride from there south for a day or something to go thru all the bluffs. I've seen some of it from on the river and can only imagine how amazing it would look from the scenic road. http://www.mnmississippiriver.com/camp-lacupolis.cfm
  2. Sounds like a great excuse to hitup the great river road for a long weekend ride with the bike, thanks for the heads up.
  3. Hello, I'm Adam and have been obsessed with finding a 1955 4 door hardtop Buick for the last two years. I live in the rust belt capital it seems, so my search has been across the US and leaving me to find a car that seems to be close to the cost of getting it home. I like to ride sport bike (currentlly a Honda '98 VFR800), offroad trail riding with the 400EX when I can and the rest of my time is spent at work or with my young family. It's a tease to want one of these land yachts, as I'm sure getting one road ready can be almost as costlly as aquiring it. I hope to learn from you folks and mayb
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