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  1. Here is an early Brass Kingston Carb For Sale. Think it fits a early Maxwell along with some others. I blasted it to clean it off. Looks to be complete do not know condition. $200.00 + shipping. Email me at address in pictures. Thanks Dan
  2. Here is what I think is 1926-28 Chevy Ring gear and Pinion. Does not look used at all, been blasted. I am not 100% sure this is Chevy, so look at pictures and ask questions. $25.00 + shipping. Email me at address in pictures. Also, please only reply by email, PM may not work. Thanks Dan
  3. Ok looks like they are 26-29 Chevy. Thanks for the info. Dan
  4. I found a picture online for a 28 Chevy that looks a lot like this set. Could not see the back of pinion, to see if the shoulder was there. Anyone have a picture of 1928 Chevy ring gear? Thanks Dan
  5. Does anyone know what this ring gear and pinion fit? Post here or email me at address in pictures. Thanks Dan
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