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  1. Everything is common as dirt.. Until you need it.. No one will sell it..
  2. Most car collectors do not sell for one reason.. They do not have any money in to it... The only cost is storage and insurance... I can post a bill of sale of a 1955 Bel Air for 75.00.. Most of them are high earners and they do not care.. FYI..
  3. I have a buyer.. I just have not talked about the price.. I may keep this one.. The other one I want to sell.. It is just a block... and a few parts.. I found on line the in take was selling for around 400.00 I was just looking for a ball park price as is.. may need to look at this first
  4. Never heard of this car..
  5. looking to get rid of two of them.. Chev 1955 265 motor?
  6. Two 1954 Kaiser Darrin jr Price 12500..
  7. They found us.. no one wanted a kaiser the 80's. They would call dad . sold..
  8. 1954 Kaiser Darrin Plus a few extra parts.. Pm for price.. with a good phone number..