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  1. 1931 CD-8, The 1932 CP-8 had the rear tail light attached to the fender and not the bumper supports
  2. 1956 Desoto De Soto firedome 2 tone yellow and black $7,975 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/134668748640106/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace Seller's Description Great running and driving. Smooth and strong 330 inch hemi V8. 3 on the tree stick shift manual transmission. 12 volt. Shows 07000 miles. Good brakes, tires, charging, dual exhaust. Trunk FULL of extra trim and parts. I believe I'm the 3rd owner. Come see and drive! A real live reliable Desoto Hemi Mopar Chrysler you can drive regularly. Sounds great, gets tons of attention. Clear title in my name.
  3. Way out of my budget but sure makes my heart skip a beat.
  4. Highway 410, also known as Chinook Pass Highway, also known as Naches Pass Highway, also known as Yakima Pass Highway, somewhere near Greenwater, Washington, 1920. Asahel Curtis photo.
  5. It is still listed on Facebook. I suggest you click on the link and contact the seller. It is NOT MINE. Sorry https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4000702050042903/
  6. Great looking vehicle poor quality ad. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4000702050042903/ Kurt M. Tacoma WA
  7. The car my grandparents drove after leaving the dust bowl and heading to Seattle to work for Boeing. 1935 Chevrolet I believe. Kurt M
  8. Archer Members 1 Posted Tuesday at 09:23 PM Hi everyone, while picking up a motorcycle today from an older gent, he shows me a 1932 plymouth that is in very good condition. Interior all stock, paint original, like a time machine car! I am no expert but the guy was only asking 7500 for it and I am working with him to sell it. All my cards are on the table and I think 10000 is a fair price. If interested I will go back and get pictures and more details. I never seen a car like this before in such good original condition for its age outside of the haras collection in Reno as a kid
  9. Posed with Flying Cloud and Wolverine automobiles from the Winthrop Motor Co., Reo distributors, are the Maylon Players theatrical troupe. They are enjoying a sunny July day in 1928 at Point Defiance Park. The actors presented plays for appreciative Tacoma audiences including "Rain" and "Naomi of the North." Kurt M. Tacoma, WA
  10. Hi Mike, When I posted the ad on NOT Mine section here I knew someone would be interested.. Sorry I did not see your post earlier Unfortunately, I am near Seattle and on the wrong side of the state . Kurt M
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