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  1. Charley, If you can’t find one, I think you could easily reproduce one with simple shop tools. It’s a bit of fiddly work but the satisfaction of having repaired it yourself would be so worth it IMHO. Richard
  2. Wow! I probably won’t find rendered bear fat at Pep Boys! Thanks for all the suggestions, your experiences as well as the products used. It sounds like I have a big job ahead if I decide to tackle it. Richard Duvall
  3. I have a 1932 Marmon. The leather is in “good” condition but is showing signs of drying out with an uneven look. What is the process for bringing this leather back to life?
  4. Phil, Restoration Supply Co. ricosan
  5. That was beautiful! I love the sound at the very end. Well done. Richard
  6. Hey Guys, I am new to fords butI am looking at a 1933 ford for sale but I have some concerns about the water temperature and oil pressure gauges. The seller says it doesn't have a water temp gauge or an oil pressure/temp gauge. I say these cars couldn't last 80+ years without this information. What gives? ricosan
  7. Hey Mark, Here is a photo. Not a very good picture but it should have these numbers on the case.
  8. Interested in purchasing a 3spd transmission manufactured by Detroit Gear & Machine around 1930 -'32. Any condition considered. ricosan
  9. Looking for a 3spd "Detroit Gear & Machine" transmission from early thirties. Any condition considered.
  10. ricosan


    Hey guys, I am looking for a transmission for My 1932 Marmon. It is manufactured by Detroit Gear & Machine and it's a 3 spd, synchromesh. Any condition will be considered. I believe that the numbers on this transmission are as follows; "Detroit Gear & Machine S11 - 1 - D" Any leads appreciated. ricosan
  11. Looking for 3 spd Detroit Gear & Machine transmission for a 1932 Marmon Big eight engine. Any condition will be considered. Thanks ricosan
  12. I had this straight eight manifold successfully "braised" about 3 years ago. I know it looks hopeless! I took it to a local welder who heated the manifold before braising in his makeshift oven. I've put over 4000 miles on the engine since and have experienced no problems. I've since found another manifold in case this one ever fails. Good luck. ricosan
  13. Hey Guys, Sorry I've been awol this past week. Lots happening here. Thanks to all of you for your input. Using woodies formula, I came up with 2570 rpms at 60 mph. My speedometer says 2520 so I think that's close. I was concerned that I might be pushing the engine too hard cruising at 55 - 60 mph. This eases my mind somewhat. Thanks again
  14. Here is a photograph of my speedometer. As you can see it has RPMs indicated at various speeds. Were these numbers reliable figures or were they just a set of numbers that looked good when purchasing a car but really didn't directly correspond to the MPH/RPMs? ricosan
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