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  1. Hi Rodney, Just had another thought about a stuck needle valve or float in the carby. Worth a look if you can remove the carby top to view the float chamber and valve to check for fouling. Regards, Michael
  2. Hi Rodney, Sorry to hear about your misbehaving '38. Given that previously you have done all the most obvious renewal/ checks, I would suggest you check to see if you have spark at the plugs or even at the points. This was my recent problem. i recently had a very similar problem with my 38; just as you have described but it finally went dead totally no starterator resonse but I could get it cranking by shorting the starter solenoid, but it just would not fire. I checked all the items you mentioned. I run a Stromberg aerobat carby which I had completely rebuilt. I also inst
  3. Hi Rod, Great! Thank you for showing your photo of your wood replacement for your '25. This gives me great insight about generally where I am heading. Your construction looks very neat👌. I hope my effort reaches a similar standard. Did you varnish your new wood after fixing it into its final position, and prior to undertaking the interior refurbishment. I was wondering if that was a good idea thereby expecting to reduce future movement of the body/panel after completion? Enjoy your MidCo life! Regards, Michael
  4. Hi AussieBuick, Hope your journey is smooth and enjoyable; however a few bumps are to be expected. Thanks for your sound advice with regards Master Parts book. I saw a number of references to it during my roamings through the forums and promply ordered one. Also managed to get a NOS service and repair manual. I am sure these will be help relieve stress when there are unexpected progress bumps to overcome. The expert sellers are sometimes a source of unexpected stress as I have also learned. Thanks Norm for your encouragement, interest and advice. Lets hope will will both be drivers o
  5. Hi Rod, Thanks for your welcome. When I was built it was in Coff Harbour but I resided in Sawtell in the early days . So know Kempsey fairly well, along with many towns in between. Your message says QLD is your location too, that's an interesting achievement.🤔. Yes, I have all the body parts but my vehicle was turned into a ute and everything from the front seat back was in a pile of extras at the time of acquisition. I have sorted out much of the jigsaw puzzle. I am still lacking a speedometer. So, I'm on the lookout for one, and a crank handle , and maybe rear bumperettes but ther
  6. Hi Mark, only need s crank handle itself. I do not need the front apron through which the crank passes. so that would make a simple removal. Maybe $US30 plus postage?. What is postage likely to be? Regards, michael
  7. Hi Mark, Interested in the crank handle only as per eBay enquiry. Can you help? Michael
  8. Well, Rodney your Sloper looks just as smart as I had expected, and you appear to have it on full registration too. Do you tend to use it frequently? My 840 Special is on concessional registration but was on full registration for a few years earlier. Being body number 40 also makes your vehicle quite rare; many Buicks and other thirties vehicles were consumed by SIMS Metal and now appear as Toyota bodies etc on our modern roads. Its great to see that these rarer models have survived that great wrecking yard onslaught and are now restored and being used. There was a 1936 Sloper here
  9. GDay Rodney, Nice to hear from another Au member. I see your '38 is a Sloper - most likely very nice indeed. Not too many around this hemisphere. Wish I had one too but - no room; the '48 Packard is already on nearby farm adjistment.. Yes, these forums are a great source of information and I have already got some very helpful advice from willing members about my '27. Although the weather is likely to become more unfavourable as winter approahes here in CBR, I can still get stuck into outstanding '27 jobs. The lockdowns are another encouragement too. Mind you I am helping keep the loc
  10. Thanks for the welcome Buick_39. I am not a member of any Buick clubs: Australia or any state entity., nor am I on the mailing list to which you referred. I shall explore your links. Thanks for the pointers.
  11. Hi All, I come from the land Downunder, in the National Capital -Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. I am a retired Rock Doctor (geologist). I have two Buicks, one recently restored barn find - a 1938 Buick 480 Special with dual sidemounts and body built by Holden Australia; the rest came from Flint -before and after images. The other is my Buick jigsaw puzzle - a 1927 115/25 open car Tourer also a Holden body car. I have just started work on the jigsaw puzzel. It was a farm workhorse tured into a trayback to earn its salt. I have a collector virus and its hard to sha
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