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  1. The largest town nest to Seattle is Tacoma. Ever heard of SeaTac airport?
  2. Remotes seem to work fine so I will just need the 4 door handle springs. Check or PayPal friends and family payments? PM if that works best. Kurt
  3. I Need 4 1931 Chrysler CD-8. Should be the same as Dodge or Plymouth
  4. Thanks for everyone's input. You all have been a great help! Kurt
  5. The "Royal" name in 1931 seemed to be used only on the Series 1 and Series 2 engines. When the De Luxe Series 3 came out the name was dropped. My 1931 De Luxe sales flyer only used that name and showed only the Gothic Chrysler "C" on the hubcaps of all models. Kurt
  6. Before I purchased my 1931 Chrysler CD-8 De Luxe, I noticed the hubcaps on the dual side mounts where not correct. They fit the rims perfectly and after a few days of Google photo searches I decided on Chrysler 6 caps. My problem is that "Chrysler Six" is not embossed on the banners but actually just a blank recess. Aftermarket replacements or am I going down the totally wrong road? Kurt Morrison In wash you hands and don't touch your face Washington.
  7. On Monday I received my CD-8 De Luxe sedan and my parts list is started and keeps growing I have a master parts book ordered but have not seen it yet so I can not give you exact names or part numbers 1.Base of steering column throttle linkage, spring, stop plate, and light harness control arms. 2. Your air cleaner looks like the one I need. 3. Dual side mount locking clamps. That is only a start. Let me know if any of these are available or still for sale. Thanks Kurt
  8. My new acquisition as of yesterday. 1931 Chrysler CD-8 De Luxe Sedan from the Denver area. 25 year old restoration and I am sure I will be posting lots of questions. Now I need to get it home to Tacoma WA. Kurt Morrison
  9. Update, I am better at silent films but Rattling Romeo from 1939 is about a lemon used car. "Charley buys a wreck of an automobile that's been made to appear new by a disreputable used car dealer, but he soon realizes it's literally falling apart. He stops payment, and then must dodge possessors as well."
  10. I am pretty sure it is a 1924 short called All Wet. It is also Charley not Charlie. Pretty typical Hal Roach slapstick with a giant mud puddle and lots of other soon to be stars like Fatty Arbuckle and Janet Gaynor . It is on YouTube but a very bad print. Kurt Morrison Rainy WA State