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  1. Have a pair of Denman 700-16 on my 40 Packard 180 that are like new, less than 800 miles on them. Have 2 more perfect WW but not much tread. 250 each for fronts if you want the rears will throw them in. plus shipping. can PM me for pics in Northern California
  2. Found a place called FCRC machine that will custom make king pins for your car. They make them for most older GM cars 141 with bushings.
  3. Bought a set from Bobs buick and they are way to long can't get dust caps on, no grease gloves and they won't take them back. So I'm looking for a new set that's the correct size. These old ones measure 5.655" length and 0.873 diameter but are worn. tired of the death wobble.
  4. Picking up grandfathers overland soon, hasn't been driven in 5 years because starter ring gear is bad. anyone here know what size and tooth count this car uses? still starts with crank but just had back surgery and not going to try cranking it manually. it a 1916 overland 75B
  5. Thanks, have already removed the exhaust side of heat control, just need to get the intake side fixed.
  6. Looking for ways to fix the throttle vale section of the intake on my 32 66s intake, developed a major vacuum leak, pulled it apart to find a rust hole from inside the heat riser section. It about quarter inch wide and three quarter inch long. thinking of filling it with epoxy after sand blasting inside. Or building a new piece out of plate and pipe, have never used it to heat carb here in California. any other ideas?
  7. I'm looking for a float arm for a marvel 2 barrel that hangs from the bowl cover. just had retina surgery and can't find the carb numbers and no one seems to know where to look for them. have another marvel 2 barrel with float that hangs in bowl but arms not interchangeable. if you have one could you pm me please.
  8. Old linings were old organic bonded these are old style woven material .
  9. Just finished new king pins and brakes on my 32 66S and would like to know how they should be adjusted? worried I have to tight but don't want them to loose as I drive it in California traffic. old shoes were like new and adjust to drag slightly but would not stop the car.
  10. Get in touch with gear vendors, they make adaptor for a lot of antique cars without torque tubes, have one on my 69 dodge Daytona and love it also had one on a v12 Packard, makes a world of difference.
  11. Anyone have the part # for the front inner wheel bearing for a 32 66s? inner race fell off and can't find it in my garage.
  12. Working on my 32 66S and all of my ride control shocks are leaking. Is there a place that sell just a seal kit?
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