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  1. Question? Just wondering. In 1938 was Imperial the top of the line for Chrysler? Don't think you can make the assumption that it was because in 1939 the Imperial was the low end of the Chrysler line. If memory serves, the Saratoga was at the top of the line.
  2. Actually, there was a piece of cowl lacing that fit into the opening to protect the hood sides that slipped into them. I have been looking for these for years. They were used for all Chrysler cars in 37, 38, and I believe in 39. You would think that they would still be around but I have not found anyone that specializes in Chrysler parts that has ever seen them. If you succeed in finding them let me know. Thedodgegarage@rcn.com.
  3. If you still need one let me know. I have several that I will try to match up to yours. Thedodgegarage@rcn.com
  4. cpwalter

    Kit vs. Pump

    You can buy rebuild kits with modern components to accept today's gas. Not difficult and cheaper than a new one.
  5. If you want a mopar in the 30's that is wide and comfortable begin with 1937 models. They are wider, longer and have adjustable front seats.
  6. There is a lot of walking for sure. I believe you can rent scooters but not sure if you need some type of medical proof of need or not. I would call Carlisle and find out about that and what their policy is for other types of transport. Regarding your 41 Chrysler, the event has morphed into mostly B body parts and concentrated on late 60 and newer cars. You seldom see on the show field a good selection of 1930, 40, or 50 cars anymore. There are still a very few vendors that specialize in older parts. One vendor that usually has a good selection you can email ahead of time to let him know what you are looking for and he can bring it to the show if he has it. You can reach him at, parts4u@aol.com. You never know about this show. Some years you hardly ever see a beige and red or green Chrysler box and other years you might see quite a few . Last year was a fairly good year. Best time to get there is Thursday set up if possible and Friday. Vendors start bugging out on Late Friday and Saturday.
  7. There is a gap both front and rear. I will be sending you pictures as soon as my computer updates iTunes app. If you have an email address I can send immediately.
  8. Do you still have this box for sale?
  9. Go to, www.39-47dodgetrucks.com. Everything that you will ever need to know about these trucks can be found there.
  10. The battery box is under the driver seat not passenger seat in a WC 1/2 ton. Pictures can be seen at, www.39-47dodgetrucks.com
  11. There is a terrific website for 39-47 dodge Trucks on Yahoo, www.39-47dodgetrucks.com
  12. Get yourself a smart phone if you do not have one. Get yourself a decent small blue tooth speaker. Add Velcro to the speaker and put it wherever you like in the car. Match up the phone to the speaker and play the music you have stored on the phone or in the cloud. Also get a portable battery charger to keep the phone and speakers charged. You can stream or listen to stored music for as long as you want depending on your cell phone plan.
  13. Has anyone seen or have a copy of the 1938 Dodge Brochure, Switch Parade (I think). It is 21 pages long in color and is oversized. Shows pictures of the car's, features, and benefits of the 1938 Model lineup. Don't know what the cover looks like it was missing.