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  1. Question? Just wondering. In 1938 was Imperial the top of the line for Chrysler? Don't think you can make the assumption that it was because in 1939 the Imperial was the low end of the Chrysler line. If memory serves, the Saratoga was at the top of the line.
  2. Actually, there was a piece of cowl lacing that fit into the opening to protect the hood sides that slipped into them. I have been looking for these for years. They were used for all Chrysler cars in 37, 38, and I believe in 39. You would think that they would still be around but I have not found anyone that specializes in Chrysler parts that has ever seen them. If you succeed in finding them let me know. Thedodgegarage@rcn.com.
  3. If you still need one let me know. I have several that I will try to match up to yours. Thedodgegarage@rcn.com
  4. cpwalter

    Kit vs. Pump

    You can buy rebuild kits with modern components to accept today's gas. Not difficult and cheaper than a new one.
  5. If you want a mopar in the 30's that is wide and comfortable begin with 1937 models. They are wider, longer and have adjustable front seats.
  6. Go to, www.39-47dodgetrucks.com. Everything that you will ever need to know about these trucks can be found there.
  7. Is your car a 3 window business coupe? The designation S-10S was the DeLuxe line. They built 469 DeLuxe Business Coupes. It was the lowest price car in the line. The Custom series, S-10C was the fancy version. Sold 120 of these. You need to find a parts book for your 1942 to compare what is interchangeable with the 1946,7,& 8 cars. Don't believe you will find much from older cars. Plug in the years 1942 and 1946 DeSoto in your internet browser and look at the pictures of the cars to see if the 46 taillights are different that the 1942.
  8. For sale is a NOS radiator that I have had since the early seventies and was purchased by the previous owner in the 60's. Bought it as a spare for a car I had which is long gone. 1928 Chrysler 72. I have been lugging this thing around and it is now time to part with it. Ran water through it and it has no leaks. There is an overflow tube that will need to be touched up with solder where it comes through the tank at the bottom. Moving it around has weakened the joint. Other than that I saw no leakage anywhere else. Asking $1500. Call or text at 610-417-0998, email at thedodgegarage@rcn.
  9. Do you have the clips that hold the hood side mounts to the fenders?
  10. See your thread popped up from 2012. What progress have you made?
  11. If you look in the DeSoto Master Parts List 1936-1942 there is a blowup on page 52 showing the cup, tube assembly and the clip. It is DeSoto only. Does not appear on the Dodge blowup. This was only used on the 1936 DeSoto S1. Discontinued or redesigned after 1936 and not used on the S2 of that year.
  12. If you want a product that will wash away rust and not harm the part, the best stuff on the market is called EvapoRust and you can buy it at Tractor Supply Store for about $20 a gallon. It is very safe to use and environmentally friendly. Takes about 20 minutes for light rust and overnight for deep pitted parts. Lightly wire brush or use a Brillo pad or steel wool on it after you take it out and rinse off the product and you will be surprised how nice the part looks. It gets into tight places like a lock mechanism to remove the rust. It is a must have for small parts that can be submerged in
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