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  1. I'm looking for a float arm for a marvel 2 barrel that hangs from the bowl cover. just had retina surgery and can't find the carb numbers and no one seems to know where to look for them. have another marvel 2 barrel with float that hangs in bowl but arms not interchangeable. if you have one could you pm me please.
  2. Old linings were old organic bonded these are old style woven material .
  3. Just finished new king pins and brakes on my 32 66S and would like to know how they should be adjusted? worried I have to tight but don't want them to loose as I drive it in California traffic. old shoes were like new and adjust to drag slightly but would not stop the car.
  4. Get in touch with gear vendors, they make adaptor for a lot of antique cars without torque tubes, have one on my 69 dodge Daytona and love it also had one on a v12 Packard, makes a world of difference.
  5. Anyone have the part # for the front inner wheel bearing for a 32 66s? inner race fell off and can't find it in my garage.
  6. Working on my 32 66S and all of my ride control shocks are leaking. Is there a place that sell just a seal kit?
  7. Thanks Bob. i can barrow on from my uncle tonight.
  8. Anyone have one I can barrow or rent? Or know what size the thread is? Time replace my brakes and can only find a 2" puller in my tool box.
  9. Getting death wobble on my 32 66s, everything in front end is new and tight and car is fine most of the time, these roads in Calif are so bad and we have huge speed bump and speed tables on all our side streets that it's taking all the fun out of driving an old car. my problem usually starts when going over the speed bump or hitting one of the big ruts made by semis. ive driven on smoother dirt roads in Oklahoma.
  10. I have an good original one and a new one made with new sealed bearings, ordered an original when mine locked up on me 150 miles away from home, took so long to get it I had a friend make me 2 out of billet aluminum with sealed bearing that should last forever. once pulls is on you can't tell which one is on the car. if you need a new style let me know, don't think I will ever use my spare. Will sell it for what it cost me to have made.
  11. I bought a complete plastic dash set from a gentleman that use to make them for the 40-41 Packard 160 and 180. He was going out of business and selling all of his molds and tooling for making them , I bought the last complete set he had before he closed his shop. the dash kits were not cheap, around 2500 on up depending on options. good luck finding a set. I don't remember any plastic on a 39 dash but I have only worked on a V12
  12. Thanks, mine is a 66s, so any 60 series should be the same. Right now that is the only carb we are working on. glad you post carbking as I am in need of a few carb kits for some of my other old cars.
  13. The float body on my marvel 2 barrel on my 66s warped and my neighbor who is a master engineer said he will make the 3D cad design whatever I need to cast it out of aluminum. Just wanted to check and see if there was anyone else that might need some marvel 2 barrel carb parts made while we are at it. wont be free but nothing close to having someone else make the parts. if your carb is the same as a 32 marvel and you need any of the pot metal pieces let me know. after this will be working on the heat riser and maybe the water distribution tube.
  14. I adapted a ford 6 volt electric wiper motor to my Lincoln years ago, works pretty good but doesn't have a park feature, the new ones have been reworked and should be a lot better, I can't remember the name of the company but it a large antique Ford dealer. it was pretty much a bolt in piece too. just had to modify the original vacuum wiper switch to work with the new electric switch, nobody has been able to tell so far.