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  1. Thank you Gents for the information, like I stated I had no idea what they were off of, they look good hanging on the shop wall and are a conversation piece for now
  2. I know this is an older post but if you have not found your wheels I might have what you need. The ones I have are a solid wheel with tabs for a hubcap
  3. The double bar is 60 inches wide and the single is 59 and 3/8 inches wide
  4. I bought a 1971 Chevy truck and it had these bumpers on it. I know they're not correct but have no idea what they're off of any ideas out there? 20201001_111945.jpeg 20201001_111525.jpeg
  5. I can't tell any difference on gas mileage but it does run better with two carbs,starts right up and is very smooth at all RPM. With the wheels I was going for an old style hot rod look
  6. Nice one, dual carbs on a offenhauser manifold, dual exhaust with cast iron manifolds, front disc brakes, new rims and tires, ECHLIN IC55 coil, real nice driver. $12k located in California, more pictures upon request https://slo.craigslist.org/pts/d/atascadero-1950-plymouth-special-deluxe/7172725493.html Preview attachment 20200908_104542.jpeg
  7. Hey James, I have a set of 49 ribbed bumpers front and rear, also have the front grill guard and rear trunk guard. I know this is an older post, did't know if you found some or not
  8. can you post some pictures please
  9. looking for a 38 grill any leads will be greatly appreciated, have parts to trade or will buy outright
  10. I have a 38 dodge that I've had since I was 12, it's all ways had a 38 plymouth grill in it, I've been looking for years with no luck, any leads will be greatly appreciated. I've got parts if your interested in trading or will buy outright
  11. Hi there, I know this an old post but I'm looking for a 38 pickup Grill any help anybody?
  12. redoing a 38 1/2 ton I've had since age 12, need a front grill. Thanks
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