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  1. The Stromberg DX-3 were for yes the 1930 Model 70's and the early 1931 CD-8s'. The 1931 De Luxe CD-8 used the DXC-3. They are an early downdraft Stromberg and often replaced. I have a Stromberg BXV-3 in my De Luxe CD-8. Is the number 4 Main Metering Jet what you have the question about? Kurt M
  2. On July 4, 1921, at 2:30 in the afternoon, the flag dropped starting the 10th annual Tacoma Speedway Classic. Nine drivers had entered the 250 mile race. It was driven on Tacoma's infamous board track and had a purse of $25,000, to be divided nine ways. On the right is the pace car, a Marmon Speedster, carrying referee Eddie Rickenbacker and pace maker Ray Harroun. The car would pace the drivers for one lap before the race actually took off. Rickenbacker was a former star of the race track and a famous ace of the air and Harroun was also a veteran driver. Harroun was a last minute replacement
  3. Here is my CD-8 De Luxe. It was an older restoration that just needed some mechanical and finish work. Just found a crank hole cover this week which I though I would never find and would have to make it myself. Still have a ways to go to be happy with it. Tons of wood graining for the interior to have done
  4. Technically there is the First version, Second version and the De Luxe which was still available and sold in 1932. According to Chrysler after May of 1931 and serial Number 7,154,601 was a De Luxe and designated as a 1932. They went to 17" wheels, straightened the frame and the bore was increased to 3- 1/4" and just under 100HP. They were meant to be Chrysler's competition to the Buick 80. Kurt M Owner of 1932 CD-8 De Luxe Sedan
  5. Mitchell Point Tunnel Columbia River Gorge Highway, Oregon
  6. "The Great Race" sure got my interest in early automobiles started. I was 7 when this came out but I wanted to see that instead of Mary Poppins. "Paper Moon" got me to buy my first car and restoration project, a 1931 Model Ford Business Coupe when I was 14. Kurt M
  7. Doing a little research I can find very little information about the NOT FOR PROFIT charity. Seems very new and what is the watchmaker angle? https://thechamberlain.foundation/ Kurt M
  8. Which engine? 1931/32 CD-8 came in 3 different varieties depending on month of production. Early 3 X 4 1/4 Bore and Stroke 3 1/8 X 4 1/4 and the Late De Luxe 3 1/4 X 4 1/4. Manifold, carburetor and other difference apply to each incarnation. Kurt M 1931 De Luxe CD-8 owner
  9. The 1928 Victor VE 7-26 Radio/Phonograph playing tunes of 1925-1935. Ruth Etting, Paul Whitman, George Olsen, The Arden-Ohman Orchestra, Coon-Sanders Orcherstra, Belle Baker, Ray Noble with vocals by Al Bowly, Bebe Daniels, Josephine Baker, Sophie Tucker, Red Nichols, Ben Bernie, Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards), The Boswell Sisters, and on and on. I broadcast AM from http://www.dismuke.org/ to all the radios in the house and garage. Kurt M
  10. Up until 1928 90% of all phonographs were mechanically wound so no need for wiring. Table top unit could fit in the back seat, if you had one but, most were portable suitcase models to take to picnics, late night parking or dance parties...… Every major manufacturer made them and most had record storage. The records shown by supercub on his home record changer are from the early 1920's. Shown below is an Edison 1930 portable one of only 2 models he made. Kurt M
  11. Men stand in front of and on cars too. I sure would rather just see the cars.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/322902362032955/?ref=category_feed&referral_code=undefined Rare and interesting but not much information
  13. 1931 CD-8. I saw a site for a guy who builds them but pricey Thanks for looking, Kurt
  14. Is the coil/ignition switch for sale? Thanks, Kurt
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